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I was diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis apparently caused by a heavy growth of the bacteria "enterococcus faecilis" - I was prescribed with a 6 week course of Amoxicillin but it has made my symptoms worse

Any one got experience of detoxing from antibiotics?


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    Although I had to get an additional 3 weeks Ciprofloxacin due to my lady GP giving me only one week's supply. I had already been given Tremethoprim (full strength) for a month which seemed to make the infection less but two weeks after the end of the Tremeth course the symptoms came back with a vengeance. I had already taken a week's supply of Cipro at half the recommended dose which was prescribed by a young lady urology registrar who advised my doctor to treat me conservatively! She was of course wrong re the outcome as was my GP who prescribed only one week full strength Cipro because it clearly states in MIMMS that prostatitis should be treated with Cipro full strength for a month. I might add that the Ciprofloxacin at the correct strength worked by getting rid of my awful prostatitis symptoms.

    All of my symptoms seemed to be exactly what TB in the prostate is. I proved I was latent TB positive during my waterworks problems but got that test privately. (quantiferon gold)

    I do not know to this day what infection I had but a TB specialist said it may have been TB. She or any other 'professional' medic will not admit to anything categorical that may cause any suing by the patient. Every mortal thing discussed is in writing and I can prove anything I have said or discussed with my doctors. It is clear (to me ) that due to my records being to hand that go back to 1978 mistakes have been made re my diagnostics. It is stated by the NHS one in six

    patients are misdiagnosed and it is also said that the figures may be 'the tip of the iceberg'.

    Not very comforting is it when it involves YOU ?

    There is a test that can be done on 'material' that is obtained by biopsy which is the PCR test.

    This test is apparently used for detecting difficult to isolate bacterias. I was never given that test and a doctor clammed up when I asked why did they not use that test when my waterworks were at their worst........ Worst still was the fact that they had lymph nodes of mine that the PCR test may well have enlightened all and sundry what my infection was but it was not done.

    I see that in Bulgaria I think a man got 'them' to test his wife for urinary TB which confirmed she had urinary TB by the PCR test. It has been a hell of a task for me to come to the conclusion that patients must ask doctors in writing if they will carry out certain tests if patients feel they know more than the doctors they are consulting. There are obviously some doctors who do not need to be approached by that idea but there are also some who most certainly do need to be questioned as above. This may seem ridiculous but it is not. I say that from experience.

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      Mico baterium tuberculosis........ An increasing number of doctors are aware of that bacteria that can re emerge after being quiescent for years or even decades.

      I am not suggesting you have 'it'. Your doctor or doctors should be able to confirm that the antibiotic you have been taking is the correct one for your particular infection.

      It is patently obvoius that if an incorrect antibiotic is given,

      i.e. the infective organism is not susceptible and not being killed by or is not stopped from multiplying by the antibiotic taken it should be accepted that if the antibiotic is ineffective then that antibiotic may well be the wrong one for resolving the infection. It seems essential to confirm the efficacy of certain antibiotics applicable to certain bacterial infections.

      As I said write all instances to your carers.

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      You may be suitable for one of the fluoroquinalones namely Moxyfloxacin but you must be suitable for it to be less likely of severe side effects. Please read American society for microbiology about the treatment data on E faecalis bacteria in the prostate. There are warnings to any unsuitable patients and their treatment =prescription of moxyfloxacin for them

      with that infection of the prostate.

      Incidentally it is said in the data re the ASM that the fluoroquinalones are the penetrating antibiotics for the prostate when the others are not.

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      I had a semen test done - through the main lab of a private hospital group. The result was that they said I had heavy growth of enterococcus faecilis - "susceptible to Amoxicillin" - I took this for a week - and my symptoms became much much worse - in terms of constipation burning urination, defecation, inflammation generally. I had to give up. Later Consultant told me that the finding might have been the result of contamination anyway - which would be absolutely brilliant of course.

      I know that Amox is no good for penetrating the prostate - I wouldn't take a fluoroquinalone antibiotic - there have been so many adverse reports about them. I have had bad reactions to Amox, Doxycycline, Erythromycin - I now feel they are all totally toxic to my system

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      My GP said the amount of adverse effects to many patients is small. The research data says that moxyfloxacin is the best one to combat your problem. You must speak to a professional who can evaluate if you are likely to benefit from that antibiotic or of course if it might adversely affect you.

      My situation was kill or cure and to this day I do not know what my infection was which is shamefull as per the medical profession. I do know however I may be dead if Ciprofloxacin

      was not taken by me and also that I myself extended the weeks supply given by my not so intelligent but powerful GP. She was the same one who says hardly a problem for those who take Cipro? Is she right ? You must do what is right for you but as I said every mortal thing in writing for your own protection.

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      Thanks, I'm glad you're well - but the Cipro et al class of antibiotics has been given a "black box" warning by the US FDA, it's use has been restricted by the EU. Tragic and heartrending stories are online - a few months back my acupuncturist told me that a good friend of hers had committed suicide after being "floxed" . There's always something you can do to make a bad situation even worse; after my bad experiences I just couldn't contemplate taking an antibiotic of this class especially

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      You might have been telling the truth?

      Following our discussion about Cipro there will be (mark my words) some who will be telling this forum about horrendous side effects. I would ask a straight question to these people. Would you rather die than take what might give you your life back?

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      I would ask the doctor who said the sample might have been contaminated to expand on that and do what is necessary to rectify that situation. In writing of course. If you still have no resolution and are not cured as per your symptoms I would not let that rest.

      Incidentally I was told by a urologist that 'we don't usually carry out a semen test' for prostatitis but he did not add to that phrase what he did do.......... All I have proof of is that he was well out of his depth in being able to resolve what bacteria was affecting all of my waterworks. Due to the inadequate treatment (NIL) the infection progressed into my prostate.

      You really need to consult someone professional enough to help you.

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      There seem to be areas on here which are deemed beyond criticism

      The latest guidance on CIP et al is that its use should be proportionate to the risk it poses eg European Medicines Agency 15/11/2018 - shouldn't be prescribed for non bacterial prostatitis

      Seems entirely reasonable

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      I already have a letter from the prescribing doctor saying that the enterococcus faecilis could "easily have been the result of contamination" and that there were no white blood cells evident in the sample ie no infection - don't know where that goes; my priority is getting well again

      "Incidentally I was told by a urologist that 'we don't usually carry out a semen test' for prostatitis but he did not add to that phrase what he did do.."

      Generally nothing as far as I can see surveying the online forums and from my own limited experience - that's a disgrace; I only got my semen test cos I absolutely insisted on it - and when I did it was misinterpreted

      Today I saw another Consultant who has recommended my prostate is removed - so that's food for thought

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      All doctors have power over all of us and it is not until they are proven to be 'faulty' they are reprimanded(probably so no one hears what transpires...

      The urologist That I saw as well as his registrars told me after two years of them not knowing or rather not proving what was affecting me said we must rule out bladder cancer.... I agreed to a cistoscopy but not until I felt my bladder was up to the probing. The 'new' chap who was great straight away sid your bladder is fine and the mucosa is good.

      When I sat down to discuss with him I had already had the Quantiferon test and I asked him - how does TB affect the body. He replied it can go anywhere in the body! I then researched into that item because as a kid I was found to have had TB but was said to be immune to it. It has been a long road but I have proven to myself that TB can reemerge and is insideous

      but not many doctors know about that.........

      If you had an MRI scan which is being carried out by certain NHS hospitals

      You might well gain more info before removal. That is if you haven't already done that. Our teaching hospital here are still biopsying without a scan but I see the Birmingham Hospital which has one of the finest prostate units in the land advocates MRI before any biopsy. I asked for an MRI and was given one at Derby but all the heads were firmly together (probably in the pub or on the golf course! ) My PSA level was 13.3 during the infection but went down to 7.2 post 33 days on the Cipro. I can still run so my ankles and tendons are still in tact. So although there are scare stories it did not affect me apart from the diahorrea which 3 days of Metronidazole put right( I had some 'by me') Strange these later doctors did not know what the doctors in 2011 knew when I had sepsis because I had into V Cipro and then Cipro tabs with Metrnidazole to prevent the runs after coming out of hospital.

      My experience is that there are some brilliant doctors who know what they should know but there are some who seem lucky enough to pass their degree........ I sometimes wonder how on earth they did it.

      My urologist caused a smoke screen so that my problems were never resolved and my resistance seems to be holding up but somethings going to go wrong at 78! I hope you have an MRI scan before you have to have your prostate removed...... Where they do that can be found within the NHS and you have a choice -by law.

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      Thats the best way forward I would have thought. I don't know how far you are from Birmingham but after a lot of research 2016/17 I saw that Birmingham led the country for prostate problems. They were the first to instigate MRI before biopsy was done because they said far too many a biopsy was carried out unnecessarily! The Urologist who I saw was a specialist in stones........ I'm confident due to experience he was out of his depth with me. He authorized lots of tests but not an MRI but he said Derby will do one for you if you don't want a biopsy! I said to him what was the point in having a biopsy when my PSA level went down to 7.3? he did not recognize my PSA went down....... The italian uro who was in charge of my

      MRI said it looks as if you have stage 2 PC! I reminded him what about my PSA level going down......... Oh he said that is good..... I saw on the net that PC PSA levels never go down but I see an antagonistic bloke on a forum said they can go down even if!!!!!!! I don't trust that because they do go down after an infection is eradicated...... If you could afford it I would most definitely go to Birmingham There is a fantastic surgeon there (see him on the web) who seems to know all there is to know about the prostate. You can even telephone him for a price! I don't think you could get better than them..... best wishes Mick

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