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Hi there,

Thanks everyone for your comments. I am 2 months into this new stage of life (ie with an AF) and am getting a bit desperate. I have tried all possible remedies, but am very often in considerable pain. Doc s have been useless. Dietry control is OK in so far as my fissure now feels better, but after each BM, I have HOURS of excruciating cramps and pain. The Anoheal and Trinitrate creams make me so sore, I cannot tolerate them: any decent pain killer (ie neaurophen, Syndol etc) make me constipated ( a reall no-no). Can anyone tell me what lies ahead? I am a great believeer in being in control of my body, but this one has reallt got me stuck. Any ideas? Happy Christmas (heavy irony here!). sad

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    I have been suffering from anal fissures for months now and about a week ago was really desperate with considerable pain most of the day.Having used all the remedies given by my doctor, last week I decided on my own to 'inject' with a small syringe about 2.5mls of olive oil in my anus after i woke and then again just before going to the toilet. The results were immediate and amazing. I have had little pain since and do this now every morning. I am hoping the fissure will now have a chance to heal
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    Just speaking from my own experience. I suffered for 4 months before having a lateral spinchterotomy. Before this I spent 5 to 7 hours every day after the dreaded morning bm on my knees in all positions trying to stop that muscle from going into spasm. I've had children, broken bones, toothache, most things in my 43 years but nothing was as painful as this. i couldn't work, drive, sit down, stand up and became thoroughly depressed. since the op just under two weeks ago everyone says I'm like a different person. No more pain, fear and depression. I've got my life back again.

    The surgeon who did my op was initially only going to do a colonoscopy but gave me a general aneasthetic just in case. he told me afterwards the scar tissue resulting from the healing of the fissure (and previous fissures) was keeping the muscle in a permanent state of spasm. It would never of got better on it's own. I would recommend you look into this but find a surgeon who specialises. I've found those who don't will try and put you off.

    I wish you luck!

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    hi - had same problem for year and half... just keep going back. its important to tell the doctor how you react to creams etc... I have just been told i urgently need surgery which is daunting and there are side effects but i have to go for it and hope it makes my life easier.... My advise is keep going back - ask to be referred to specialist... beg if you have to x x x good luck
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    I have had fissures for years. I have eliminated, investigated everything I could get my hands on. I avoided creams/injections and operations as I knew I has something to do with what I was placing in my body was contributing.

    I heard so much about fibre and only after some time found out that insoluable fibre in specific had a major influence on regularity. I also found that cheese or thick yogurts added to the problem. I started eating a high fibre cereal (very important vitamins come from insoluable fibre) and noticed within days that my problem improved. I also increased my water intake.

    The problems with operations and creams is the short term benefit and also the side effects they do not tell you about. To operate on the sphincter is by cutting it. Usually stress and \"hanging on\" in psychological terms, I believe are definately related to fissures.

    The anus is a muscle... if it is tighter than usual, we can help it by keeping the stool soft through diet and also investigate what it is that we need to help us let go. This is not a band aid that the medical world offers. It is our own individual needs being met in psychological and emotional ways.

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    Hi ,

    Yes insoluble fibre is the best and I find that of all foods Okra has the highest content. It makes your stools almost slimy and easy to pass.

    Most supermarkets have it, just lightly boil with chopped onion, a clove of garlic and a dash of oil and salt.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi, I was also a sufferer of AF.

    I have tried all sort of remedies- cereal, wholemeal breads, beans and so forth but to no avail.

    Until I tried Okra.

    I agreed totally with Lisa that Okra made the stools slimy and easy to pass.

    I hope Okra help you too

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    hi had one of these things,if it not healing the only way is back under the knife to cut the infection out then few months of packing by distict nurse,which is not fun trying to go to toilet hoping packing doe'nt come out ,then trying to avoid being constipated ,ive tried every cream out there,even seaweed soap from isle of man, but there is something that may help Betaine hcl it increases stomache acid to dissolve food better i think when we get older the gut gets dopey and does'nt produce enough hydroclonic acid and some fibrogel from docs
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    Hi guys. I have had a problem with anal fissures for about 6-12 months now. I have used both trInitrate and the replacement, Diltiazem: which is a calcium channel blocker I think.

    First of all if you have been prescribed the trinitrate stuff then you will find it gives you immediate headaches. The diltiazem however does not have these side effects.

    Secondly I have bought a dietary fiber supplement from boots online, and it seems to be helpful in softening the stool. I have also radically changed my diet, eating alot more fruit and drinking alot more water, I would advise you that spices, biscuits, and even bread should be avoided as they all cause constipation or irritation.

    I have come across a post by someone on this website (Paul) and it seems very comprehensive. I bought all the things "Paul" Suggested. It did however cost me roughly £75-80 pounds.

    However from the reviews it does seem like his methodology works, taking about a month to work properly. Today is day 1.....So i will let you guys know how its going. If it works then I will definitely be back on here to spread the word.

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