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hello everyone,

My name is Myles and over the past summer I had a very bad anal fissure that was causing me enormous amounts of pain everytime I went to the bathroom. I wanted to put this post out there for anyone currrently suffering with an anal fissure because I know how bad they can be. For anyone who is currently suffering, you have my total admiration and respect because I know how hard it is waking up every day knowing that that day will bring pain. Anal fissures are very tough because it is not like a human cannot poop.

Anyways, to go into a little detail about what I went through, the pain from the anal fissure was so bad that I had to bite on a washcloth in order to prevent me from tightening any of my other muscles in my body that would cause me to go through more pain. I could not exercise, thinking that I would agravate it, and was scared to get constipated out of my life.

After about 40 days of dealing with the intense pain, I decided to get the anal surgery (sphinctoronomy) done. This was the  best decision of  my  life. After surgery, it took me a good two  weeks to poop with no pain, which was incredible. The first few days after surgery were very tough and the first time I went poop after surgery I almost wanted to throw up. 

So, if your anal fissure sounds like it was as bad as mine, I would definately go for the  surgery. The percentage of people who suffer bad things from the surgery is very small.

Some things I tried before I got the surgery were:

Diltazem Cream (which I do not think  helped that much)

Fiber (but do  not take too much as a poop that is too watery can actually cause more pain as a watery poop is  very acidic)

******Pooping in a different position- I want to emphasize this point greatly. Instead of pooping sitting down on the toilet, I tried squatting by putting my feet on the rim of the toilet and by squatting so my stomach was touching the front of the top of  my legs. This position helped  me tremendously and ever since my fissure I have always pooped in this position.

Calmoseptine Cream- This cream contains menthol that numbs the area. This cream also prevents sweat form accumulating in a particular area. 

I really hope that this advice helps and please do  not give  up on  your battle to survive your fissure. YOU will survive it whether by waiting it our or by getting the  srgery.


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    Good news for you

    I have had 3 ops now since Nov for Anal fistular and have a Seton inserted ! That is hard to live with and causes me a lot of discomfort!

    Lots of problems with infection no matter how much I look after myself ! Eating and hygiene - pain incredible but a bit better after last op but the first 2 weeks was 8/9 of pain lifechanging ! I am now

    On penicillin till next op but so exhausted by it all! 3 more months of penicillin not great but if it stops the infection it will be great!

    The 4 baths a day help as does any break in pain I get but still very sore! I wish I had a bieadie but no room in my small bathroom!

    I am off the painkillers Tramadol was awful and my sleep is poor up at 0300 for a bath and then try to get to sleep!

    This has been a hellish journey- I dread the next op and the pain that will follow but just pray for it to get sorted!

    My body is so weak that it will take ages to recover but I will! I have tried most options and the laxitve help keep my stools soft!

    I wish this on nobody and try to keep going but it is a battle with the mind every day!

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    Sorry it has been so long - 2 months today since last operation and at least the pain has nearly gone. My drain is still in place and will be for another month and a half till my next operation. Life has got better but I have so much still to do. I am on penicillin (Metronidazole 2 a day)  till my next operation. I still get pain at times and an rsush for the loo, sleep is getting better but still very tired.

    It is not easy to keep my rectum clean after a motion and baths are still the best way. I use a laxitive powder twice a day and eat well now but feel that it is still a long journey. I still get a little leakage every days and the wound is healing. I now have a great doctor who understands my problem and that is a great advance, Once you get one that understands YOUR PROBLEM USE THEM..

    I pray that this operation works as I DREAD THE NEXT ONE life is getting better and maybe I will have to live with it.


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      I am so sorry that you have to deal with this set of problems Teallach. No one should have to go through what you are going through.

      i wish you the best of luck!!!


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    Hi Myles. I am Aliaa. I have written in this forum before and your reply to me has relieved me a lot. I am now 3 months and a half post surgery. BM has been better even without using stool softener cuz it causes diarreha and gas. So I could give it up. EXCEPT during my period timing. Suddenly I get very constipated no matter how many stool softener I take, though a lot of water, veggies, fruits and fresh juices. Nothing out of ordinary. So I keep taking the stool softener though no effect. But when my period is over, the softener kicks its effect. And get very watery stool. My anus starts burning. Another thing is near my tailbone throbs though mildly every now and then. Does it mean that one of the fissures( I had 2 and one is tightned and causing me spasms in the tailbone area before the surgery) has re-opened?!! Or my other fissure that is why it is burning?! I am so scared. I am still using the foam pillow to sit on cuz without it I cannot sit comfortably; my tailbone sores. Did any of this happened with you?! And what did u do during the period?! Another question, how long did it take you to be 100% normal without the slightest pain as if u forgot u have done the surgery?! Is it a year, less or more?! For me, no bleeding anymore but I still feel I am not completely healed. I am sorry for plaging you with my questions, I am just so desperate and sick of pain. Wondering if I will be ever normal again. 
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      Hi aliaa1993,

      First and foremost, never be sorry. I feel bad that anyone (including you) should have to go thorugh something as horrendous as this. I do not wish this on anyone and am happy to help as much as I can for those who are going through it.

      As far as your period question, I am a male so I cannot really answer that question unfortunately. As far as the tailbone goes, it might be the position you are sitting in. When I laid down in the bathtub and took sitz baths a lot my tailbone started to hurt.

      As far as your question regarding post surgery, I basically felt completely healed up about 3-4 weeks post surgery.  It took me a while to adjust to life psychologically, but as far as physical pain, it was about the 3-4 weeks. 

      As far as the stool softners, they are great but do not overdue them. Having watery stools that are acidic are almost as bad as having hard stools. It takes time, but you have to find a dose that creates soft but formed stools for you. You do not want watery stools though as those are acidic (as I've said before). When taking the stool softner, make sure to take lots of water (even though I think you said that in your post). 

      Never feel sorry for asking questions. I'm so sorry you are still dealing with this and any other questions you want to ask me please feel free to do so.

      I am here for you.

      Hope you feel better!



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      Thank you Myles a lot for your sweet reply. It seems that I still cannot distinguish between male and female English names, forgive me for that. Sometimes I wish I had been a male so I won't suffer over and over again what I faced post surgery. But we cannot judge God's decisions anyway. So, when did you give the foam pillow up and sitting comfortably on any surface?! Another thing, have you ever known people who had done this surgery and felt normal even after a year?! It is just a general question if you have any idea. And thank you a lot, you seem a caring person. 


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      So for the foam pillow, it is actually a funny story. I had been using the foam pillow for the past 2 years, partly for my butt but mostly for my back (as I have some back issues too). I recently lost my cushion at a restaurant I went to and never found it. So I have been dealing without it and it has been a bit of an adjustment but not bad at all. I think it was more psychological to have the seat cushion than I necessarily needed it. But if you are still dealing with the butt issues, I would highly recommend using it as it does alleviate a lot of the pain down there when sitting.

      I have not known people personally who had done this surgery and felt fine after a year but I know I have read about some people on this website who have had success with the surgery. The surgery hurts obviously as they are working on an area that is already irritated. However, given time it should heal up.

      Another thing that might help you is this stuff called lidocaine I believe. It's this gel that you can get by prescription that alleviates some of the pain.

      Reading your post from before, I really think it is you having watery stools that is doing you in. You obviously do not want hard stools, as that is how most of us get into this situation, but watery stools on an irritated area makes it worse. Eat fiber but don't only eat fiber. When I had my fissure, I was eating straight fiber one for a few days thinking it would  help me, but it doesn't. Watery stools are like acid to your wound. 

      So eat a good amount of fiber, but mix it in with some other foods too. I take metaucil, which is a stool softner not a laxative, and this helps me stay regular everyday. I don't have to think about what I eat as much. Nonetheless, I am aware that I'm not eating straight meats and carbs the whole day.

      The goal is soft but formed stools.....Anyways, I hope this helps and again if you have any other questions please ask. I am more than happy to help.

      Feel better,


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