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Riri000 Riri000

Anal fissure After Botox HELP PLEASE

I'm 8 weeks post the Botox sad I feel I only always temporarily heal and never complete sad two days ago I did a harder stool and now it's back to bleeding and discomfort and burn when passing stools sad has anyone ever completely healed from the Botox ? I'm im so depressed this isn't funny anymore sad

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  • anthonyFx anthonyFx Riri000


    Make sure you go see a colon rectal specialist don't get caught up on this Botox treadmill that is only temporary.

    Go for the surgery if it's recommended.

    • Riri000 Riri000 anthonyFx

      I did see a colorectal surgeon he performed my surgery of polyp removal and Botox! Here in Australia the Botox is the surgery for an anal fissure no one really recommends the LIS the Botox has worked heaps but I'm Struggling to actually heal which may still b the case with LISsad

  • john75639 john75639 Riri000

    Have you tried taking senna. It may help to product softer stools.

    I never had botox or a fissure but a perianal abcess for about 6 months. My doctor told me to take a stool softener and senna, both at over the counter.

    The stool softener usually produced a hard stool, but the senna helped alot

    I don't know if this would help you in your situation, but I thought I should give you my experiences.

    It is always best to check with your doctor if nothing helps

    I am not a doctor.

    Good luck in getting the help you need

  • dee300 dee300 Riri000

    Oh riri that freaks me out. I'm 3 weeks post Botox and still in pain with every BM. I've started to loose hope of feeling better. Hang in there, you're not alone !

    • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

      I promise u it does get better ! It's just episodes like for me u will heal and go days thatbare so good then when it comes to a harder poop it repeats sad don't know what more to do sad it's wasting my time and life and it suks ! Can u see ur fissure ? Mine is like where the bum closes so if i pull it open I can see it ! Looks like a shape split in my skin sad

    • dee300 dee300 Riri000

      I've lost hope but. This is the third week post op and still in pain everyday.

      I haven't looked because I'm too scared. Have you tried seeing a doc again and explaining what's happening to u ?

    • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

      It's a brutal thing to go through sad have u at least gotten a little bit better since before the Botox ?

      My next appointment is 6y weeks ago but he told me if I haven't fully healed I'll need more Botox sad I'm so much better like the only sensation I have it burning passing a stool but I'm stuck in a vicious cycle where it really tears every time the poop is abit harder or dryer and I give up i don't know what to do

    • dee300 dee300 Riri000

      Oh really sad how long was ur appointment after ur Botox ? Is there a chance that if u wait it will heal?

      The pain is a little better but I don't think it's because of the Botox I think it's because I've focused on my diet and BM. Before I wouldn't go for days. Now I go everyday I think that's what's helping. But I'm the same. After BM There's a burn and it hurts so much that I can't move.

      What I do is pour warm water and keep washing the area until it feels a bit better. Try doing the same

    • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

      I had an appointment two weeks after then at 6 weeks n my next one will mark 12 weeks sad I am not in intense pain but I have bleeding and a deep burning sensation after and then all day my fissure is iritated and can feel the cut up there it's not something I can ignore this truly suks / the water doesn't help because it's the inside of the fissure that hasn't healed yet the outside bit of it has sad I do t know what more to do this is so life ruining

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