Anal fissure - Become scared of using the loo?

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Ive been suffering from anal fissure for a good few months now, but in the past three months the constipation has become really bad, that when I do finally go the pain from the fissure is unbearable. 

At this moment in time, I havent used the toilet in two weeks and I feel I may have developed a fear around going?  Ive been using dulcoease and have been perscribed rectogesic gel. For the past two days I have had to remain lying on my back as its the only way I can be comfortable, as wehn I stand up and walk around the pain is too much and (rather embarrasingly) i quite often almost have accidents, however when I sit on the toilet, I cant let my body go. I just end up sitting there crying, even though I am desperate to go. Its now affecting my ability to urinate as I cant sit on the toilet without crying. 

I think I may have developed a psychological fear of pooing, which is making my life avsolutely miserable.

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    Oh you poor girl!!  Talk to you Dr. about this.  No matter how embarassing, you have to.  You are going to make yourself sick with other problems and you don't want that.

    Take a deep breath, have a warm bath with a glass of wine or beverage of your choice, light some candles, relax as much as you can and maybe even try to go into a different frame of mind.  Sort of like meditating.  You need to purge your worries on a Dr. who can actually really help you. If he/ she does not, then ask a friend if they like their Dr. and go there.  Please do not continue in this agony.....we on this forum can only help you with encouragement, but Dr.'s are there to help you physically.

    I'll be thinking of ya.

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    Oh no Jessica. Don't avoid using the bathroom. That is very bad for you.

    It will hurt either way but you need to concentrate on softening your stool.

    Medication you apply on the area will not help you if you are constipated.

    Lots of water.... wheat/grain, veggies, fruits.....

    1 or 2 Stool softeners every night.

    You will have to use a laxative and pray.

    I used a towel that I bite into it when I had to go. Get one and go.

    Don't hold it anymore.

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    Hi jess, I definitely know how you feel, I suffered for months andthe doctor kept diagnosing it as something else not knowing all along it was a fissure. I was on holidays and all of a sudden there was blood and the worst pain ever so I know it was something serious, it wasn't even like pain it was more just a burning sensation which start around 20 minutes after I went bathroom. So I went straight to another doctor and he told me it was a fissure and not to waste my time with lotions and potions cause its all useless and nothing works, he said I need at operation so he booked me in to a general surgeon luckily next day, I went to see him and luckily again he said he could book me in just in a few days, I was worried it wouldn't solve it but I went in and under the knife, I woke up and no more pain, was terrified to go bathroom that night it was scary but I went, not a problem! 1 year on and it's perfect! No issue at all, all that pain I suffered simply and completely stopped!

    Trust me do the op, dont listen to anyone, it's the best and only thing you can do to get you out of this misery.

    Good luck

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    I have taken a total of 7 stool softeners over the past two days, and ate lots of veg up untill today, when it has become impossible for me to stand up long enough to make myself anything. 

    I have tried to go multipple times this evening to no avail. Im really stuck for what to do. Should I try a strong laxative or enema? At this point I couldnt care less about the pain, I just need to be able to stand up! 

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      Jess, mark my words sister, go to a super market and buy tgese things: prune juice, cherries or pickled cucumbers, drink a big glass of prune juice and eat a few pickles or cherries, eat also a lotif fibre and drink water, but for me prune juice and cherries and pickles worked miracles. Good luck
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    Don't get worried

    I have solution to your problem just stick to this you will be fine in two days ..

    Start using steam bath ,sona and spa each

    20 mins daily nearest health club this will releive the pain and will become normal in two days ..

    Stick to vegetarian diet

    Lots of beetroot,wheat grass juice .

    Buy from Amazon uk antioxidant zeolite tablet 2 tablets after toilet empty stomach whic will help to remove the burning

    sensation around anus.This is all tried by

    me I had same chronic problem like you .

    Any help email me .

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    We all feel for you - and most (if not all) have unbareable long-term pain.

    I am just breaking the cycle of a spasm-ing anal muscle which was torturing me everyday.

    Thing I recommend for anyone who is constipated and has a fissure:

    1.  Magnesium Hydrochloride - this will make sure you do not have hard solid poo

    2.  Diltezam Cream - apply it twic daily and finish the tube of cream - its more effective than rectogesic and doesnt give any headaches

    3.  Macrogol sachets - these mixed with water and vit c will draw more fluid into your git and make your poo much softer

    4.  Get pain relief - I have tried everything - and the 3 drugs that killed my pain were

       (a) Gabapentin (b) Naproxin  (c) Diazepam 

       - a - targets pain in a different way is very useful for the type of pain assoc with spasming anal issues   - b - general slow release pain killer  and c - will relax yu overall - if you tell your doctor that you are beyond tensed up and need to relax overall they should let you have it for a period of time.

    Lastly, shower everytime you got to loo - and at its worse go IN the shower (sounds gross I know) but when your poo is like burning acid ripping out of you a good jet of warm water to quickly clean out the area is worth its wirght in gold.

    Just have plenty Mr Muscle or Cillit Bang to clean afterwards.

    Exercise - even if you are not overweight - running will help your anal muscle area get used to moving rather than it clenching like a fist - fight back against it by doing 20 min run each day - at least.

    You WILL get better - it just takes a long time and taking right steps/routine and get pain relief while you are in the thick of it.



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      Good stuff Jeff , agree with you 100%
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    Hi , good stuff by Jeff, Diltezam cream has been proved for fissures, do as Jeff says and you be well soon, good luck
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    Hi Jessica . I know exactly what your going through and it's not a pleasant experience. I had been suffering with it from last November and tried all the creams but they seemed to make it worse. I also was waiting on the dreaded feeling of waiting for the loo and it hurt like hell for hours even days later . Luckily I'm starting to heal now after all this time . I spent hours treading through forums and help sites looking for an answer. then I tried the following and started to get results within days .

    Firstly I started drinking 10ml of lactalose , 1 in the morning and 1 at night and a fibrogel satchet at lunch time . Stopped using all the creams completely , and drank around 8 pints of water a day. Started to eat a lot of porridge in the mornings and at night. The aim was to add fibre to make the stools softer and it worked. The fibrogel added bulk . The last thing you need is diarreah as this can also be much sorer.

    After you do eventually go to the toilet , don't wipe , I used the shower to clean myself . Then I sat in a bath up to my hips as this soothed the pain and burning for a half hour or so.. Then every time I used the toilet I got a pipette and added some olive oil to the area. Use medical grade oil , the kind like you get at a chemist for a sore ear. This I started a week ago and I think it's almost gone . Hope you get better soon ..

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      And I forgot probiotic drinks like Yakult or Danone throughout the day
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    Drink 2-4 glasses of miralax and 2-4 glasses of water throughout the day. I promise it'll save your life. Not going to the restroom is only going to make it worst when you go.

    I just healed my fissure which I've had for months now. miralax (at local drug store)

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