Anal fissure of hell

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hi everyone,

writing here in attempt to distract my mind and perhaps get some good suggestions. I've been suffering from an anal fissure since 11/2018 -currently. it initially started due to a hemorrhoid a develop in 11/2018 due to some constipation, the hemorrhoid was so bad got thrombosed that I went to the ER and got it sliced open (great awesome no,more painful hemorrhoid) however I know that the ER doc must have cut me other places by accident or because he was in a rush. my PCP diagnosed me with anal fissure shortly after.

*now- quality of life is poor, I haven't been able to work due to this.

*I can't stand, can't sit, can't drive.

*I'm losing ton of my hair from all the pain that I feel, all the trauma that I feel.

*passing stool is debilitating to the point of almost fainting, it is one of the worse pain in the world.

*I bleed everyday

*the spasms, stabbing & burning pain is present everyday.

*I cannot enjoy life anymore, all I think is about the pain and the next bowel movement.

*my pelvic region has been suffering so much due to the painful spasms, stabbing needdle-like pain that recently I can no longer hold my urine.

that area is completely exhausted from all the pain and spasms and my urine leaks out, sometimes all of it, I went to buy briefs recently. I take briefs and extra pants plus a portable bidet everywhere I go (I don't use toilet paper and I got a real bidet At home)

*the pain is something I don't wish on anybody! and I've been through kidney stones, gallbladder rupture, childbirth x2 , and this tops the list easily.

I can't do this anymore guys, I can't stand the pain.

I have an appointment with the surgeon late April (this month)

my GI doctor referred me

still waiting for my insurance to approve the nitroglycerin ointment , it's $798 dollars if they don't approve.

  • I take 600 mg of ibuprofen min (scared I might develop heart problems but what option do I have?)

    *I do sitz baths

    *drink a lot of water

    *drink fiber

    *avoid meat as much as possible and pastas etc

  • walk or attempt to at least as much as I can

the pain is described as someone cutting me open very deeply and me feeling the torture pain of it all 100% . then that someone adding a combination of lemon, salt and alcohol and hot salsa and filling up the fresh open body parts with it! 😭

I don't know how to live like this! I don't know if surgery or rectiv cream will change a thing.

I have 2 beautiful children whom I can't even give my best time with because with every step there's pain.

my life has stopped. but the pain increases.

I wish others knew what I feel when I tell them how debilitating this is.

I wish this would go away

God help me please.

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    Hi bananerz84,

    I and many of us here completely understand what you suffer from daily. I had the Kenalog Protocol like a few others here. I am still recovering from the surgery. The Bowel movements are very painful still but with the right steps keeping stool as soft as possible will help in the healing process. God knows how horrible this is and at times I don't know why we suffer from these things but since we do we need to share what helps. Too many solutions but the learning curve is about the same. Not too long ago I installed a bidet shower sprayer to my sinks faucet for hot and cold water. I like using it during a bowel movement and after until the cramping subsides enough to use my sitz bath. I believe Hot water, pain medication, supplements, staying away from food that takes a toll on our digestive system. Magnesium Citrate for me so far at 250mg once a day has helped keep me from hard stools that feel like boulders and spikes coming out. Sitting on a heating pad, hot wheat bag will help with rectal pain. Don't ever skimp out on your area until you have relief. At the end of the long painful road there is relief and complete healing. I have a hard time letting the words "Don't Stress" about the outcome because we are dealing with a Horrible excruciating pain that no living thing should feel. I really hope your Quality of life comes back soon. You sound like a great mom and your children will be so happy to have mommy back to herself. May the Lord heal you and keep from any more anguish.

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    hi. I've experienced that too. I've tried many medications and interventions but nothing worked for me. Thank GOD now I'm okay. I undergone surgery which is lateral anal sphincterotomy. Luckily I found one of the best colorectal surgeon in our place. Since then, I am now pain free 😃

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    500 mg magnesium citrate tablet and one sachet Laxido a day and it will heal fairly quickly. Colo rectal dr advised this and it works. I had fissure for two years, total agony, and it went after a week, I will have to be on this regime for life, if I miss a day I have problems, its so worth it though. One easy bm in a morning, and thats it.

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    I am sorry you are living like this, i was exactly the same, plus i have two young girls who watched me in agony day after day. I had to lock myself in a room as i was in that much pain I also couldn’t work. You must get the LIS surgery ASAP if it is a chronic fissure!! Do not hesitate and don't be scared as it is no worse than where you are at now for a few weeks after. . i had it 5 months ago and i now have a life again. 80% back to normal before fissure, I still have some bad days but nothing like before it was nothing short of horrific pain!!! Make sure you don’t take any painkillers that makes your Bob make sure you don’t take any painkillers that makes your Bob spasm this is the worst thing that I did before surgery and rectum spasm this is the worst thing that I did before surgery and after!!! try to not take any painkillers I know that sounds impossible but it will get better without them especially after surgery. Using your bidet is the best idea, the very best thing in the world is sitting on a hot wheat bag after cleaning. I seriously would not have lived without a hot wheat bag I was almost suicidal!!


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      I had a fissure for three years and cured it by using LAXIDO and MAGNESIUM CITRATE. They don't need surgery if they try this. If it let my fissure heal, and others that I have passed this on to, why have unnecessary surgery,

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      Hi Laura, your advice is very helpful. If anyone is taking Highblood medication please do not take Magnesium citrate close to your intake of high blood pressure medications. Nedfidpine included. Always check by searching or ask your medical doctor.

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      hey daz1967,

      You make a very good point on not taking painkillers. For some of us we have more than one problem where painkillers are needed. Best thing to do is use stool softeners. If that doesn't work a laxative and carefully use Magnesium citrate only if you are on High blood pressure medications. Thank you daz for your helpfulness .

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    Wow, so sorry you are living like this...along with everyone else here, my situation was almost identical to yours. Pain was so bad I had to take pain killers just to get by. I saw a colorectal surgeon and took steps to try and heal - fiber supplements, Calm-ol suppositories (which actually do help and I highly recommend but you must ask the Pharmacist as they keep these behind the counter). Nothing worked.

    I finally had Botox injections and, knock on wood, a year later, no issues!

    Go see a colorectal surgeon! GI or family docs will not help. Good luck and hope your pain ends soon.

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    Hi, my husband went through all this. He had hemorrhoids and after postponing the operation for many years things were worse. He had blood all the time and the pain was unbearable. When he finally decided to go for the operation and not the one cutting them he also had a fissure and the pain was even worse. They had to cut one of the hemorrhoids and the fissure was done with laser. The pain he had for about a month was immense but only because he had postponed it for so long. From what you are describing I don't think this will disappear on its own. We went through so much but it was worth the while as now he is okay and he can live a normal life. I hope you sort this soon because I know the suffering is unbearable

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    I feel you, I understand the stabbing pain that goes out of control I had it twice this week, I tried to drink poison but a friend of mine was there are stopped me. The only thing I can actually recommend that not only helped me but has been scientifically proven to help is Zinc Oxide 40% cream it is diaper rash cream, it heals the tissue and don't worry if it scratches that is a sign it is healing.

    Also if you can do what I did drink a cup with 3 table spoon of soaked chia seeds over night blend it with quick oats and strawberry and soy milk or coconut milk. After you are done drinking that eat nothing until the following day, this will make you skip a day of bowel movement, make sure to take ducosate sodium 3 times a day to keep that stool soft.

    The Trick to healing a fissure is to keep the stool as thin as possible and have little bowel movement as possible. If you do this I can guarantee you it will heal and you will also lose weight in the process. Mine has improved a lot but the pain is still suicidal and has made me try to take my own life more than once. A single dose of 800mg ibuprofen stops the pain permanently until the next bowel movement.

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    Hi bananerz84,

    I came across your post. I've been dealing with nasty internal hemorrhoids. I don't have any new advice for you but I feel like my quality of life has lessened so I can somewhat feel your pain. Can I ask what the surgeon said to you ? Has your condition/life improved since your last post? I hope so. Take care

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