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Anal Fissure, Skin Tag and hemorrhoids, Botox? Help Please

Hi All, I have posted a few replies on here to discussions and thought Id write my own as really feel I need some help and advice,

I am 25 female and have been suffering with hemorrhoids for years, 8 I think now, they resulted in a nasty skin tag and when I though it couldn't get worse, I have now had a fissure for over a year.

Anyway, after many GP visits etc, and fainting from pain, I finally got put on the NHS waiting list for botox and skin tag removal. I thought to myself this is great to get this done and will solve all my problems, as I can't continue life as it is now, right? I got a date sent to me last week for the surgery, meant to be today, much quicker than I thought (Surely they would have wanted to review before, the Surgeon hasnt seen me in over 6 months?!) but after reading so many horrible posts about Botox I postponed it, so they will be sending a new date.  But before I go ahead I really hope lots of you can advise me on your experience and give me information.

It is painful for me every day, I almost faint sometimes from the pain.  And for some reason for the past 2 weeks, I have lots of blood during EVERY SINGLE BM - why now??  And is this something I should be worried about if it is every single time?

I am tip top about diet and exercise, I only weigh 54kg, I am healthy and active all the time!

The advice that I really want from you all - should I do this botox?  Or should I accept life as it is now?? [sad] could things get alot worse if I go for Botox?

Also I don't know if I get 'spasms', what are spasms?  I am in pain for a long while after a BM is that what they are?

I look forward to hearing from you all xx

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  • emmauk66 emmauk66 em1989

    em 1989  welcome

    If your loosing blood after a BM see ur GP straight away it may be a hemmeroid that's burst. as for the anal pain your getting ask you GP about Rectogesic 4mg 

    cream . it's a ointment i was given by my  surgion for a fissular in ano (a tear in the bum) as a result of  a fistula abscess not healing properly . this cream is designed  to ease pain as it contains a anethetic that  numbs the area when passing a BM. and it goes just inside the rectum. i do hope you get someease from this pain , as for Botox this has never been disgussed with me and ive suffered for 12yrs with re occuring abscesses . i was on antibotics last week for a abscess in my groin that hasn't gone so rather than surgery im on another weeks course to see if it clears im also on the waiting list to see a dermotologist to have HS diagnosed to me that my doctor told me im suffering  from .like i said ive had this since 2001 and HS has never ever been mentioned to me until now . i do hopeu start to feel  pain free soon and good luck with your surgery xx let me know if this works as it may be something that i have to concider myself if i cant get ease also x we all here to help each other we all suffering with the same kinda thing  but in our own different way x 

    • em1989 em1989 emmauk66

      Emma uk66

      Thank you for your reply, I don't think I have had abscesses but they sound extremely painful for you.  I had started taking vitamin e tablets a while ago which have helped my pain subdue a little but not much, every little helps - though I have recently read Vit e can increase the risk of prostate cancer, which even though we are women, can't be a good thing! I am still taking the remainder of mine but will stop once they run out - this cream that you have talked about how effective it is?  The doctor gave me one and she said it has anesthetic in it but it really does not do much for my pain sad I am worried though, that these creams are actually thining our skin therefore making tears easier to happen.

  • susan31693 susan31693 em1989

    Emma, I feel for you and support your concerns. With such a large number of haemorroids, a fissure and a tag, you will be bleeding. The blood loss is usually bright red, not large amount, but enough to scare the living daylights out of you every day. I have similar problems and until this last week, was in pain after BM for hours, until tea time. Now, if it is an hour, that's all it is. My GP instructed me to keep stools soft, but this is just unclear advice as I never thought I had a problem anyway. However, relief is slowly progressing and pain levels are dropping. I did find that hygiene was an issue and now wash two to three times a dayas I have a plan which works. Cold water compressing seems to help and probably takes some of the inflammation down. The pain is excruciating. Is yours worse sitting down? Mine was, getting into the car to drive to work. I don't know how I didn't have an accident. I am taking Fybogel and Duclolax, just one a day, to keep very soft stools and I am having relatively pain free BM's. They aren't great, but at least I'm not screaming any more. You know my biggest fear is that it is, or was, something more serious, but listening to you, I feel very sad that someone so young should be suffering so much. It is awful isn't it. Bathing regularly, absolute hygiene, medication and managing the condition better does help but I guess sometimes you must just feel like giving up. You have to do what the health professionals advise and what you want. No one's experience or advice can make you make the decision, it has to be yours because like everything else, individuals react differently to all drugs and treatments. I'm not sure what is meant by the spasms either. Apparently the sphincter is tight and like all muscles spasms, like crap, will be painfull, but I don't know if what I experience is that. The worst thing is being in pain all day and I can only say that very very soft bowel movements do help to remove some of the trauma. It's very gradual though and I expect further tearing would be very easily done without a lot of care. I've had no blood loss for a week now but it doesn't sound as much as yours.

    Take health care professional advice, weigh up the pros and cons which affect you and not what other people experience - you'll be different. Don't make decisions on what others base their opinion on and be as informed as you can beforehand. Keep in touch let me know how you are xx Sue

    • em1989 em1989 susan31693

      Hi Sue, thank you very much for your reply.  Everything you say I can relate to.  My heart goes out to you and others suffering with this too. Almost everyday can be a struggle...I went to NZ earlier this year and couldn't even enjoy alot of activities, sports etc due to the pain. I got a car to drive around and as you also say the pain while driving can be immense, even being on the travel bus with other 20 somethings the pain was always there affecting every minute of my plans, it really ruined my experience. I have to carry cream in my bag everywhere I go and I am paranoid in case someone sees it. It sounds silly, but this thing, mainly the fissure and skin tag almost rule my life.

      Can I ask what your diet is like?  I am trying to stay away from drugs etc although my GP has never offered me any apart from Lactulose which makes me very gassy but it does help. Are you taking any vitamin supplements?  My problem is still very very bad, but since taking a number of vitamins (a guy actually listed them on this forum to help with this issue and he said he was cured) mine has got a bit better, still very painful, but better from what it was 6 months ago.  I had no blood yesterday..I have no idea why it was still so painful to go.  I have a feeling it will return today and it is very bad when it does, I know you say it isn't much, but mine seems to be alot, the only nice way to say that I feel its that I can see it coming out (sorry). Your right it scares the day lights out of me! I am battling emotionally with the fact my brain is telling me not to go to the toilet as I am always scared to, when in work it takes me so long and I can just feel my colleagues wondering what the hell Ive been at for 20 minutes as after I go I cannot sit down for a while (I work in an office) so I need to walk about, but I know it makes it worse if you don't go.

      How long have you been having this for yourself?  How are you today? xx

  • 1931ndd 1931ndd em1989

    Hello em1989,

    I had the botox surgery to treat 3 awefull fissures and I truly believe that the outcome of surgery depends on the individuals condition and how the person heals.  A person suffering from an acute fissure may get great results vs. A person with a chronic fissure. I decided to get surgery because blood was dripping from my fissure and I was in agonizing pain.  I went to the ER (emergency room I live in the USA) because I couldnt deal with the pain, what a waste of time because the doctor didnt know exactly what a fissure.  My surgery was on Sep 6, 2014 and initially I felt relief.   But now I feel like im having just about the same pain as before I had the surgery.   Sometimes botox is needed twice for best results. Have you tried any creams for pain relief or muscle relaxation??? Hot boths also help with the fissure pain.  Ive noticed that with the fissure, the sooner treatment begins the higher the chance you will have get rid of the fissure.  Ive heard success stories from the botox treatment and ive heard unsuccessful stories also.  I dont consider myself as having a successfull surgery.  It is really a hit or miss situation and the outcome is not something that can be predicted.  My doctor predicted that i would be out of work for one day.  I ended up being out of work for 3 weeks!!!!!  I thought i would be pain free after the surgery but im not im very dissapointed. If you decided to get the surgery i hope it works out well for you.  Sorry I dont have any advice on hemroids,  I never experienced them. Be positive,  Be positive, Be posite things will work out for you smile smile smile smile

    • em1989 em1989 1931ndd

      Hey 1931ndd, thank you also for your reply and advice.  I really appreciate it.  I am so so sorry that surgery has not worked for you, I can only imagine how disappointing that can feel.

      The blood is also dripping from mine too when I go it is terrible sad The doctor did not know what a fissure was? I would say I am suprised, but actually I am not.  I asked 2 Doctors if I could avail of the HALO procedure to help with my haemorrhoids ...neither of them had ever heard of it and this treatment has been available in the UK for 3 years at least now.

      I have been given Uniroid by my Dr which helps a little but your not supposed to use it for a long time, I fear it could be thining the skin making my problem worse.

      My consultant advised that I will be out of work at least 2 weeks mainly due to me wanting the skin tag removed.  I think I have come to the conclusion that I want my body to resolve this fissure issue, it should be able to without surgery, so I am making my diet even better, going to exercise more, keep up my vitamins and up my water (even though I drink 2 litres a day!).

      I do however, still want my skin tag removed, I need to phone the consultant, it is a massive step to say I dont want botox anymore as I will loose my place on the waiting list, but I hope he will still remove my tag and I hope I can fix the fissure on my own.

      I am a positive person, sometimes with this though you forget all about the glass being half full, so it's nice to be reminded smile  Where are you at at the moment with everything now? xx

  • suleika suleika em1989

    Dear em 1989.

    I am one of the patients who was botoxed twice within 10 months . After each treatment I went from bad to worse and sometimes wish I had my original complaints back , because painful though they were, I could live with them.

    I have been diagnosed now with suffering frompermanent nerve damage brought about by the injections. I am finally getting successful pain treatment for neuropahtic pain, but I will have to be in it for the rest of my life.

    What I do  not know yet is whether nerve damage on the point of injections are accidents which one has to reckon with or wether they are the result of botched injecetions and the surgeons fault.

    As I believe my experience is a fairly unusal one I would not want to put you off from the botox injection, but I would discuss the danger of this with your respectiveive surgeon. He should be able to tell you how great the risk is, because there is nothing on  the  consent form to warn you of of nerve damage.I would be very interested how surgeon who performs these procedures every day assesses risk.

    Don't forget,whatever medical intervention you undergo there is always the risk of somethings going wrong. The important thing is the risk factor.

    Good  luck!


    • em1989 em1989 suleika

      Hi Suleika

      This is a story I have heard a few times now with Botox which is why I am very much considering to say no to the botox surgery and try once again to tackle this on my own.

      I am so sorry to hear about your outcome, it is shocking really what these things can do to us. Where you informed of this possible outcome? Who told you it was rare? I have read on a few forums where people have nerve damage as a result of this surgery.

      I am glad what treatment you are receiving now is working, are you still in pain?

      Keep in touch with us all xx


  • em1989 em1989

    Dear All

    Apologies, I don't get on here much as I am sure you all know working full time and trying to have a life besides 'these issues' is quite difficult at times!

    Thank you so much for each of your replies, I really really appreciate it, they have all helped in their own way.  I will reply to you all as I could do with some advice from different things that all of you had mentioned. xx

  • em1989 em1989

    Hi All.  I booked in for a colonic last week as some people have told me it helps with these problems, as i am desperate for surgery i booked in and had one today.  I never thought about the fact how it is done would hurt sad so at the moment all it has done is aggravate the fissure sad lots of pain all day hopefully it will get better soon. I'll let you all know 

    • abi1717 abi1717 em1989

      Hi em1989 

      I completely understand what your going through. I'm 24 and been suffering with a fissure and skin tags for over 2 years. It literally takes over your life. Where I am from Botox has been banned as it's more 'cosmetic' and doesn't always work. 6 days ago I had surgery called advancement flap. Basically they remove the whole fissure and tags and replace with skin near by. So far iv had no fissure pain at all. So fingers crossed this will work. :-) 

  • susan31693 susan31693 em1989

    Gosh. Can't imagine how you managed that. Hope it settles. Im trying all sorts of strategies. I wondered how you were after your last posting.  Takes over your life doesn't it.  

  • lhz31189 lhz31189 em1989

    Hi Em!

    I too am 25 and have been suffering with an anal fissure for well over a year - though not quite as long as you! How you've managed I'll never know. I suffer with IBS and my problems started after a colonoscopy. I started getting pains shortly after the procedure. I was told I had hemorrhoids and given a number or creams, back and forth I went to my GP until they decided it was a fissure. I don't even know anymore if I still have hemorrhoids! I went for the botox treatment for the fissure in November after creams not doing anything. 

    Unfortunately I haven't seen an improvement and it's been over 4 weeks. I still suffer excruciating pain during Bm and after and have bleeding. I can't say that the pain is worse but it's certainly not improved. I've heard it's more effective in new fissures. 

    I'm due to go back in February to see my surgeon and I'm going to push for the op where they cut the muscle as I strongly feel this is the only way I will be eased of the pain! 

    Please let me know how you get on and if you find anything that helps. I feel for you! At least we can all chat on here to share experiences! 


  • jo56554 jo56554 em1989

    Hi Em,

    I've never participated in a forum before but your situation has moved me to do so.  I am 46 and suffered from anal fissure for around 11 years before seeking treatment as I was too embarrassed to see my GP.  It eventually reached the stage that others on this forum have talked about (nearly fainting from the pain and being completely incapacitated and depressed).  It started after my first daughter was born (she's now 17) and then it went away again for a while.  It reoccured following a hysterectomy to treat cervical cancer (no-one tells you that you will experience horrendous constipation following this operation and therefore you don't take any preventative measures!).  This time it stayed and got progressively worse.  Having finally found the courage to see my GP he was really great and having suggested various creams which I tried unsuccessfully (including rectogesic which caused instant migraines, meaning I couldn't go to work) he then referred me for surgery immediately.  Sadly this was not the answer.  The surgery was repeated 3 further times over the course of the next two years including advancement flap, removal of skin tag etc.  Each time the surgery appeared to have worked, although recovery time was longer each time - the last time in January this year with a four week recovery time.  But also each time my symptoms reoccurred after six months.  This current episode is what has prompted me to seek further information and your discussion popped up.  I am really grateful to you for posting this as I feel relieved to not be the only one who is suffering with this and struggling to find an alternative solution.  I too have been offered botox injections but I'm not sure if this will help so have avoided it so far.  I'm at the point where, in desperation, I will try anything. 

    Thanks again for your courage in posting and best wishes for your recovery.


    • em1989 em1989 jo56554

      Hi Jo just read over your post again. Really wondering how you are? I really feel for you and if you were my mum I'd want to help you as much as I can! Please let us know how you are getting on or if you need any advice since your last post xx

    • mmarcus151910 mmarcus151910 jo56554

      Here are some suggestions I have for you to help you through:

      1. Try somee zinc oxide in the form of calmoseptine which has menthol to soothe the area down there as well. Calmoseptine can be bought at almost any local drugstore and can be bought online too.

      2. Try squatting when going on the toilet instead of sitting. This is a much  helathier position and the poop sometimes will just slide out,  no pushing or straining involved.

      3. I would definately take a fiber supplement, specifically metamucil  is what I take evveryday,  in ordr to allow your stools to be soft and to allow them to pass thorugh easily. THis being said, with any fiber supplemetn, you must drink lots of water when using them, or they will not work veffectively. Also, do not take too much as too much fiber can irritate your bowels on the way  out and diarreah actually does worse down there.

      4. I would recommend getting a sphicteronomy surgery if htings dont get better. I waited it out, gave up, had the surgery, and was able to heal within about two weeks. I had a chronic fissure, so I knew where you are ocming from with v all the pain and discomfort.

      Try listening to music to distract your mind a bit, especially when going to the bathroom. If you are in writing pain, distract yourself with a movie or TV show right after. Also, to prevent myself from screaming and from putting more stress in the area down  there, i bit down on a washcloth in order to make the tensions with my teeth instead of my sphicter muscle.

      Hope this helps!!! So sorry you have to go through this.




  • mmarcus151910 mmarcus151910 em1989

    Dear Em 1989,

    If I were you I would get the sphictoronomy surgery which is on the sphicter muscle. I had a bad fissure last  year and this  surgery helped me a lot. The sphicter muscle plays a large role in not allowing the fissure to heal on its own because the spasms do not allow the fissure tto heal. The only issue I had, if  you consider this an issue at all considering the amount of pain you have been in, is that after the surgery I do not  have as much control on whether I can stop my farts from coming  out in public  or not. Besides that, I have been doing great. I hope this helps and may you  have a good reccovery. I am very sorrry that you have to go through this because noone should  have to go through anything like thiis.


  • stacey87853 stacey87853 em1989


    Sorry to gate crash your convo but seems you all know a lot....

    Ive had piles a few times from pain meds(taken daily for back probs) making me constipated,when i have a BM they bleed, the last 5 days when i have a BM it feels like glass is coming out(sorry for TMI) it so painfull and im now dreading going to the toilet everyday...could this be a fissure? I know should go to drs( and have been n the past for piles,i ave latulose to take daily to help...can you get piles and a fissure at the same time? Ive spoken to my husband about it and hes a clueless as me lol smile also if it is a fissure can it go away on its own?

    Stace x

    • mmarcus151910 mmarcus151910 stacey87853

      To me if it hurts really bad, like unimaginable pain, then I feel that it is a fissure.  However, the area down there is very sensitive, so  it could be something else. Best bet is to go to the doctor to check it out.

      Hope this helps!


  • xmaryx xmaryx em1989

    Had one of those nasty fissures twice -- usually from taking iron supplements which make your poop like bricks. The last one lasted 1-1/2 years. I finally healed it by 1. Not taking iron. 2. Taking enough Ibuprofen to stop the pain, which also stops the spasms. (I had to take 4 at first, which is prescription strength, for about 3 days. Then I was able to go down to 3, then 2, etc.). During this time I made sure the stool was soft by drinking mineral oil. It's really messy though. Now I would recommend about 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin every day. That softens stools like nothing else. I also take 2-1/2 magenesum supplements before bed each night. This keeps you regular. Haven't had a fissure or been constipated since 2003.

  • em1989 em1989

    Hello again all...I'm back again. Not because things got better unfortunately. Nothing has changed for me in the past year, still painful every single time I go to the toilet. I had the botox. I just wanted to let you all know and hopefully it works. After surgery I had intermittent stabbing knives going inside of me sad they gave me codeine 30mg....Didn't help...then 500mg ibuprofen...that took the edge off the pain.

    I have no idea if this is finally the cure but I really, really hope it is as I can't cope with it anymore. I am terrified of my next BM. Absolutely terrified. I'm not sore right now but i know that's because I haven't been to the toilet.

    I've been given fybrogel and lactulose and paracetamol for the pain. I've taken some vitamins (vitamin c, magnesium, zinc, arnica, milk thistle, D3 and COQ10) I've eaten some homemade soup, pineapple and pistachio nuts.

    If any of you who have had botox have any advice I'd be so grateful. The dr didnt touch my piles...he said botox can help piles??? I doubt this. I have to go back for more surgery to remove the skin tag I'm upset he didn't do everything in one go.

    I hope some of you have managed to solve your fissures and are now pain free xxx

    • mmarcus151910 mmarcus151910 em1989

      Dear em1989,

      I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. I did not have the botox, so I can't give you advice, but I just want to let you know how sorry I am that you have to go through this. It's very tough!

      Stay strong and have hope and hopefully it will get better!



    • em1989 em1989 mmarcus151910

      Myles thank you for your reply. I appreciate your comment.

      Unfortunately now 3 weeks since botox pain is just the same sad my first bms were ok but now after I go I get those painful spasms for hours. It's all incredibly debilitating. I can't even enjoy the gym most days or just lie and watch TV with my boyfriend. Maybe if I get it again it will help...some say it takes 2 go's. I wouldn't consider the sphictoronomy yet as I couldn't handle the issues it brings! How are you?

    • mmarcus151910 mmarcus151910 em1989

      Im sorry to hear that.

      Currently I am amazing. The only difference is I take a fiber supplement everyday.

      Here is basically a sum up of my experience with the surgery:

      So basically, this is how it went down with my surgery. I had to fast the day before the surgery because they had to put me under anesthesia. I went in, waited, and then they put me under and the surgery was done. I woke from the surgery with morphine in my system, although once I woke up it had worn off for the most part. They basically told me I could get another dose of morphine, which would basically knock me out again, or I could stay up and move to the other room to wait until I was ready to leave. So, i skipped the next dose of morphine and went to the other room. As I was laying on the bed, the pain bagan to set in. The next part may scare you a bit and discourage you, but getting through this part is just part of the process of gettting better. So when the pain started to settle in, the paiin almost flt worse then the fissure pain itself. I was not only dealing with the pain from thefissure, but from the incision and cuts that were done form the surgery itself. This being said, you have to take into consideratino that the surgery is cutting into your sphincter muscle, so pain will come, but this is with any surgery. Unfortunately, with this surgery, it is in a very sensitivie area so the pain will be a little more intense. Some things I did in the hospital to deal with the pain was put ice on my butt, I bit down on a washcloth to decrease the tension that I would put into my butt area and to transfer the tension to my jaw biting into the cloth. They did give me percoset, but honestly it didn't help me a bit. I still felt the pain until I was able to fall asleep. The lady next to me said that the percoset made her feel that the ceiling was the floor and the floor was the ceiling, so I guess it affects some people differently than others. I also will recommend listening to music right after or watching a movie to distract yourself from the pain. SO that was basically it from the hospital. I couldn't leave the hospital until I could pee though,  which was not easy since I had so many drugs in my system and could  not really push to hard as it was painful and I did not want to upset the area.

      Eventually I peed and was able to leave. Then, I took some percoset that night and slept. The next day I felt no pain, as I did not poop at all, and as with before the surgery,  the pain  only comes when  you poop. 

      So the day after that I had to go to the bathroom. The first time you go to the bathroom will be very painful, almost more painful than pooping with just the fissure because you are trying to poop through a fissure and a surgery, but that comes with  the territory. I will not hide that I felt like I was going to puke the pain was so bad WHILE pooping. I also recommend listening to music while pooping as this distracts the pain  and gives some motivation  not to be afraid. The reason on put emphasis on the WHILE is beause after the pain is very dull and nothing compared to the throbbing unimaginable  pain of an anal fissure. Within  the next two weeks, I progressively felt myself getting better, and by the 2nd week I went back to the doctor and he gave me the ok that I was all healed up.

      I never had any incontinence, although the only thing I still have is that its a bit harder to hold in my farts sometimes, but that is it....As far as the gauze, I only changed it because I would leak sometimes..I ended up just buying adult diapers at the store and used those until I stopped leaking. 

      Hope this helps and hope you feel better!!!



  • Dot87 Dot87 em1989

    Hi Em

    Firstly I normally spend so much time reading forums but never reply... but as a 28 year old woman I really understand how a fissure can take over your life.

    I've been suffering from having one or once two for other 2 years. The pain during a BM has caused me to black out for a few scary seconds. Afterwards I have a throbbing pain for hours. My bottom cheeks even ache.

    It has had me in tears to the point I would break down and I have been to the Dr's back and forth.

    I have had so many conflicting opinions from consultants which hasn't helped. They wanted to orginally do the LTS op but I went for the botox January just gone. For three months I have been fine but it has started coming back. Sad thing is it is hard to recognise if it is as bad as before... you just adjust to being in pain.

    I have been told to take lactulose and laxido daily but always preference to try and ensure a soft stool with diet. Desperate times have led me to depend on constipation relief now I pretty much depend on it. The tension I feel is unreal and I know pushing is the worse thing to do but I feel everything there is just lazy!!

    I also though my tag would be removed but never was and since January it has increased in size. I was told my haemorrhoids were injected but they seem to have never have gone and got worse just before the return of the fissure.

    I am worried about using the ointment too for the same reasons...I am meant to be having a further appointment but haven't been notified yet.

    I've been tempted to get a loan at times just to pay for private health car bit unrealistic though!

    One thing I can say does help is meditation and yoga. I'm not a pro but if you research on you tube there are plenty of videos to help increase blood flow to this area and calming videos to help relax your body before going and avoid those spasms.

    Hope to hear some positive news soon from you. I feel your pain but things can hopefully only get better xx

    • em1989 em1989 Dot87

      Hey dot so sorry for my late reply.

      How are you doing? I feel for you greatly, so so much. Fortunately for me the injections did make my fissure disappear but I still have a lot of problems with 2 skin tags and an interview haemorrhoid so when I go to the toilet it takes a long time to clean and it is very painful to clean up afterwards but I don't have lasting pain like I did with the fissure. When I go out anywhere I cant leave the house without wipes and sudocream and have to make sure I can have access to a toilet. It's awful isn't it. Being 27 and if I need the toilet I have to spend 20 mins in it just to sort myself out sad

      Please please please get off the laxatives if you haven't already. They ruin your digestion system, please use things like magnesium, zinc LOTS of water and try researching bone broth. Of course your diet too but as you say you already do that. Also try eliminating dairy, it worked well for me and I've heard it has changed the lives for others! I don't use creams, the prescription ones I mean, I only use sudocream. The creams never worked for me and they can think your skin.

      Hope to hear from you xx

    • patty72808 patty72808 em1989

      Hello..thanks em 1989 and all  ..It really helps to read all the experiences on this very sad situation. thanks for the recommendation on stool softeners,  Im 52 i considered myself a very active person before my healtjh issues. I In August 2016 i had a procedure which reduce the size of my uterine phybroids. After the procedure i was given narcotics, pain medication that made me constipated. I had history of hemorroyds since i was 16 years old so  had my hemorroyds remmoved with laser, For the last 2 years i have had constipation episodes, but not like this one, I had to go to the emergency room because of the pain, and saw a specialist, he could not give me rectal exam since i was in so much pain,  but gave me a topic and suppositories, they have helped some..but still pain after each BM . Dr.  said i have an anal fisure.  i have the second appointment next Tuesday where he is going to do exam with anasthesia with a possible botox and or remove an internal hemorroyd. He recommends me to take stool softeners, miralax helped me at first but not now, stool spfteners over the coiunter have not helped, i started with magnesium milk late this week  before bedtime and also a magnesium stool softener after dinner, im very reluctant now on what to take to keep stools softener in a more natural way and what not to eat to avoid constipation. I have to admit im very worried ...Hope you are all feeling better..Il keep yu posted.


    • em1989 em1989 patty72808

      HI patty thank you for your post. I totally agree with keeping stools soft naturally. Medicated ones just upset your digestive system. Magnesium is great, maybe try the tablets as well? Also I have started taking coconut water which is known for it natural laxative properties! Just pick a carton with the least sugars per 100ml.

      You are very early on in your fissure so I would try your best to clear it without surgery. How is your diet and water intake? We all say we eat 'good' but I realised when I said that I was forgetting yes I tell good but on top of that I had the buns, donuts, cake, pizza 4/5 times per week not to mention the biscuits with tea! This all has to stop make sure you're eating fruit first thing in the morning, gentle fruit like Pineapple and Blueberries. Eat little and often and CHEW your food alot! It all helps. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day.

      However if you find the fissure is still there then go for the Botox. I did and although it took a few weeks, it eventually healed and made my life easier.

      I'm now recovering from further surgery to fix all my other problems which I have created a new discussion for x

  • PinkiePie PinkiePie em1989

    Hi Em

    I had an anal fissure 5 years ago. I was operated by Dr. Daniel L. Feingold, MD.

    This is what he did:

    Dr. Feingold performs the procedure in the operating room because it has the best lighting and allows patients to have sedation during the procedure. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and patients go home after a few hours.

    The procedure entails four steps.

    Gently dilate the anus with special retractors

    Clean out the fissure with curettage to stimulate healing

    Cauterize the wound with electrocautery to seal the wound

    Inject traimcinolone (generic Kenalog), a steroid, into the fissure.

    He also removed a skin tag. I felt immediate relief. I was able to have normal BMs within 24hrs of surgery and I have not had any issues at all. Please google him and find a doctor that may perform the surgery for you.

    I hope you find relief.

    • justagirliana justagirliana PinkiePie

      Not sure if you will see this but a response from you would be much appreciated biggrin

      How long did you suffer before deciding to do his procedure? How long did it take you to heal? How long did you stay on pain meds? Did it hurt to sit after the procedure?

      I am scheduled with him in a month. Thanks!

  • caroline33224 caroline33224 em1989

    I had a tag removed exactly a wk today and I am still in excruciating pain!!! It's red raw down there and there's lumps there that wasn't there before?? I had stitches too which bits are still in there. Every bm is absolute agonyi bleed every time and makes it so much worse every time I go! I may go to a&e as in still in so much pain a wk later it should b getting better by now I do also have chrones disease which I think makes 100 times worse! I have never felt pain in my life like this and I have 3 children and now it looks worse than before I was only a little one I had to remove but I'm really regretting it!!!

  • alman82139 alman82139 em1989

    Hi Emma I can understand your situation as i am going through same. Let me tell you my story. The first problem I had was in 2008 with fresh blood coming with Bw. I was told that it's a small polyp and they removed a day surgery. It wasn't a painful procedure. I was ok for couple of years. Again in 2014 they diagnosed them as hemmorrhoids. I was given 3 options full surgery. Botox or ligation. I want for ligation as they stretch piles inside no stretches outside. After that there wadno pain and bleeding but I was feeling something while passinG Bw went again surgeon said it's a fissure I need to do injection he did that but still same. Recently I have been referred to a private hospital. 2 options were given surgery or injection. I prefrred injection as full surgery is very painful. They did injection yesterday plus they removed skin tag. Not much pain. Hope to get better this time. I have done almost 4 procedures. I am going to live with this. No more procedure. I would advise go for any procedure but after that keep your bw very soft as constipation is the main cause.You need any further help do reply. Thanks

    • em1989 em1989 alman82139

      Hi Alman

      Thank you for your reply. How has your pain been through removal? How are you now?

      Yesterday I had 'Limited open Ligation h'ectomy' not sure what it meant but anyway the surgeon said he has removed 2 skin tags, reopened a fissure wound that didn't heal correctly and also found a growth that has been removed and sent for testing which I am worried about.

      To say I am scared of going for a BM is an understatement I am terrified!

    • abi1717 abi1717 em1989

      Hiya. Just been reading through this group as I use To suffer from a fissure for years so understand what your all going through. I had an operation called advancement flap which is another way to avoid having the muscle cut and risk inncontanence. They cut the the fissure out and pull the good skin from inside your cheeks over the wound for it to heal. This did mean having 28 stitches but was worth it. The healing process of this was long (5 months due to infections and so many stitches) but worth it. No side effects and two years later and No fissure. Best thing I did. Hope this helps. :-)

    • angiejoe angiejoe abi1717

      Hi everyone sorry to gatecrash this discussion

      I have had a anal fissure and pile for 6 years and after trying every cream going my doctor has finally referred me to the hospital.

      I didn't realise so many people suffer from the same condition as nobody speaks about it because of embarresment.

      Like all of you I find the pain indescribable.

      I sit in the loo crying most days and afraid to wipe myself because I know it's gonna hurt.

      I tried wet wipes and nearly shot through the roof with the pain.

      I still don't know how I got this thing as I always go to the loo regularly and for and healthy.

      My aunt has recently passed away with bowel cancer and now you can imagine what's going round In my head !!

      Hope you all get sorted soon and me too


  • y14673 y14673 em1989

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