Anal fissure treatment with gluten free diet

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A big thank you to this website, my doctor gave me no information about anal fissure and no prescription cream either back in April. After reading a lot of your posts, I went back to get a 6% nifedipine cream because I was not healing even with the sitz bath, eating fruits, vegetables, drinking water and stool softeners. When I went back in May, it was a different GP so he had to go stick his finger there to check and he created 2 more fissures so now I had 3, bleeding, pain etc....

I was bleeding since April 5th, on the 5th is really tore and there was so much blood and the pain was unbearable. I would skip days of bm because I was terrified, I had pain, anxiety, panic attacks, cramps and gases (because i was not pooping enough).

So last week I ate a fresh made big croissant from the bakery (I am still in pain and bleeding), not even 1 hour later the farthing started for 10 hours straight every 5 minutes, cramps and of course farthing and fissures don't go together. I realized that there is something in the croissant that made me feel horrible and wondered if it was not the gluten. So the next day I ate nothing with gluten and at that moment, the anal fissure pain decreases so much, the blood during and after BM stopped completely. It has been one week of gluten food and no more blood, no even a drop, BM takes 1 minute (yes it still burns during) but at least I am not in pain for 5 hours straight. So I still put the cream 2x a day, sitz baths 2 x a day, juices/water, stool softeners but at least I am getting somewhere. Panic attacks and anxiety have stopped. I thought I would share what is working for me. I am baking all kinds of cookies, brownies and cakes gluten free and have no reaction what so ever and DELICIOUS !!! Eating wild rice, gluten free pasta and bread. No meat. Gluten free croissant. Fruit smoothies, fruit, vegetables raw and steamed. Stopped the mayonnaise (too much gas). No reaction to butter.

Thank you for this website. Best of luck to all and i understand what you are going through.

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    Well I sometimes get problem with Gluten however my biggest enemy is Rice, I ate Basmatie Brown Rice organic and it was the biggest mistake of my life it reopened my fissure.

    I am now contemplating of to abandon Milk, I love milk as I hardly eat now I eat only pop corn or pumpkin or multi grain crackers and chocolate tea natural coca blocks.

    I know about panic attacks they are the worse but I never get them with fissure I used to get them from Cannabis which is why I stopped it.

    Word of advice do NOT let anybody stick anything up your asshole. Who are doctors? they are people who doesn't give a s**t about you and are out to make more money, injuring you is in their benefit. My doctor prescribed to me medication that actually made me constipated and had nothing to do with my fissure.

    The notion that we must automatically trust doctors is a western thing. I trust the scientists over these quack ass doctors and the scientists say to use Botux, Nitro or nifedipine cream.

    BTW are you sure it was 6% nifedipine or do you mean 0.6%?

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    I followed a gluten free diet for 6 days, everything was perfect, no blood and very little pain. Yesterday I did not follow my food routine and by the time I went to bed last night, the throbbing anal pain was there and this morning of course, blood in the toilet and on the paper and the burning pain is there.

    Next weekend we are going in my husband's family, do I bring a nice platter of gluten free food or do i just not eat what they offer me. I cannot tell them to make me special food that would not be polite. Never thought of the consequences when you are not home and have to live with this.

    If you lived this situation, have any tips, please share.

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      Don't eat anything they offer you make up an excuse saying its a medical condition and you can't eat anything right now when they offer you.

      I have seen some success with Nitro 0.2% cream but my job involves lifting very heavy objects all day and climbing high trucks. I know fully well my life is now over at 33 years old and I have accepted this. Still contemplating if to abandon my HVAC school considering I am nearing completion and spent all this money. But this fissure is here for life so I do have to weigh my options I will continue to decide on what to do.

      My next step after the creams is Botux injection as I did hear it has a good success rate. When I was younger I used to hate the idea of dying one day and wished I could live forever, now I actually see the point of dying and it can't come soon enough.

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      Hi john5220,

      If you are almost finished school and paid so much, why not finish it? You don't know where your life will be in 1 year, in 2 years, in 5 years. I was at the end of my certification course and almost gave up because I couldn't see the point but it is only years later that i used what I learned and thank god I finished my program, it is part of how I make my living now. You don't know if you will live with this stupid fissure problem forever. I refuse any botox or surgery, for now if I stay off gluten, I still have pain but very little and I have no blood. I just need to make sure that I am home at 6h15am in the morning to go do my pooping ritual (praying, sitz bath, vaseline, pooping, shower, nitro 0.6% cream, thank the lord it is over) and then my life goes on. I just ordered enzymes to help me digest, my problem is I have severe gas when I eat gluten (among other problem that gluten gives me) and just with the gas, it is enough to re-open the fissure and bleed. So if I can take enzymes and eat that almond chocolatine croissant once in awhile without dying, that would be so great !!!

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    Hi ok I have decided to finish my HVAC school especially since I feel so much better today. The Nitro cream is really helping and if needed I will go get Nifedipine 0.5% cream after since it has a much higher success rate than Nitro. Today I was doing a LOT of work in the warehouse, was on my feet all day doing massive amounts of work packing pallets etc.

    Amazingly I think this might have triggered something that suddenly allowed my healing to increase drastically. Maybe exercise really is the key who knows?

    Last time this happened the fissure reopened. I am hoping since I am now using the nitro things will be different this time.

    Yes stay far away from gluten and anything that can trigger gas.

    A co worker made a joke with me today after I told him what happened his response was "so you mean to tell me instead of taking milk of magnesia when you were constipated you sh!t out a load concrete and mash up your bottom?"

    AHAHAHHAA that was a bit funny.

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