Anal Fissures Healed!

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  I suffered for years from anal fissures. After trying over-the-counter medications, inserts, salves, and other read-about self-help attempts, I was able to heal them with a solution of my own. My success came with cleansing the tears with a betadine solution. 

  Now for the back story. I like many others I have read about, had suffered off and on for years literally with these fissures. I first assumed the pain, and intense itching were caused by hemorrhoids, so this was how I was treating them. This treatment style gave temporary relief, but would eventually return. I even used doctor-prescribed cortisone inserts for the "hemorrhoids". Again, I had temporary relief, that returned once I stopped using them. 

  I decided to investigate further what was going on "down there" with the help of a small mirror. I noticed these seemed more like tears rather than hemorrhoids. I had two that I would deal with off and on. My symptoms were pain during bowel movements that felt like I was passing something scraping my anus. This of course was the fissure opening up and tearing. I would also have intense itching, especially at night while sleeping, or at least trying to sleep. As you may or may not know, itching can often be a sign of an area healing, which is what I assume these fissures were trying to do with little success. 

  Once I figured out these symptoms were from fissures and nothing else, it was time to treat them accordingly. Just like a cut on a finger heals much more rapidly when kept clean and disinfected, my treatment for the fissures followed the same logic. Keep the area bacteria free, and allow the body to do what it does best, which is self-heal. 

  My routine was to add a few drops of betadine solution onto a wetted facial tissue. I used the facial tissue because it held together better, and the I could just flush it when finished. After cleaning myself as usual after having a BM, I then gently massaged the anus area with the wetted/betadine tissue, concentrating on the fissure area. The betadine would also provide immediate pain relief, after a slight initial sting. I would then give a final tp wipe, and go about my day. 

  After several days, I noticed less and less pain, both during BM's and at night. Within several weeks, it became obvious these things had healed. Again, using the cut finger analogy, by keeping the fissures as germ free as possible, the body did the rest of the work. I can only assume that the other methods gave temporary relief because  they masked the pain, or only partially killed the bacteria around the tears. By using the betadine, I was able really keep the area germ free. 

  I am writing this article up only after being free from my fissures for over a month, with no indications of this being a temporary fix. I have no pain or itching, and no indications of a tear during BM's. 

  Betadine brand was what I used, but I do know there are other similar iodine solutions out there. Having used it in a medical professional setting in the past, I know it works great for keeping bacteria and germs out of cuts. When you think about a fissure, that's really all it is too. 

  I hope my success story becomes yours as well. I was encouraged to share this by my spouse, who saw me suffer for years, knowing I had found a solution to my problem. It was sitting on our shelf all along, ready to clean the next cut, or in this case, the next fissure. 


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    Hi I am desperate to try anything and want to give betadine a go.

    My fissure is just inside the anus, so I am putting on a cotton bud and putting it just inside.

    How many times a day did you do this??

    How are things now ??

    Thank you so much for sharing


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      Debbie- mine were also close to the sphincter area. I would clean with the betadine only after having a BM, when I experienced slight itching, and sometimes after showering. I remain healed and fissure free, with absolutely no issues. Expect a slight sting followed by immediate pain relief. You'll know when you get the antiseptic on the tear. Once I figured this method out, it only took several weeks to be healed. That of course was after years of on again, off again issues. 

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      I was wondering if you could provide an update as to your condition with the betadine? Hopefully you are having good results. 
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    In 2010 a letter was published by a doctor from Singapore who reported that 3 of his patients were completely cured from anal fissures, with the application of Betadine ointment. In the letter he mentions they use the ointment instead of the solution because it's water soluble. So, although, the solution works, I'd venture to guess the ointment is more effective. That's what I'm trying now...

    Here's the letter:

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    I have a similar story. After reading about tears as the issue I decided to treat the infection. I used constant application of Neosporin.

    Eliminate pain in two days. Latest BM had minor tearing. Back to ok in say 4 hours. Completely good next day. Best I've felt in years.

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      I'm still almost normal after several weeks of Neosporin use. I can poop almost pain free, see no or little blood, bleeding stopping within say 4 hours. No pain sitting, walking. Just feel normal. Feel like I can go do some of the things I was avoiding.

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      Hey Carbonman,

      Are you still doing good? Was wondering how much pain/itching you had after BM and how much Neosporin you used each time? May try Neosporin and hope it one can help me.Thanks

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    Omg i wish i had read this prior to surgery! Im so happy for u. I had my surgery on friday n its Thursday n im in excruciating pain.

    I hope u can help someone else. But im still going to get the betadine. Thx u 💜💜

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      Hello moxxie,

      Did it work for you. I did my surgery last week and still I feel almost a week since surgery 

      Thank u

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