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I am an 18 year old male who over the past 5-6 months have been experiencing problems with a lot of mucus inside my anus. When I have the toilet I notice my poo is covered in orange mucus and when I wipe It's a little yellowy/clear mucus on the paper

Also I pass gas ALOT and it sounds like very wet gas as clearly there is a lot of mucus being 'disturbed' when I pass gas which makes the gas sound weird.

I suffer no pain or any blood in my back end and it's really embarrassing.

I've been to the doctors and my doctor turned round and said she doesn't really know the symptoms and gave me a tube to go a place some poo into and they will send it off for examination and get back to me with results but I haven't got round to sending them the tube yet but I'm really nervous as I don't want it to be a long life term thing for me, Any ideas as to what It could be and any solutions I could try to try and get rid of it?

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    Take the test sample in as soon as you can and get it out of the way.

    Also you could request the tests for Coeliac disease which may have similar symptoms to this (not necessarily orange) and definitely gas problem.A test for anaemia would be a good idea too as this will let you know if you are absorbing nutrients properly (as you don't with undiagnosed Coeliac disease).

    If no real results from the test request a referral to a Gastroenterologist who will be the best person to understand your symptoms and make arrangements for further tests. Just keep going back to the Doctor at this stage....they are used to these sorts of things so don't worry about it. May not be a major problem at all and either way it will be better for you to find out sooner rather than later whatever it is. If you should be a Coeliac for example you will only get better once diagnosed!

    Make a note of what you eat (a Food Diary of everything over the next few weeks) and what - if anything - makes it worse so you can take it with you next time you go to see the GP ie for results of your first test. Read up on Coeliac Org UK website. GPs are supposed to test you for this before giving any diagnosis of IBS or similar...remember this and ask for it! Take someone with you to do always helps! Good Luck.

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    Yours is the first exact description of what I have been experiencing for several weeks now. 

    I live in Australia and only use the Medicare system (no private insurance). I saw three doctors for this. The first didn't listen to me so she thought I had diarrhea. No....So you're constipated. No.....I told her I wanted stool tests (as recommended by a trusted pharmacist I know). 

    Went back to another doctor 3 days later for the stool tests results. No weird bacteria, no worms. No blood tests for infection or anemia and no tests for candida were done. But I was prescribed Flagyl.

    Why? To cure bacterial infection and giardia. But I tested negative for these in the stool. We give it anyway. Then you're an idiot. I walked out.

    Went to another clinic I know immediately. That doc listened and ruled out worms - wrong symptoms. But he did recommend the flagyl anyway. Why? Because both my husband and I have it so it's not pancreas, gall bladder, cancer, IBS, etc. Probably an infection of some kind.

    Exhausted, I took the flagyl against my better judgement: taking prescription meds with NO diagnosis led to my 25 year old son being disabled completely for life (flouroquinolone poisoning). 

    Got a vaginal yeast infection for my troubles and no improvement in my gut. Hubby took the worm meds. No improvement for him either.

    So hubby and I are pretty sure we have an overabundance of intestinal yeast in the first place. Treatment? Usually antifungals and then probiotics and a yeast-free diet, all of which lead to being ridiculously sensitive to yeast in the future.

    Treatment being followed: Give the gut TONS of good flora. Yogurt with live lactobacillus, sauerkraut, blue cheese, sourdough bread, etc. I eat almost no processed sugar right now and very little simple carbs (except pasta). It is EXACTLY the opposite of what everyone says to do.

    And it's working. The gas is much less, the gurgling only once a day, and the orange foul-smelling mucus thinner and less often. And this is only 5 days after starting this and after 5 weeks of suffering from it. I also increased red meat for the iron and B12. I usually eat a lot of veggies anyway (it's the main food of my diet) but cut down on fresh fruit to one piece a day due to the high sugar content.

    I hope people will stop listening to doctors who make NO sense. Listen to reason. I'm not saying everyone has candida, but if both my husband and I have it, it's either worms, something we ate, infection, or other bacterial overgrowth due to probably something we ate OR infection. If the docs had taken the appropriate tests in the first place, I'd know for sure, but I've had to self-diagnose and treat due to medical indifference.

    If my gut is out of balance, best to give it everything it needs to be healthy, not strip the heck out of it and start over. That's pretty much impossible and doesn't address the real issue.

    So I hope this helps someone. That's all I wanted to do.

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      Thank you so much! My husband and I have experienced this exact thing!! Are you both better now?? Any idea exactly what it was/diagnosis in the end? How long did it take to improve? Thank you again for your help--we have some hope now at least. It's been so bizarre and the doctors are not very helpful.
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    Hi Bradleyy123. I think you should do that poo test, as it would put your mind at rest as to whether you may have somthing wrong with you, that the doctor can deal with it early if they find anything wrong in your poo. Please try and do it as so as possible ok.
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    Did you ever find out what caused this?

    I am a 31 year old female who had colon cancer in August. It was removed and I was declared NED. 4 months later. For a week I've been passing a lot of orange mucus. By itself and with stool. My appointment isn't until tomorrow.

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