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Bowel Disorders

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  • Okyanus 1

    Can thickening on small intestine be seen during laparoscopy?

    Hi, About 4 months ago, I had abdominal pain on my right side and had a slight temperature. Ultrasound scan showed some inflamation around the area where my appendix is. They were not sure if it was my appendix or my small intestine. I refused to have ct scan.( I have got reasons). Then a more senior...

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  • someboy 2
  • mel49703 2

    Blood in stools

    Hi all, as the title says, I have bright red coating of blood on my stools, also just before I pass a stool I get stabbing sharp pains in my abdomen.  I am going to the doctors tomorrow but I am worried that it might be bowel cancer.  Have anyone here had the same symptoms?  Thank you.

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  • robsap123 1

    Please advice. Severe rectal bleeding.

    A few days ago I had a case of some tough diarrhea which probably resulted in an anal fissure. As an area of the anus has swollen and there was extreme sharp pain with every try for bowel movement. After a day or two it got better I woke up not feeling the pain and being very happy and confident that...

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  • shaz83 1

    Multiple polyps- should i worry?

    So at 25 when i was pregnant i was diagnosed with proctitis. I had a sig exam and discovered around 5/6 polyps. I was told then and there they were harmless(which they were) and that for my age that wasnt very common. Had another aig 2 month later and then a full scope when my daughter was 6 month old....

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  • belinda62595 3

    getting quite worried

     Ok, my husband went into hospital for routine gallbladder removal, but due to adhesions from a previous op years ago they could not perform keyhole surgery, so then went through normal route and had to cut through adhesions etc to be able to remove gallbladder. That was on the 26th May,he was given...

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  • kendra1968 1

    Hemhorroidectomy stitches

    My stitches are driving me crazy. They look like raised wavy hard lines under the soft tissue of my rectum. I am on day 16 of recovery. They are supposed to be dissolvable but I think they need cut out. It has been miserable. Feces blood and stitches with immense pain. This isn't a surgery for everyone....

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  • belinda62595 3

    waking up the bowels

    Hello, it's the first time on this forum. So, my husband went into hospital for routine gallbladder op, but had to have it through the front as oppose to keyhole due to adhesions from a car accident some years back. Due to poor after care in which they started him on solid foods as soon as he had had...

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  • jessica84543 1

    Chronic diarrhoea

    I've had diarrhoea every morning for a year. I go 5-10x within and 1-2 hours. This is so draining for me also I wake up every morning feeling dehydrated and extremely nauseous. I can't continue with this every morning. I've been to GP and been referred to gastro. This was two months ago and I'm still...

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  • fiona9688 2

    rectopexy failed

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if a rectopexy can be performed twice as in 2014 i had the surgery and think that the bowel prolapse has returned.

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  • issiab 2

    c diff

    I was diagnosed with c diff and but on a 10 day course of Flagyl  some symptons are gone the watery stools remain.  I feel weak most of the time.  I was visiting in the UK in March and came back with 3 infections all requiring antibiotics, antifungal and antivirus medications.  These drugs killed my...

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  • MrsI 2

    Colomic Irragation

    Today I was diagnosed with global colonic slow transit and have been told that i will be getting colonic irrigation. A specialist nurse will come to me house to show me what to do! Anyone else done this?

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  • thejabronisayz 1

    Losing Sensation Have Bowel Movement?

    Hi - wondering if anyone has advice or can help. To make a very long and frustrating problem simple, I seem to lose the sensation/ability to have a bowel movement during the work week, whereas I can have normal bowel movements on the weekends. I'm a creature of habit and definitely have OCD, so my morning...

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  • Mrs555TLB 2

    Update on daughter baffled

    My daughter 5 has had issues on and off for 3 years. It comes in cycles lots of red blood coating stools and mucus. Her stools are like cow pats (all the time) , so loose but not watery. She goes 5-10 times a day, maybe 6/7 as an average. When she has the blood and mucus it's more like up to 15 times...

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  • Yammy1 3

    sphincter repair

    Hi one week had posteriur vaginal wall repair and anal sphincter repair. while I 'feeling relatively ok I am having a lot of pain when I need to empty my bowel, and I feel like I constantly nee to go. just wondering if this is a normal part of recovery or should I be taking something like laxatives to...

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  • shaun58020 2

    Small things stool?

    Lately I've been having small things stool which if you like online says is a big symptom of colon cancer. I also have completely switched my diet because of my anxiety. All I eat is salads, fresh fruit and vegetables and sometimes chicken. I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue before? Or if this...

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  • Bellaboo1 2

    Bile reflux

    Hi I have had a stomach/bowel problem for a few months now and it it just isn't settling at all. It started in February when I was having my period, I was lying on the sofa at night on my back and I had this very sudden rush of extreme acid into my stomach and chest area, the pain had me on my knees....

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  • shaun58020 2
  • MrsI 2

    Transit Test

    hi, I'm just new to this group. I've had bowel problems for years but finally they are taking me seriously. My question is have any of you had a bowel transit test? I have just had my last 10 day X-ray but the person doing the X-ray said they could not see any off the markers. I am so confused by this...

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  • sandra2468 3
  • backerloo 1

    Anal fistula seton

    I had perianal abscess which was causing a lot of pain, was suppose to have an incision and drainage under EUA but the absscess burst on its own. Then the surgery got cancelled. A week later abscess started getting back filed, fistula diagnosed and seton procedure recommended. Had the surgery and it's...

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  • caroline62641 1

    Been referred 'urgently' to gastroenterologist

    Hi, I'm 38 and for the last couple of months have had a noticeable change in my bowel habits. I've been having looser, more frequent stools. Each morning now, like clockwork, I will need to go and it is usually loose.  I'm also having abdominal cramping and a specific pain under my ribs on my right...

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  • Mhtj48306 1

    Should I go back to the doctor?

    Hi, I'm a 23 year old male. I've been having rectal itching and bleeding for a few months now. The area typically feels dry and irritated, and occasionally (once every week or two) there'll be some pain and a small amount of bright red blood when I wipe or on the surface of the stool. I saw a doctor...

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  • aja99114 1

    Unexplained GI bleeding

    I started having blood in my stool back in August when I noticed a downward trend in my hemoglobin.  I took a stool test which came back positive for blood, so my GI recommended a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  Both tests came back clean, so I left it at that.  However, I was still feeling run down and...

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  • michelle34409 3

    9 months of worry

    Hi all I'm after some advice . Last July I started with a small amount of bleeding with bm and mucus without bm I went to see my gp after a week who diagnosed hemmoroids and gave me some suppositories. After 2 weeks I still had the bleeding so went back and was given more suppositories. I had been...

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  • selphie85 3

    Bloody stools after right side lower abdominal cramps

    Hi, today my friend ask me why after her right side abdominal cramps (she told me very cramp n pain)from sitting too long (about 7 hrs), her stools become bloody, sometimes only blood no stools. This happen in 1 day only. She very worry and ask me to get help at here before she come back from outstation...

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  • leigh1990 1

    dull ache pressure

    Ive been suffering with aches and pressure in my left side. Like people have mentioned it feels like something is there that shouldnt be. Ive sufferd with constipation for years, i had a camera and ultrasound last year for the constipation and bloating but all came back fine.. i am really worried about...

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  • carrie53872 1

    Gallbladder problem

    Hi I have one question I'm not able to have bowel movement it's been 4 or 5 day but it's regular like this. I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago and I cramp so bad .what can I do

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  • guinivere 2

    Bowel Cancer

    has anyone here had Rectal cancer?I'm in my 6th year after operation for Stage 3 have had 2 lots chemo Radiotherapy I had a Stoma for a year then had reversal.Now I wish I'd kept my bag.I've incontinence which has become worse over the years.Also not nice to talk about but constant smelly and I mean...

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  • bianca42505 1


    Hello since we moved into our home that we are renting we have been going through the craziest situations with our landlords from them squatting and living in the backyard when they broke to them sneaking in our home when we are at work I had such severe anxiety and panic attacks that my belly started...

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  • paul75665 3

    Rectal Bleeding Help Needed

    Hi All Hoping someone can help me out here, as I'm starting to get a bit worried about this particular problem. For the past 3 - 4 mornings I've been passing quite a bit of bright red blood during bowel movements. When I go to the toilet, I pass a bit of wind and there is already blood present in the...

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  • reese08967 2

    Rectal Intussusception Anyone?

    HELP!!!   I'm very interested in your story.  I live in the states (MO) and have had a HELL of a time trying to find a Doctor who will treat my Mild Rectal Intussusception.  I'm 40 years old and I'd have medical problems since I was 9 year. I have several female dysfunctional disorders like PCOS, Endometriosis,...

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  • RachRoux 3

    Stool Sample Results Taking ages!

    I'm having some stool tests done and they are taking ages to come back. I sent them in 3 weeks ago now and even the receptionist at my drs surgery were confused and chased them up. The lab still have them and I was told they need to get the result signed off before it is sent to my dr. I know from...

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  • Meg222 1
  • Leander177 1

    Strange and embarrassing symptom

    Hi, So for several days now I have been experiencing the strangest symptom of what I hope is just hemmoroids. Basically it feels exactly like I have soiled myself. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's very debilitating to be trying to mind my own business when it 100% feels like there is... Poo in...

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