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Bowel Disorders

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  • MrsI 2

    Transit Test

    hi, I'm just new to this group. I've had bowel problems for years but finally they are taking me seriously. My question is have any of you had a bowel transit test? I have just had my last 10 day X-ray but the person doing the X-ray said they could not see any off the markers. I am so confused by

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  • Bellaboo1 2

    Bile reflux

    Hi I have had a stomach/bowel problem for a few months now and it it just isn't settling at all. It started in February when I was having my period, I was lying on the sofa at night on my back and I had this very sudden rush of extreme acid into my stomach and chest area, the pain had me on my

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  • shaun58020 1
  • sandra2468 3
  • backerloo 1

    Anal fistula seton

    I had perianal abscess which was causing a lot of pain, was suppose to have an incision and drainage under EUA but the absscess burst on its own. Then the surgery got cancelled. A week later abscess started getting back filed, fistula diagnosed and seton procedure recommended. Had the surgery and it'

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  • caroline62641 1

    Been referred 'urgently' to gastroenterologist

    Hi, I'm 38 and for the last couple of months have had a noticeable change in my bowel habits. I've been having looser, more frequent stools. Each morning now, like clockwork, I will need to go and it is usually loose.  I'm also having abdominal cramping and a specific pain under my ribs on my

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  • someboy 2
  • mel49703 2

    Blood in stools

    Hi all, as the title says, I have bright red coating of blood on my stools, also just before I pass a stool I get stabbing sharp pains in my abdomen.  I am going to the doctors tomorrow but I am worried that it might be bowel cancer.  Have anyone here had the same symptoms?  Thank you.

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  • Mhtj48306 1

    Should I go back to the doctor?

    Hi, I'm a 23 year old male. I've been having rectal itching and bleeding for a few months now. The area typically feels dry and irritated, and occasionally (once every week or two) there'll be some pain and a small amount of bright red blood when I wipe or on the surface of the stool. I saw a

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  • aja99114 1

    Unexplained GI bleeding

    I started having blood in my stool back in August when I noticed a downward trend in my hemoglobin.  I took a stool test which came back positive for blood, so my GI recommended a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  Both tests came back clean, so I left it at that.  However, I was still feeling run down

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  • michelle34409 3

    9 months of worry

    Hi all I'm after some advice . Last July I started with a small amount of bleeding with bm and mucus without bm I went to see my gp after a week who diagnosed hemmoroids and gave me some suppositories. After 2 weeks I still had the bleeding so went back and was given more suppositories. I had

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  • selphie85 3

    Bloody stools after right side lower abdominal cramps

    Hi, today my friend ask me why after her right side abdominal cramps (she told me very cramp n pain)from sitting too long (about 7 hrs), her stools become bloody, sometimes only blood no stools. This happen in 1 day only. She very worry and ask me to get help at here before she come back from

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  • leigh1990 1

    dull ache pressure

    Ive been suffering with aches and pressure in my left side. Like people have mentioned it feels like something is there that shouldnt be. Ive sufferd with constipation for years, i had a camera and ultrasound last year for the constipation and bloating but all came back fine.. i am really worried

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  • carrie53872 1

    Gallbladder problem

    Hi I have one question I'm not able to have bowel movement it's been 4 or 5 day but it's regular like this. I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago and I cramp so bad .what can I do

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  • fiona9688 2

    rectopexy failed

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if a rectopexy can be performed twice as in 2014 i had the surgery and think that the bowel prolapse has returned.

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  • guinivere 2

    Bowel Cancer

    has anyone here had Rectal cancer?I'm in my 6th year after operation for Stage 3 have had 2 lots chemo Radiotherapy I had a Stoma for a year then had I wish I'd kept my bag.I've incontinence which has become worse over the not nice to talk about but constant smelly and I

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  • bianca42505 1


    Hello since we moved into our home that we are renting we have been going through the craziest situations with our landlords from them squatting and living in the backyard when they broke to them sneaking in our home when we are at work I had such severe anxiety and panic attacks that my belly

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  • paul75665 3

    Rectal Bleeding Help Needed

    Hi All Hoping someone can help me out here, as I'm starting to get a bit worried about this particular problem. For the past 3 - 4 mornings I've been passing quite a bit of bright red blood during bowel movements. When I go to the toilet, I pass a bit of wind and there is already blood present in

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  • reese08967 2

    Rectal Intussusception Anyone?

    HELP!!!   I'm very interested in your story.  I live in the states (MO) and have had a HELL of a time trying to find a Doctor who will treat my Mild Rectal Intussusception.  I'm 40 years old and I'd have medical problems since I was 9 year. I have several female dysfunctional disorders like PCOS, Endometriosis,...

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  • RachRoux 3

    Stool Sample Results Taking ages!

    I'm having some stool tests done and they are taking ages to come back. I sent them in 3 weeks ago now and even the receptionist at my drs surgery were confused and chased them up. The lab still have them and I was told they need to get the result signed off before it is sent to my dr. I know

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  • Meg222 1
  • Leander177 1

    Strange and embarrassing symptom

    Hi, So for several days now I have been experiencing the strangest symptom of what I hope is just hemmoroids. Basically it feels exactly like I have soiled myself. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's very debilitating to be trying to mind my own business when it 100% feels like there Poo

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  • ron79409 2

    Change in bowel movements

    Hi. I have always had loose movements bought on mainly by stress. The doctor thinks it is IBS he also says I have mild diverticulitis. Last year a had a CT scan and a colonoscopy My issue is that around 4 weeks ago I was due to have a minor operation and a few days before had a real bad attack

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  • RachRoux 3

    Intussusception....Can this be left?

    I was diagnosed with a rectocele last year and have just started biofeedback treatment with a urology specialist. It wasn't until starting this treatment last month that intussusception was mentioned. Initially I thought it was just some medical lingo as she wrote it down on a diagram but didn't

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  • andrew10940 1

    Impacted or partially impacted stool

    Hi guys, I'm 21 and I think I have an impacted stool in my bowels. Up until like 2 1/2 weeks ago I was pooping once every 1-3 days. My diet hasn't been the greatest so a lot of these were hard but passable. They were large stools that hurt a lot, probably due to the lack of fibre and hydration in

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  • philip26607 2

    Stomach movement

    I have this problem stomach I feel it is form of feel sometime my heart is feeling like pepper as well as if I want to went for blood count test on my stomach and ultrasound the doctor said everything is fine but she only mention I have a lot of allergies

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  • pete01351 1

    IBS severe pain and blood

    Hi all, I have had IBS since I was around 5 years old and suffer quite badly with loose stools and have been on Loperamide for the last 10 years or so. Over the last two years my tablet intake has went from 6 per day to 8 (the maximum) Recently I have been passing blood and I am suffering with

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  • tzm1995 2

    Ongoing digestive issues after antibiotics

    Hi there, I'm posting on behalf of my mum. This is her account so far: I had three courses of unavoidable antibiotics back in November 2016, and since then my digestive system has really been messed up. I've been having lots of yogurt and took acidophilus for a while but after five months I still

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  • alykhalil 1
  • youngatheart1 5

    Posted before, but symptoms changing

    Hi, I have IBS/Diverticular and also Acid Reflux (GERD). Recently posted about what I thought was GERD related stomach problems, but after upping my PPI, I have had little relief, although the burning stinging pain in middle of stomach has lessened. I was never sure if it was stomach or bowel.  I

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  • paul75665 3

    Bleeding from rectum before passing stool

    Hi All Just looking for some info, thoughts and/or advice on an issue that keeps bugging me, hoping someone might be able to help. Here's a brief history of my health, I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, IBS and Anxiety. My IBS is varied but I would say I generally fall into

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  • marcus4101 2

    Please HELP!!

    Been ill for a few months now symptoms started out as heart palpitations which ended in several trips to er ekgs which stated that I had possible left enlargement. Then followed by blood work, chest X-rays, 48hr halter monitor, echos, and stress tests which all came back normal.. I was then

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  • karen01345 2

    Rectal Prolapse recurring 3 times after prolapse surgeries

    Hi, I've had troubles with a rectal prolapse for about 10 years which has recurred three times.  I am now 60 years old and worried that it will never be able to be repaired properly.  Also my surgeon is worried about me developing a problem with incontinence because of the prolapse (I already have

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  • claire12649 1

    IBD? IBS? Nothing?

    I got diagnosed in 2010 with IBS after having bad stomach pain and constipation for most of my life. No tests were done to warrant this diagnosis however and no tests were going to be done according to my GP because she was sure this was my problem. Before this, I'd had bouts of random painful

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  • mickyboy12 2

    appendix an tore my bowl

    hi can anybody help me i got rushed into hospital with which was my appendix and they told me i tore my bowel ,  I ended up with sepsis an pneumonia , im 9 weeks on and when i stand or sit up striaght my belly{bowel} is solid is this normal , before i had the operation it didnt feel like i was

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