Anal pain (foreign object sensation and burning)

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Hi everyone.

I'm really curious if anyone's feeling what i feel, and found a way to deal with it.

About 8 months ago, during my visits to the gym, i started feeling some kind of foreign object few centimeters in my anus. It happened only after a warm-up, and the sensation disappeared after i went home. It didn't hurt, nor burn, just bother. Also, it did not bother me in the everyday life.

After i went to a surgeon, and got suppositories + esracain, then things got complicated. It started to bother me all the time (a feeling like there's something in your anus about to fall out), especially when i walk. Also, a burning sensation started all around the anus (from the inside to the tailbone).

Since then i went through about 12 doctors (5 proctologists, 3 dermatologists), and all proctological and skin problems were excluded. Out of all of those doctors, only one has an explanation (after an US): he says i have some sort of microscopic wound with an exposed nerve, and that's why i feel the foreign object and the burning, even though visually everything looks fine .

So far i've tried tons of lotions, and 2 anti-depressants pills (elatrolet and clonex) without relief.

Sorry about the long story, tried to be thorough.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering.

    As you have been checked out properly by various doctors there is obviously no serious disease present.

    All I can tell you is that burning, tingling, fullness etc; is a classic sign of nerve damage, where ever it is coming from.

    It sounds as if that one surgeon was right.

    Nerve pain is notoriously hard to treat. There are several anti-convulsive meds such as Pregabalin/Gabapentin or anti-depressants like Amitriptyline/Nortriptyline, muscle relaxers, Baclofen/Robaxin as well as several others I have not named that can soothe down inflamed nerve endings.

    They all have side effects though and sometimes the nerve pain is more endurable than the side effects.

    I have severe nerve pain in my spine and other parts. I was told that you have about 18 months from injury/start of nerve pain to see if it will settle down. If it doesn't in that time your usually stuck with it.

    Normally I would suggest a visit to the gp/consultant but it sounds like you've seen them all!

    The only one I would recommend would be in Neurology, they specialise in nerve endings and their problems.

    I can only suppose that perhaps in one of your more strenuous gym exercises you have damaged a deep seated nerve/muscle.

    This can also happen to people who ride bicycles with thin saddles. We have a friend who cycles for a hobby, serious stuff mind you. He often has numb, tingling/burning in his nether regions for hours on end and has cycling friends who have permantly damaged that area through too much cycling.

    I know this doesn't help too much but I wish you well and hope you get some answers soon.

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    I am in the US. I hope it is not inappropriate for me to respond.

    I believe you have tactile allodynia. A Google Scholar search will be informative. The microglia prolierate at the synapses of damaged nerves. Essentially they produce about a 15X gain in sensitivity. I got this 22 years ago. It doesn't go away. When I am sitting it feels as if there is a prickly golf ball trying to press up my anus. Not pleasant.

    I got this condition following cauda equina syndrome caused by the L5 disc slipping backwards into the spinal canal when I bent over to tie my shoe. Due to the incompetence of a series of medical providers, I did not make the 6 hr. surgical window for optimal recovery. Such is life. This was subsequently surgically relieved with a laminectomy but I was left with a number of issues, one of which is similar to the sensation you describe. As I recall it is an S3, 4 or 5 nerve issue.

    The best relief I have found is a combination of gabapentin (e.g., Neurontin) and aspirin. During the day I take 600mg plus 2 or 3 325mg aspirins every 4 hours. The only way this works is to take the medications proactively. If you wait unitl it hurts, you are too late. It is still uncomfortable under the best management protocol. That's a lot of aspirin. Sometimes I hit 12 a day, which is a safety upper limit. Try to stay less than that. You must drink a lot of liquid well before (20 minutes min.) medicating to maintain a proper musous coating in your stomach or you risk uclers. Usually I reduce one of the mid day doses to only 300 mg of gabapentin. I take 600mg at bedtime or it is hard to sleep. My total gabapentin might reach 2400 mg/day. Unfortunately I find a certain amount of fat in the buttocks makes sitting more comfortable. Above some level the increased weight could make it worse. It's a tradeoff among comfort, indulgence and vanity.

    Talk to your doctor first. That much aspirin might cause other problems, particularly if you are taking an anticoagulant. You don't want to end up with a stroke. If  you have an ulcer, you can't do this either. Being fat isn't good. The whole thing is a balanacing act. Don't try to do it alone as there are risks.

    Perhaps this will offer some relief.

    If you find a better solution, please post it.

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      Hi! Did you ever find a solution to the problem? Does it still bother you? I am having the same symptoms and scared as hell. Does anyone notice tight clothes make it worse? 
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    Described sympthoms are consistent with Pudendal nerve entrapment also known as Alckock canal syndrome or Pudendal neuralgia. Your pudendal nerve is either entrapped or compressed (or in some way injured).


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    Bingo! Thanks. After 22 years it's far to late to do anything to repair it. My pharmacological treatment appears on track (gabapentin). I don't know whether this is the result of the cauda equina syndrome or the surgery required to treat it. It is indeed from sacral nerves S2 - S4. 
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    i have the same thing and have had it for years its very distubing and know one knows what it is

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