Angel, Paperfairy, Vickylou and Kelly (where are you?)

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Concerned.....I know paper is having computer problems. were petering out on us....drinking more and communiction less.

Kelly..I have not seen a post from you in a very long time. recently posted...but you sounded like you were planning alot of activities full of alcohol sad.


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    Do not worry too much. They are all around and will soon reply..AND how are you keeping this week?? Robin
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      Today I am feeling better than I have been with the SSRI was just as bad as alcohol withdrawal.

      I hate my stupid psychiatrist...can't wait till she calls.

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    Missy, what a lovely caring person you are, remembering everybody, where they're all at, and being concerned about them. Bless you x

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      I do care ...I should have been the Nurse I started out to be...did everything except Majors...but...looking back...I wouldn't be able to do all the physcial  

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      And can I ask how your consumption is going?

      I hope tolerable....this s*cks

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      Had a bad day Sunday, but apart from that, not too bad thank you. It could (and should) be better though. Today will be AF. Best wishes to you.
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      Its good you could rein back in the control after Sunday!

      I can never do that..


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    Hi Missy.  Thanks for your concern.  I haven't been online lately except to check email so I do still have notifications coming in.  Thanks for your concern.  I am doing ok.  Drinking on and off but nothing like I was before.  My husband has been ill and we finally get the tests done tomorrow (endoscopy & colonoscopy) so hopefully things will calm down then.  Still going to outpatient and I started seeing a Christian counselor to help me get to the root of my anxiety as just trying to stop drinking alone without confronting the root of my problems isn't working.  But, overall, I'm hanging in there.  I got Campral from my doctor but as usual I'm afraid of side effects so I'll begin them on the 29th when I have 4 days off work.  (knowing I can't drink like 5 days up until I take them).  I don't post much on here because I get depressed talking about it all of the time - sorta like a rerun of my life over and over like AA, lol.  

    Sorry about SSRI withdrawal.  I went through the same thing in 2015 for two months and I ended up going back on because the physician's asst didn't seem to know the difference between XL and SR.  Had my body all messed up.  

    Wish you the best of luck and I will check in when we find out what's wrong with my husband.  Money has been an issue with him not working full time and I've been trying to pick up extra hours although I called off yesterday due to an anxiety attack.  Fun, fun!

    Really, thanks for your concern.  I was sitting back watching the forums but I would never ignore you for reaching out.  Ox!

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      So good to hear from you.

      Good luck to your anxiety is the worst.

      I understand being on and off forums...just checking that you are alive and doing ok.


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    Thanks Missy.  I got my first ever paper warning at work today because I missed two days in a month.  Had I waited one more day I'd have been fine but I don't know when the anxiety is going to hit me.  I think I'm going to have my doctor fill out FMLA papers that I can have up to 2 days off a month.  That way I don't have to worry if I miss another day.  Sorta reverse psychology.  If it's there I'll feel safe and won't use it.  

    My husband's procedure is tomorrow.  Praying for answers.

    Thanks for checking in.  That was very kind of you smile 

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      I got a paper warning in 2012 and it destroyed my safe little world.

      I handled it for the year it was in effect and as soon as it was lifted I had the nervous breakdown...went out on leave...

      Decided I wasn't going back and started drinking.

      Very proactive of you to start the FMLA.

      I'm sorry this happened to you because I KNOW exactly what it feels like and I also know the magnitude of this has not hit YOU yet.

      You are in shock.


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      Hi Kelly hope ur  ok and the procedure went well.



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    Hello Misssy, my friend.  I am OK.  Thank you for caring.

    I hope you are doing well on the part of your journey, you are at.

    I am just OK.  I will get better, again.  Hopefully, soon.

    Blessings to you,


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      So GOOD to see you.....just ok?

      Have you eaten anything today? I hope so...sad


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      Oh Missy... ha,ha,ha!!!  I always EAT.  Yummy tonight... I cut up a lovely ribe-eye steak... fried in olive oil , smoked paprika... onions , chestnut mushrooms... then swished in the cream..... HEAVENLY.

      I think my appetite saves me from a lot of damage, re alcohol intake.

      I eat very good, nutritious food.  Tonight was an "indulgence"... cream... absolutely divine.

      Mentally, I am just OK.  I am trying to come to terms with my sh*t journey.

      One step forward... several back... again, again, again.

      Hey... not dead yet.  I WILL SURVIVE !

      It is great to hear from you...

      Keep on keeping strong.


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      WOW..that does sound marvelous....just add the fried stuff and swish in heavy cream?

      Yes, I totally believe that is why you are still alive..because you are getting nutrition.  That is why I end up in hospital everytime because i lose my appetite when I drink...then I DONT CARE.

      Surprisingly, i am better mentally than I was when I was on antidepresents.....hmmm...but I do need one...I think.

      i am drinking coffee...and I drink TOO much coffee...everything I do is too much.

      Tonight because I am not drinking I made myself a meatball sub..with melted cheese and had potato chips..I was very satisfied....I have a yogurt for later..and a bagel if I want it smile

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      I take an anti-depressant called Escitalopram.  It works better for me than all the others... over decades...not a "happy bunny"!

      I always eat well and I take supplements.

      I also take Milk Thistle to help my liver.

      Misssy, you are making great steps forward, just now... YEEAAAHHHHH !

      Looking at your nutrition will be another step in the right direction.

      Goodonya !


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      I always had an appetite as well,I use to drink my way through a bottle of wine hence why I've put on so much weight!

      Today is day 20 AF ??

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      Day 20 alcohol free!  WOW..Buy yourself a treat today.

      I surely WOULD.  Congrats Nicole.

      How do you feel about it? Still strong? 

      Tempted? Scared?

      I hope you feel great and ready to keep going!

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      I was told by an alcohol worker that the reason I had "got away with" my level of consumption was that I ate well and exercised regularly.

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      Doesn't matter how we do long as we can do it!

      Happy Weekend to you (alcohol free weekend)

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