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i was told yesterday I have to have tests for angina and have a dye put in while I have a CT scan, has anyone had this or knows what it's like to have the dye?

any advise would be grateful

L x

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    Hi Lesley, I have had a CT scan with contrast and it was fine and I am the worlds worst panicker and worrier. It does make you feel like you need a wee and feel slightly warm inside. The scan lasts about 15/20 mins ( it did with me ) and trust me there is nothing to panic about, the staff will reassure you and help you stay calm, I panic over everything and get myself into a real state over everything and afterwards wonder what all the fuss was about , all the best xx
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    Had the test and it was not bad at all. Mine was done after they gave me a little bit of Nitro (to dialate the vessels) and lopressor (to slow the heart rate to get good images). It was very easy (worst part was my hypochondria kicking in expecting the worst-which of course was waste of time) and thankfully got good report. The dye going through your system is a funny and quick feeling. Honestly-not bad at all. You'll kind of feel like you are slightly wetting yourself for a second (you don't) and you might have a slight metallic taste in your mouth (also for a second) but that's about it. 

    I was told they do these now on low risk for cardiac issues rather than doing a heart cath which is a bit invasive and really is for when they are pretty sure they possibly be putting in stents. 

    So that in itself should give you some sort of reassurance that they are not too convinced that they will find anything to be concerned with. Also, know if they were really concerned about 

    Good luck Lesley and let us know how it all works out for you! biggrin

    Annie xx

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      Haha-perimeno brain here! let me finish sentence-LOL!

      "Also, know if they were really concerned about anything serious-you would be having that test pronto and not scheduling it. They don't let matters like these hang." 

      Sorry I find myself starting a sentence then reading another and catching a mistake or getting sidetracked! good grief! rolleyes


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    Thank you ladies I did Google earlier (which is the worst thing to do) but the people's side effects were very off putting!

    Yes it is scheduled for about 3-4 weeks so fingers crossed I won't panic too much but I do worry and get myself in a state too!

    will let you all know how it goes 

    Thanks L x

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    I had one.  I assume you mean an angiogram which is very different to a CT scan elsewhere.  Different dye - different process.

    The worst part was having to lie very still while nurse applied compression on entry point (an artery in groin) for 20 mins.  It is a long 20 mins - gets painful cause can't even wriggle toes - it must be just as hard for the nurse too.  I have heard of some having weights left on entry point rather than personal attention.

    I was hoping to be awake to watch the screen but I was shivering so much from waiting without adequate blankets, that dr gave me a double dose of 'twilight' anaesthetic.  So demand more blankets first up, so that you are not so uncomfortable.

    Dye was not a problem for me.  Make sure you answer all questions adequately about allergies, just in case.

    Other than that I really felt it was over servicing as my problem was nothing to do with blocked arteries.

    Now that I have read other responses, I hope yours is more like theirs.


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      Hi sheryl

      Lesley is asking about a CT coronary angiogram, which does not involve passing catheters etc into the arteries.  She'll hav a normal cannula in her arm to administer beta blockers to slow the heart ( to get clear pictures) and for the contrast dye. So no compression required.

      Annieschafer was correct, it is usually performed on patients who are less likely to have heart disease (low risk patients).

      So Lesley try not to be too anxious, this will just increase your heart rate and require you to have more betablocker.

      Good Luck



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      The decision to angio or CT coronary angio (CTCA) is based on the pts symptoms and risk factors for developing coronary artery disease. If the symptoms sounds typical or suspicious, then angio is usually the way to go. If they sound atypical but the pt has several risk factors, then the clinician may suggest CTCA.  Interestingly, 50% of females in their 50's, have a 50% risk of having coronary arter disease, so although we may think it is menopausal symptoms, sometimes it is necessary to investigate.

      I hope your outcome was a good one.



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      A bit complicated.  The year long left side chest pain I had suffered was part of the symptoms I was having for undiagnosed haemochromatosis.  The cardiologist had no idea.  When one of my hips broke up (osteonecrosis) I was diagnosed with HH (after 9 years of severe symptoms).

      During my meant to be last appt with cardio I told him of my diagnosis.  He decided I needed an angiogram (to make his count 5001).  This was completely unnecessary as we don't tend to have blocked arteries but the iron does block fine capilliaries (would not show in an angiogram), also scar tissue caused by iron cutting into cells/muscle.

      So there was no resolution with the angiogram.  My chest pain finally dissipated with each weekly venesection as the stored iron is drawn out.  LS chest pain returns whenever my ferritin iron increases for some reason - despite regular venesections.  I also get arrythmia from HH.

      There is an increase in heart problems with women over 50 (onset and post menopause) because of undiagnosed HH as well.  If they have the HH genes (1 in 200 do), they will iron overload and it affects their heart.  It is not just the lack of oestrogen any more, it is the lack of menstruation.

      Dr should do Iron Studies as a matter of course for everyone.


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    Me too,mine was for my kindneys,it was fine,actually it felt quite nice when the dye went through.I also had an angiogramm for angina.I have had the lot and i put it all down to the menopause,feeling better now though.


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