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Hi, i wrote on here a few weeks ago and had some really helpful replies so thank you. My issue is basically i broke my ankle badly 5 weeks ago. I have broken the fibula in 3 places and dislocated the tibia. I had an op to pin and plate it. The plate is 10 inches long so it's left quite a wound. I am due back at the fracture clinic on the 17th to see what happens next but been signed off work until the 24th. I am a TA so constantly on my feet. My issue is guilt! Work have been amazing but i cant help feeling a bit of a fraud being off for so long with 'just a broken ankle' My GP said my injury is something that would normally be seen in an RTA, not slipping diwn stairs. Does anyone have an idea of what will happen on the 17th? I. E will i get a boot or just be left to walk? I am still completely nwb but how much longer for and am i right to feel guilty about work?

Sorry for the long rambling post but it's so nice to discuss things with others who have gone through it.

Thanks, Debbie.

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    Hi Debbie, 

    So sorry for your injury. My injury was different from yours. But I do know that once I came out of my cast I had the option of going into a boot or a hard brace. I opted for the brace and not sure it was the root to go at this point. 

    I believe you won't have that option and will be in a boot and maybe partial weight bearing.  I can't imagine they will have you go from NWB to full with out anything on your foot! Lord, that would be awfully painful for you. Plus you will need physical therapy for a period of time. 

    I had the guilts about work. Or lack of. See, I was in retail.  Supervisor/ management. I fell at home so no way were they going to be very lenient of me being out for a long period of time. Now came the part where I couldn't walk, let alone do stairs, drive *as it is my right ankle* or stand on my feet for hours during the day or night. 

     After a month of this I was asked what I was going to do and I had to resign with a bit of prompting from my work.   I couldn't perform my duties so that was it. And the guilt for my family is on going... trust me. If you have a good company, you are a luck women! 

    Best of luck to you!! 



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      Hi Rose

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. My ankle is the right one too. I've been told i cant drive for another 8 weeks minimum. I would much prefer a boot to just going alone. It terrifies me thinking about walking on my bare foot!

      I feel very sad for you for the way you were treated at work. That's absolutely shocking! Thankfully my school are fabulous and are paying me for 6 months, although I am looking to return long before then, hopefully by jan 20th.

      I hope you're recovering well now x

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    I was told I was stupid to turn up with my shoe on this appt! But then I needed it as they expected me to just walk out. (Yeah right!)  Had no offer of boot but I know others have! But whether you actually can walk is another question. (Plates and pins here too!) it takes time, a long time to be able to walk, you are looking at least a month of hobbling around with crutches, then more without! No one tells you this but it hurts, the muscles have been caged and unused when you do used them again, it actually hurts to try and walk! 

    I would never have understood the consequences of breaking an ankle vs any other break but my god! Bone repair 6-8 weeks Healing time is around 4-6 months! but then swelling takes 18months to completely go down! So it's a long recovery process! It took me a good 4/5 months to return to work (thank god for credit cards! 🙈wink But even then I couldn't return full time as I needed recovery periods! And short shifts (options of 6/12 hour shifts) so I struggled on for another few months til I could up hours and be back to 'normal!'

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      Dunno how to edit but 4-5 months post break so 3 months ish after the removal of the cast! 
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      Thanks Abi

      I can't believe they didn't offer you a boot but that's my worry. I just don't feel ready (6 weeks in) to start walking unaided!

      I've booked a walking holiday in the lakes for July, i hope I'll be totally mended by then but the more I hear from others, the more I doubt it!

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      Yeah didn't even think to ask for a boot to be honest! Had no idea what to expect! Just knew there would be some serious black long hairs lurking! Haha! 

      You really will not just miraculously walk out from the appointment. You will still require your crutches! The plus would be the being able to put your foot down and stand! And hopping along without the weight of the cast! Seriously it's so easy without a cast! It will be dreamy for you! But frustrating all the same as I know I expected to walk a little bit, but you truly have to learn to walk again! And learn to rest leg high in air every time you sit! (Skirts unadvisable! - especially after a couple of days all the dead skin comes off - yuck!) July is achievable for a walking holiday! Will give you the motivation! Just don't expect to be sprinting and get good quality boots with supportive ankle support! I got some army boots and have never looked back! But don't expect to fit your monster ankle in there straight away! But just don't push it! Know your limits and stop and rest when required! 

      PS a boot is good as it shows you have problems! Also ask at the appointment regarding an unfit to work note and they'll give you an extension - instead of going via the gp! So you can hand in to work as evidence!

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      Thanks Abi.

      Ive heard about the dead skin shedding and am fully prepared for the lizard appearance!

      Im going to ask for a boot it the don't offer one. The thought of going back to school with no ankle protection terrifies me!

      Army boots sound good, I'll look into those 😊


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