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Hello everyone I had a partical knee replacement 11weeks ago after years of being in pain which became worse and worse as the years went by . Probably the last couple of years my op I started walking funny turning my foot on the side which sort of helped with the pain of walking. Since the op my knee has healed nicely don't get to much pain from it I do get very tired after exercise and walking. The problem that I now Have is serve pain in my foot and ankle swollen alot of the time and when I have been out walking or standing for awhile became like a very heavy feeling. I did mention it to consultant at my 6 week check up he said that because of the way I walked and now my knee has been straighten this is why I have the problem. I go to a phisyo group once a week and the phisyo there has been very helpful and advised me to refer myself back to phisyo and hopefully will be referred to a podiatrist. I have lost alot of my confidence since my op and feel so unsteady when I'm out especially if on my own. Also Feel that friends and family think I should be doing alot better than I am have been feeling quite lost and alone. Has anyone else had a problem like this?

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    Hi Ann, please don't feel so bad. I haven't had the same so can't really comment but I hope someone who has experienced problems like yours, will hopefully give you some advice.

    It does sound like your recovery has been hindered by the way you had to walk before the op. It does affect us a lot. Relearning to walk can be hard, when you've become used to not walking properly. I'm glad you are going to get yourself referred back to physio. You will have to see your GP for that & the podiatrist. You will have to be pro active in this, visit your GP with all the facts & have an idea of what you would like to be done, i.e. the re referred for physio & to see a podiatrist.

    If you can afford it make an appt with a chiropractor. You would be amazed what a good chiropractor could do for you. Being honest, my balance is not that good, but I do know I need to work on my quads, glutes & core muscles!

    Do not listen to those, who haven't had TKR, telling you or hinting you should be doing better! As the saying goes, 'before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes'.

    You will recover at your own pace, don't let anyone make you feel bad! A lot of us thought  after the operation, things would just slide back to where they were before the arthritis...sadly this isn't the case & recovery can be a long, painful & lonely experience for some!

    It is a recovery that can take up to 2 years. Most will be done by a year, some shorter, some a lot longer. Please look up  Chico Marx's posts, the Bell Curve one explains this in more detail. He also has a lot of other helpful posts.

    Just remember you are not alone, others here on this forum have gone through/going through similar problems. When you feel the need of a sympathetic ear, someone is always here with, hopefully, kind words. Or sometimes, when you need it, a dose of reality. We disagree sometimes here, but ultimately we are all on the same journey, wishing to get to our destinations, that is back to living!

    Meanwhile ask for help from those around you, tell them what is wrong & what you need. People will not understand until you explain. Don't assume they know how you feel unless you tell them, especially your loved ones. 

    All the best, keep in touch



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    Hi Ann

    ?I had a partial knee replacement on one knee last June and the other just 9 weeks ago.  I was in the same position as you with walking getting worse and worse. I was also getting very bow legged with the arthritis and yes wearing down one side of my shoes.

    ?My surgeon straightened my legs so now I have back ache and pain in the calves, but I am assured this will all go away with time.  You were lucky if you didn't get much pain from the operation, that is a bonus. The first time I needed to take Tramadol for 6 weeks and then paracetamol, which I never seemed to stop as my other knee gave up the ghost in September last year. The newer one is still at 9 weeks very painful, although I have had a reaction to the internal sutures and this means it is still hot and swollen. I exercise daily and walk at least half a mile twice a day as exercise as well as normal shopping and stuff.

    ?My physio has said that partial knees although usually have a better outcome than a total are much more painful as there is more of our body to deal with it. I can definitely agree with that, I assumed partial meant easier, so not the case.

    ?I know exactly what you mean about "well meaning" friends and family assuming you should be doing better, it is very upsetting to be compared with x,y and z all doing great.

    ?I know that I am normally a very energetic person and am doing everything in my power to obtain a good recovery. But, my knee has its own agenda and has opted for a slower recovery regardless of my input. It is very upsetting and yes without this site you do feel inadequate and alone.

    Have a rant anytime you like Ann and good luck with your recovery.

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    My wife had this exact problem.  Caused by two TIAs after her brain aneurysm surgery.  Damaged the nerves in her calf causing "dropfoot" and an inward turn of her foot.  Doc sent her to a local prosthetic shop where they got her foot in the correct position and casted it to upper calf.  Result is a custom AFO she wears to correct the problem...completely locks the foot and ankle in the correct position.  Hers is may need the AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) for a while to train your foot back into the correct position...don't know.  (Picture)  Since hers is long term, she got hers made in PURPLE and decorated it with lots of 60's stickers.  Hey...if you're gonna wear it, ya gotta OWN it!!!!!

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      PS: Before the AFO, the combination of the inward turn and dropfoot would cause her to trip and fall many, many times over the years.  Caused her to rip her rotator cuff up twice and give her a ton of knee pain.  After the AFO, NOTHING!!!  Advice?  Get the AFO and eliminate the primary potential cause of falling and doing damage to hip, knee, shoulder, head, etc.  Be safe!!!


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    So sorry to read how you feel.

    Im 12 weeks into TKR and although I'm up and doing well, I watch my foot as I walk and feel it kicks out or seems to roll, so I try and now watch as I walk and put my heel down followed by my toes.

    This operation has got do be the 'worst'.

    We will get there, how I wish for 2019 to arrive.


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    Ann 82583

    Thanks everyone for your input to my problem so helpful to hear other people's experiences.

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      I had a partial knee replacement 14 weeks ago. I really thought it would feel a lot better than it does. Can't walk for longer than 20 minutes. My hip and groin are really painful (I do have OA in hip) but also have back and calf pain. I still can't straighten knee but then it hasn't been straight for years.

      I do know how you feel about people thinking you should be back to 100%. I lost count of how many people made the comment but it was 'only' a partial. I'm only 46 to, so they can't understand why I'm still in pain.

      I need my other knee doing. At the moment I can't contemplate it. I can't walk as well as before the op.

      Gets frustrating, but I know it can take at least a year to get full recovery.

      Always come on here. We understand. Thinking of you. We'll get there! xxx

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      Hi Debs

      ?I think we have spoken before. There are so few partial knees on here it is always interesting to hear another's story. I think we are very similar in time frame my second op was on 6th March. I too cannot walk for longer than twenty minutes. I try every day and have increased to 0.75 miles in one go about 20 minutes. Over a day I have been known to walk 3 miles (I have a fitbit on) but I certainly need regular paracetamol to maintain that. 

      ?I still only feel marginally better than before the op but am still hopeful it will get   better as opposed to worse.

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    Ann I understand how you feel. I have had arthritis in both feet for 3 years and learned to turn my feet to minimixe the pain. This contributed to the pain in my knee. Since tkr 10 weeks ago the straight knee and crooked foot has caused a tendon in the outside of my lower leg to swell and ache. Pt kept telling me the correct way to walk but that doesn't work for me. Since you don't have arthritis in your foot I'm sure you can learn to walk correctly again. PT will help. Someone on this forum said they practiced with exaggerated motions until it became natural. I have 2 sisters who had this surgery several years ago and they recovered more quickly than I. I can't help that it Still hurts and I'm not going to lie to make people feel better! That's crazy. I need support and if I'm healing too slowly for you move away. I'll call you in a year. Almost everyone feels isolated and a little depressed during this recovery. You are not alone. We understand. You will get better. Be patient with your body. Be kind to yourself. Let us know how you progress.

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