another post. just needing to talk about my symptoms, i guess.

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okay, so i’ve been having. the weirdest & most uncomfortable symptoms lately & i need some insight on what people might think it sounds like, because so far, my doctors haven’t figured anything out. my symptoms are: 

brain fog. 

heart palpitations



neck pressure. 

tremors inside of head. 

my head will jerk by itself. 

i see a bunch of different spots in my vision. (stars too) 


sensitive to light & noise. 

neck pain at times. 

sweating alot more than usual. 

vibrating sensation inside neck & head. 

involuntary rapid eye movement. 

feeling of moving when sitting still. 

heavy head. 

tingling in head & neck. 

neck stiffness. 

buzzing throughout my whole head & face. 

ringing in my ears at times. 

stomach issues. 

they thought i had vertigo, so i went into PT. but my physical therapist laid me back on the bed, & she said my pupils would dilate & constrict really fast. 

i’ve been to a chiropractor & he says my C1 disc is out. we’ve been working on getting it back to normal. could that cause all of these symptoms? i quit going though. 

i saw a neurologist & he said it is my muscles. 

it’s weird because these symptoms go away when i drink alcohol. i have a spinal tap tomorrow. 

i’ve also been having pressure everywhere in my head, my ears, sinuses. 

they also say i have low iron & low vitamin D.

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    Many, many of same symptoms I had. Dizziness and eye pressure (still) as well. Occassionally, not often, still gt these symptoms. They mysteriously disappeared as quick as they came. I guess they lasted me for a couple of months. I went to the ENT and he said I had eustachian tube dysfunction. I told him all about the strange Sensations in my head and the buzz feeling and hunting it would feel like my whole head would vibrate. He ended up putting me on Flonase nasal spray which I use the generic and I guess I was on that for a month or two I tell you time flies so fast I can't hardly remember things but anyway and they mysteriously left as quick as they came. But I am every now and then we'll get a little wave feeling in my head. I do have tinnitus so that stays with me 24/7. The dizziness praise God has left me totally. He said that all that could drive from the eustachian tube dysfunction. Which maybe it did. So I just did the online exercises where you hold your nose and mouth and blow a little bit until your ears pop I just kept doing that about 5 or 6 times a day and along with that nasal spray and I don't know it's gone I stop taking the nasal spray as well because I don't like being on steroids. Sorry this is so long it just reminded me of every symptom that I used to have. I don't know what that could have been sometimes I wonder if it could have been some kind of a viral something.

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    I had a spinal that’s when they found out my disease so best wait for results sad to say. You have put few messages here so not sure what any one can say. More till we hear how ur spinal tap came back . Disk is very important think could maybe play roll it’s close to your spin. Not doctor but please let us know what the out come is.
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    Gillian Barrie syndrome 3 years this year still having issues basically still waiting back on nerology . Still having issues with feet legs to certain extent and tingling lately in my hands sand paper feeling was paralyzed from neck well head to toes didn’t walk for over two years and if just little I’m movingng walking not long distance and lately just not feeling my self sick 14 times since one year . Stress you know . Life not taken for granted . I had phnamonia dew times 2 months ago and crushed my left lung still not feeling greatest but doing my best also got dieabeties last year issues copd and my toe nails turning white not sure lack serculation vitamins definitsy or some thing see my dr Wednesday . I was so so active to barley being nothing every day I do my best keep motavated and active so don’t get depressed axiety which I have I take stuff for that . I love summer but not humidity bothers me get totally red face and sweat lots were I use cold cloths lots and hate winter cause of getting sick lots
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    Hi Chelsie,

    I have a lot of your symptoms. I was tested positive for 3 active infections since March: CMV, EBV and dengue virus. (I have been working in West Africa and the Caribbean). If you had a virus, you could be experiencing an immune response. I had thought that perhaps I was developing Guillan Barre Syndrome but the weakness never became completely debilitating. Viruses can trigger a lot of symptoms that often go away with time. I also have neck disc issues. In my case the neuro reactions to the virus(es) are likely exacerbated by the structural issues in my neck......hoping we both see improvements soon!


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      Wondering if a virus could have been my issue as well. I work in an elementary school so lots of little germs floating around in there. But it just kind of amazes me how it was here for a couple of months and now seems to have left me praise God. I still get the ear stopped up but the strange feeling in my head and eyes have seem to have left. I do occasionally get the wave feeling in my head at night but I guess I can chalk that up as allergies Maybe? Who knows I've been through a very strange tunnel of symptoms in the past year but I truly believe stress brought on so much

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      Good to hear your symptoms have subsided. We have so many viruses in our bodies. Healthy immune systems should be able to keep them at bay. It is so important that we find good coping strategies to deal with stress so that our immune systems are strong and ready to keep these viruses that we have at bay and to fight these new nasties that we encounter. Being around kids exposes you to a lot. Wash your hands a lot! Take good care smile
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      Stress is big thing these days u could picked up an infection . School gets give it pass it on to the next but still see ur doctor if it gets worse go to emergency
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      I wish u guys luck I’m having still issues Gillian Barrie still waiting on nerology to bring me back . Hate this disease it hits you like a storm .
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