Anterior intramural fibroid

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Hi! I am diagnosed with an anterior intramural fibroid of size 8.2x7.5 cm. It is pushing my bladder and has some pressure on the ureter. I am feeling pressure in the middle of back and left kidney. When I sleep I feel palpitations in my body. I have visited one gynecologist who was very eager to cut me 😃 and told me that my kidney will get damaged if I dont go for myomectomy with in 7 days. Several blood and kidney tests were performed and all were clear. After meeting with her I was traumatized by knowing that it will damage my kidney, so after her I visited one of our family friend who is urologist. After going through my scans and tests he told me not to rush for the myomectomy and I should consult few more gynechologists. He told me that your kidneys are okay and you can take sometime to decide about your treatment. Is anyone here who faced same problem and can tell me how much time do I have to decide? Due to Covid 19 one of the best gynecologist is not available for a month 😦. Till then what should I do to protect my other organs ? Does exercise and weight loss help in reducing pressure of fibroid over other organs?

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    Hey larai,

    Myomectomy within 7 days?!! That sounds a bit pushy if u ask me. A myomectomy is no joke. You dont only have to be physically ready, but mentally ready. I would be cautious given the fact there is pandemic going on. Recovery is hard enough without worrying about covid while in hospital. I hope this gyno explained the risks of the surgery so you can weigh the benefit yourself. I would definitely get a second or 3rd opinion before surgery. I myself saw 3 specialist before i decided what was best and for my peace of mind. all the best x

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      Hi! yes she seemed to pushy to me 😦 issue is initially I had pressure on the left kidney but now I feel pinching. How much time it takes to damage a kidney? I am extremely afraid to go to the hospital due to corona. I will make few more appointments but here in Pakistan doctors start minting money from the patients by prescribing you irrelevant Lab test. I have already spent too much by visiting only one Gyn 😦

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      I am really sorry you are going through this by the way. Its not easy at all. I remember my gyno/obgyn who is one the best telling me that not much is known about Fibroids yet unfortunately. Even he consulted other specialists before taking my 15cm fibroid out because i still want to have kids. Mine was squishing my bladder, enlarged my uterus but i didnt have too much trouble with it other than having to pee regularly and pressure in my lower abdo. but each woman is affected differently, for some people they are debilitating. Like the other lady said, Really research on different type of procedures and the doctors treating you and get as much information as you can. i hope its not causing you too much pain. Thinking of u. x

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      I was not having any symptoms till now and suddenly this back pressure happened with delayed periods accompanied by swelling of lower abdomen and private area. Just contacted one of our family friend whos Gyn in other city, she also advised me to get it removed. Now I am trying to get an appointment of other specialist.

      Thank you so so much for all suggestions ❤️ it means a lot.

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    hey laraib12901

    Sorry to hear that you are going through all this.

    I saw my gynea and within a week I had my op.

    I know it sounds rushed but I had been sick for 2 years with no one figuring out what was wrong.

    when my Gynea saw my uterus she was shocked at it's state and that I'm even walking.

    I trusted her, she had fibroids herself and she explained everything to me, was actually in tears to find someone finally who understood and was empathetic.

    That was the best decision I ever made for myself and my health and state of my mind.

    I'm still recovering, still a long road ahead but it's a decision I don't regret.

    Don't do anything that you are not comfortable with. Research the procedures and most importantly the doctor.

    Read up on the reviews people have given that doctor.

    But you do need to sort yourself out to get your life on track, I know how this is debilitating and actually my life was almost at a standstill because of all the pain i was going through.

    I hope you find the best solution and feel free to ask any other questions.

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      I am so so fed up of this thing now and I really want it out of my body. Can you please tell me about your procedure? What was the size and how many? which one is the safest way to get them removed without affecting your fertility (I am single and I dont want to compromise my uterus). Is that possible that ultrasound show less number of fibroid than the actual?

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    I'm 30 married 8 years and we are not planning on having any kids.

    Because I don't have kids and am still relatively young, a myomectomy I the prescribed procedure.

    I had a hysteroscopy ( going into your cervix through your vagina and they get rid of any fibroids there) ; cystectomy( I think) to get rid of a burst cyst ; abdominal myomectomy- they cut me open by the bikini line about 10cm horizontally and expose the uterus, they cut the fibroids out and wherever they cut they have to stitch. I had 10 fibroids removed ranging from the size of a golf ball to a raisin.

    I've had clotty dark painful periods, backache, pain on my sides because of the fibroids.

    I was in hosp for 3 days afterwards, did some physio while in hospital to get the blood circulating again and because I'm asthmatic and the anaesthetic can be an issue in some cases.

    They put you under so you don't have to worry about feeling anything during the procedure.

    Doctor will decide which procedure is best for you depending on the size and number of fibroids.

    the recovery is hectic, you need people to help you atleast for 5 weeks.

    I'm in week 10 and still not 100s.

    As the other lady or you said, there isn't a lot of info about this so but im fortunate and grateful to have found such forums to have other sisters telling their story and giving advice.

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      wow it was a lengthy procedure and I am glad that you got rid of these monsters. I was extremely stressed before I found this group, its very helpful and sisters are great at giving advice. Let me get an appointment 1st, due to corona it is getting very difficult to get an appointment. Lets hope I get my slot as soon as possible

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