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Hi Guys Im a 33 year old Bipolar Rapid Cycling guy on Episenta 600mg x 4 daily and Diabetic and last September I was on an Anti Psychotic called Quetiapine also known as Seroquel, My hallucinations and psychotic Symptoms were getting worse but my Mental Health team kept increasing the increments by 100mg each time until such a time i was on max 800mg, I was really ill, Tachycardic, Ended up in hospital for the night so made an NHS Complaint against the MHT in my Local Area, I took myself straight of the Quetiapine Cold Turkey and was unwell for around 6/months and now have a new Mental Health Team in a Different Area but Im due to see them on 09/07/2012 can someone suggest a new Anti psychotic to try as i also suffered something called Tardive Dyskenesia, (Involuntary Muscle Movement) so am on Diazepam so i need suggestions for an Drug that wont cause Tachycardia or Tardive Dyskenesia (to all that dont know what that means its rapid uncontrollable heartbeat) Thanks in Advance Paul. My New CPN Suggested Risperidone Depot maybe or tabs???

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    I am 68 year old female.  I took Lithium with tricyclic antidepressant from 1974 until 2004 at which time my kidneys failed to excrete the lithium and I went toxic.  I recovered and was placed on Seroquel and minimum amount of Zoloft (SSRI, I believe).  I have been taking 600 mg. of Seroquel and 50 mg. of Zoloft since 2004 and have had no problems with it.  I do sleep well on it which I definitely needed!  I do need to lose a little weight but have not gained because of this.  I am not diabetic, but I do have other conditions that are treated:  acid reflux, high cholosterol, hypertension, hypokalemia, and hypothyroidism.  The lithium, over the years, had caused goiters on my thyroid and enlarged my hyperparathyroid glands (which was causing me to produce three times as much calcium  as I needed to) and I had to have those (except one hyperparathyroid gland) removed.  I have not had Tachycardia or Tardive Dyskenesia.  I do have lab work done annually.  I do believe that Seroquel is the best medicine for bipolar.  You should start on a small dose and work your way up to a maintenance level.  You should have lab work done before you start it and after you have been on it for a while.  Good luck.
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    Well, I'm not a physician but I know an extensive amount about Mental Health drugs and treatments.  I'm wondering if you are psychotic most of the time (as in schizophrenia), or if you are having a manic episode?  It makes a big difference in how the condition is treated.

    In a manic or psychotic episode, essentially the brain has overheated - there's a flood of dopamine and the brain is running in a manner that it wasn't 'meant' to, which is essentially the reason for the paralyzing anxiety and trauma, and generally it gets worse before it gets better, and the patient is disconnected from (unable to percieve) reality.

    If that is the case, then you basically need a temporary solution to get your brain operating in a non-psychotic state again, which requires some hetfy drugs and you feeling like crap for awhile.  I reccommend Zyprexa (Olanzapine) in that case because it is longer acting and more potent than seroquel.  You'll probably sleep for a few days straight.  However, what you need to do is resume a more mild medication once you have calmed down.  In my opinion, life sucks on anti-psychotics.  I wasted a year and a half of mine taking them, until I discovered that I actually didn't NEED them, and taking the minimum amount of medication and working on my thought processes as far as anxiety helped immeasurably.

    The key is to treat the acute condition (psychosis), then figure out a long term solution.

    Given all of that, if you can 'break' the episode with a week or so of heavy meds like Olanzapine (even thorozine can be effective), I know of a few good drugs that are far milder and can greatly improve anxiety symtoms:

    Trazodone (sedating, but has anti-depressive and anti-anxiety properties and few side effects - it's mild)

    Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) - similar to plain benedryl but has some good sleep promoting and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) qualities

    Propranolol (Inderall) - depending on your blood pressure (it tends to run high in people with anxiety) this is another mild drug that actually helps block adrenaline and other stimulants, and can help immeasurably with anxiety without clouding your mind or interacting with other meds too bad.

    I just wanted to give you my advice and some options, hopefully some encouragement.  I tend to always advise the minimal amount of medication you can get away with (once you are stable)  Life's too short to spend it overly sedated and in a fog, if there's any way you can remain stable on less mind-dulling meds.

    I say avoid anti-depressants (SSRIs) like the plague.  They can make you miserable.

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      First of all, I am a Christian.  Secondly, I had a legal career, and now, 68, I am retired.  I would say that after about age 18 I never seemed to get tired and I was really "driven" in my career.  I suppose I might could have been classified as hypobipolar.  Then when I was 28 I hit depression.  My family doctor referred me to a psychiatrist whom diagnosed me with bipolar.  A study of my father's family - yes, there are a few others that also have bipolar.  Bipolar does not define me.  As stated, I took lithium for 30 years until in 2004 I went toxic and my kidneys failed to excrete it.  Since that time and for the past ten years  my family doctor has prescribed all my medication and does all my lab work.  That includes my having taken 600 mg. of Seroquel and 50 mg. of Zoloft for the past ten years.  When I have tried to reduce the Seroquel I become depressed and have problems sleeping, so I accept that I am on the dose I need.  P.S. I am NOT psychotic any of the time, and I certainly am not in a fog.   I taken my medicine as prescribed, pray and thank God daily, and do not dwell on bipolar!
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      That's great "jghut"- I'm glad you have found a good line of treatment, however, not all drugs impact all people in exactly the same fashion.  Some people respond great to Lithium or Seroquel, for others, the same drugs can really worsen aggravate symptoms.  And, if you will note, I was actually responding to Paul's original post, not to yours, so I wasn't meaning to infer at all that you had symptoms of psychosis, but Paul had mentioned in his posting that he, indeed, did.  I hope this clarifies things.
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