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Bipolar Affective Disorder

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  • nita63869 1


    Hi, I am new to message boards, but I don't know where else to go other than to people who are going through the same thing, hopefully. In September 2016 I was in a really bad place, suicidle and miserable. My GP put me on a new anti-depressant, 40mg Viibryd. It was enough for a while but then I

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  • Pooh bear 2

    Long term side effects of lithium carbonate

    I have been taking lithium carbonate for nearly eight years. I have recently had my meds upped to 1000mg at night. I am not bi-polar but suffer from severe recurrent depression. I would like to know the effects both reversal and irreversible of long term lithium use? I have regular blood tests

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  • karen23357 1

    who else is feeling like they do not belong?

    I am a woman, 47 years old was told that I had bi polar 10 years ago, I am on lots of medication but i still feel that i do not belong as I do not act the same as everyone else. if I am down I cut myself, i have never said that before to anyone, but i do, and I am deeply ashamed. Some mornings I

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  • carlton80231 1

    Should I start smoking weed again n is it safe

    It's been a good couple of months since I was diagnosed with bipolar. The meds that I take are Aripiprazole 10mg tab. And Divalproex sod ec 250mg tab. Ever since I was diagnosed with bipolar I stopped smoking weed. I recently been interested in starting again as ive found a friend from a dispensary

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  • Rabbit9669 1
  • tr dac 1

    Bipolar in children and adolescent

    Does any one know any children or adolescent have depression and hypomanic but with very short period (in several days) of psychotic. What is major and most common signs and symptoms of the bp in children and adolescent. 

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  • Jimmylaws82 2

    Bipolar and current relationship

    I've just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as my misis moved was so mad and couldnt undwerstand but have now had the apifany that I was a nightmere to live with and hate it. Ive had my issues but thought I was just a little sad and greaving from a marrage break up. I've lied about my

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  • george 56036 2

    My Bipolar Disorder Appears to have Left

    I have not had an episode of Bipikar Disorder in over 20 years. Prior to that I used to cut myself and have my stomach regularly pumped from suicide attempts. Ive spent years in counseling, taking my meds and group therapy. But I was always told that it was always there and could come back at any

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  • alison81137 4

    anybody taking risperidone?

    I have been taking it for 7 some side effects and not feeling any better. I feel a bit strange actually! Not with it! Is there anybody that can reassure me that this is all normal and it takes a while to feel better?

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  • michael16910 1

    When lithium stops being enough.

    Hi everyone I'm very much hoping that someone out there might be able to offer me some advice and information regarding lithium and extended stress. I was diagnosed 8 months ago with stage 4 inoperable lung cancer and more recently with secondary brain tumours. Initially I found myself to be

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  • lorena53278 2

    Is it safe to stop taking Lithium?

    My ex or current BF( we are not back officially yet) is bipolar, and has been quite an adventure to know someone with this condition. Last night we were talking about his issues and mentioned to me that he stopped taking Lithium, he still takes Seroquel. So now I'm worry that something bad is going

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  • sian56991 1

    Bipolar disorder and anorexia

    I'm in the process of being diagnosed bipolar and I think I may be suffering from anorexia. I'm a single mother of 2 beautiful children please don't think I'm a bad person

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  • Bipolarsufferer 2


    Im a bipolar suffer who has been telling gp for thirty years now thet theres nothing wrong with me now i know i was right all along because tje goverment has said so dy stopping pip for these illnesses so every time i was sectioned for telling doctors i was not ill i was right all a long so can i

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  • Bipolarsufferer 2


    Im a bipolar suffer who has been telling gps for thirty years now thet theres nothing wrong with me now i know i was right all along because tje goverment has said so dy stopping pip for these illnesses so every time i was sectioned for telling doctors i was not ill i was right all a long so can i

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  • jessica93013 3

    Suicidal thoughts help!

    I've been with my husband for 16 years.. since I was 17 I'm not 33.. we've never been 100% happy. Life happened got pregnant young had another baby at 21 just fell into a routine and we've been together ever since.. I suffer from bipolar and severe depression and I am medicated thru my dr.. he

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  • hindibrahim 1

    Problem with diagnosing what I suffer from

    First I would like to express my pleasure in joining this group. I have been experiencing periods of depression, anger and mood swings my whole life. I never understood what is wrong with me and the symptoms have made my life intolerably difficult. I have always felt that being dead is the best

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  • Mary Charice 2
  • Joey812 1

    Looking for advice.

    Okay, so I'm recently out of a great relationship. We were together about 2 and a half years, and I was so happy that I was still finding new reasons to love her every day. The one thing I struggled to understand was her mood phases, but even though I didn't completely understand, I did my best to

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  • callianne 65675 4

    Bipolar and Ignorance

    I have felt for some time that there is so much ignorance surrounding bipolar and certainly other mental illnesses. The media does a very good job of making bipolar (often of the female gender) women look like nut jobs that are to be avoided. In these forums, I have also seen people remark about

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  • ann72189 1

    recently diagnosed bipolar ii

    I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar 2. I also have major depression and severe panic and anxiety disorder. The have me on lamotrigine,buspar,ativan,and recently added lithium, but I am not sure lithium is for me

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  • liz05654 3

    Anger issues

    hi, i was on anti depressants for 7 years and then diagnosed with bipolar 11 so the meds were changed to venlafaxine and quetiapine. I started to feel better so came off them 8 months ago, against all advice and I went cold turkey. once the side effects had passed I felt ok for a while but lately I'

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  • asiamies 2

    Very weird event

    Hey, A very weird event happened in my relationship 2 days ago. My girlfriend was angry towards me for weeks, getting angry of the littlest things and whatever I wished for was somehow that I was controlling or abusive towards her. She kept telling me that she wants a break from the love, one

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  • Bingler 1

    Depressed but not sad - Seroquel

    Hi, I'm currently on 10mg Celexa, 200mg Lamictal, and 400mg Seroquel XR once, and have been on this combination for about 2 and a half years now. The Seroquel is the newest medication in my regimen, and at first it seemed like a miracle drug. I no longer felt depressed (at least the sad part) and

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  • momof2boys760 1

    Rhisperdal side effects

    I took 2 mg of rhiserdal when my baby was in the womb for 9 months. He was born with a fatty deposite above his eyebrow bone. it left a hole in his eyebrow bone. it also could have damaged his eye and his brain if left untreated. He got sugery a week after I noticed it. It left a scar about an inch

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  • Azbella 3

    Mental health

    Hi had big argument with spouse , a lot of mean things were exchanged . All of a sudden it sounded like crap my father used to tell me , I'd never be any good at anything , no one would care or love me .. I e been crying since , I'm bipolar rapid cycled / depression . I've had moments but all in

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  • infestissumam 3

    Only diagnosed for a couple months and feeling hopeless

    I've only been diagnosed as bipolar II for no more than 4 months and I'm already feeling impatient and hopeless that I'll never feel better. The diagnosis was like a breakthrough, suddenly all my strange symptoms made sense- I thought I had alternating ADHD and depression that got severe every

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  • infestissumam 3

    Newly Diagnosed, Help?? Plus Lamotrigine vision side effects

    Hello guys! I was only diagnosed with bipolar II a couple of weeks ago and it really came as a shock to me. I just started my 3rd week on lamotrigine, which is added to my Effexor which I have been on for about 3.5 years.  Besides a few side effects from the medicine, I feel like I'm floundering. I

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  • randy20765 1

    Insignificant Other

    My name is Randy and was in a past relationship with someone i loved very, very much. My significant other had bipolar 2.  I thought about her for many years and always hoped we would reconnect one day. That relationship was 14 years ago now but we've recently reconnected (May of 2016). It was a

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  • sherry76727 2

    Here it comes again: my haunting past

    I wl be 50 on my next bday. Today i have spent crying over feeling desperate to feel ok, or desperate to feel like i am worthy of living. I was diagnosed at age 26 and have been on and off meds, and am currently self medicating because it works best. But i know ot will kill me if i dont stop.

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  • lisa54327 1

    IVF treatment and bipolar

    Hi all I have recently been digonsed with mild bipolar still waiting to see if I need any medication or not. I am getting married in September and I really want to try to for baby after I have also got fertility issues and need ivf and donor eggs to get pregnant. I am now worried that because of

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  • Cueboy113 1

    Girlfriend is Bipolar and I'm at breaking point

    I'm a private guy and this is my last resort! I've been with my girlfriend since June last year - we are both 40 next month - I love her too bits without question and outside work this is the first time I've been exposed to mental health issues ( I hate the phrase mental health as it purports a

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  • kerri-loui82540 2

    struggling with my illness :(

    I've suffered for 8 years now as well as a ED nobody understands what it's like feel like I'm going through it on my own, not an illness I choose to have unfortunatley I have and can't do anything about it.

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  • sharon39574 1
  • sharon12462 5

    olanzapine any1??

    Hi I'm currently taking lithium have been for 3yrs. Iv just been really ill for the past 8months as I needed AD which didn't suit. .pdr has now prescribed olanzapine on top says AD dnt seem to be working. Depression has been so bad of late feeling life isn't worth having at all.. forever battling

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  • bubble2008 2

    Don't know what to do!

    I have bipolar disorder, personality disorder, anxiety disorder and OCD. I experienced an abusiive childhood which I think contributed to my mental health problems that and a large history of it on my mothers side. I feel completely alone I can't cope in social situations I'm afraid when I leave

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