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Bipolar Affective Disorder

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  • su1977 3

    Bipolar and Panic Disorder

    Is there anyone here that are battling both bipolar and panic disorder as separate conditions? I'm on off label meds as a mood stabilizer - lamotrigine and gabapentin. I'm also taking buspirone for anxiety/panic disorder but I don't feel like it's doing all that wonderfully. My psych put me on clonazepam...

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  • BraunWynn 2
  • emily1997x 1

    Do I have bipolar?

    Hi guys, I'll make this short and sweet. It has gotten that bad that my family want me to seek help as they suspect I may have bipolar. I'm a 20 year old female, this has been happening since I was around 15/16. I would go through phases that last weeks of feeling so low and then to the point where...

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  • Daan324 1

    Girlfriend with bipolar disorder, don't know what to do ...

    Hello, I do not know where to begin, i guess i will start with saying who i am. I am Daan, 23 years old, My girlfriend and i are together for 1 year and a half give or take. The Situation: Both are fathers died, mine when i was 3 years old hers only 5 years ago. I am looking for work, with temporary...

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  • conrad.h 2

    Mother has bipolar, how can I help her cope with it?

    Hi, im a 16 year old A-Level student living in London and my mother's been diagnosed with Bipolar for the past 24 years. As a child I don't remember this effecting her much except in extreme times e.g when my parents broke up/after the death of her mother/the death of my dad (her ex-partner). She frequently...

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  • bassett 2

    ultradian bi polar

    My husband has ultradian bi polar it has just had this new name give by usa and uk nhs it means that he has the normal waves of up and down BUT in any24hr period rapid changes as well they peak up or down according to main wave pattern so very hard to live with as even with meds to do not know what comes...

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  • sadhna15793 2


    Can anyone explain !!!! I've known my partner for 2 1/2 yrs , he's was diagnosed with bipolar as a teenager & he's now 49 yrs he takes his medication regularly & has check ups twice a year with his dr !!!! 50% of our relationship is great !! But 50% is very hard work!!!! He falls out with me regularly...

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  • sadhna15793 2

    Stress relief

    Any ideas , suggestions or tips would be gratefully recieved? My partner has bipolar & is easily stressed I find he's more distracted recently and i want to find ways to make him learn to relax , find ways to stop his mind constantly racing with thoughts & generally behave more calm !!! So whom better...

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  • george1111 1

    GAD or Cyclothymia?Please help!

    Hello to everyone! I got my first panic attack before 8-9 years.i am a proffesional singer.I didnt have any problems with family or money or something else , just one day i make a panic attack and i didnt know what is this.I went to doctor and he puts me on seroxat(paxil).i was at 20mg paxil almost 4...

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  • pistal666 5

    Cocktail of pills, Used to be alchol dependent, but been dry

    Hi, I have always been on alot of meds but lately, People are comenting on the way I carry on, a bit away with the faries. Meds are Bisoprol, Ramipril, Eplerone, Venafaxin,Mirtazipine,Quetiapine and injectables for Diabetes. No I feel the best I have in ages. It`s just the distrust that I am not taking...

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  • ann72189 1

    recently diagnosed bipolar ii

    I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar 2. I also have major depression and severe panic and anxiety disorder. The have me on lamotrigine,buspar,ativan,and recently added lithium, but I am not sure lithium is for me

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  • kay8827 2

    My bipolar ex-husband is coming out of jail

    My ex-husband has been in and out of jail since he was 16, I didn't know this before I married him, he told me he got "in trouble" when he was younger, I figured it was something minor or a DUI. I found him doing Ketamine one day, and he told me the truth about all the deep issues he has, big drug addiction,...

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  • su1977 3


    I'm still working on finding the right cocktail. Seriously considering lithium. Did this medication work for you?

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  • cassie08644 2
  • sue31490 2

    Coming off meds

    Hi all, my husband had his first manic episode last year, he is in his late 40's and we have been told it's rare but not impossible to get bipolar at this late age.   Anyway, he started off on Olanzapine, this made him really sluggish and like an old man, sleeping for around 14 hours and also his limbs...

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  • BraunWynn 2

    Tapering off all my meds. Still intensely depressed.

    Previously I have posted, about my intense guilt, sorrow and mourning that my Bipolar directly caused. Thank you for your responses and kind words. I attend all my appoinments, been med compliant. Still in excruciating depression, everyday. I can't wait to go to bed so the sadness can be lifted while...

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  • deb44437 5
  • Ljm2589 1

    I think i am bipolar.. what now?

    Hi all. I am new here and in need of some help... i have thought for many years now that i have some form of bipolar disorder but have never had the courage to go to the doctors about it.. If i make an appointment, what can i expect to happen next? I know its not an easy diagnosis to make.. I appreciate...

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  • BraunWynn 2
  • Sarakeats 2
  • BraunWynn 2
  • JasonSmith 1

    Urinary problems on and now off of Lithium

    I am a 26 year old male.  As my doctor realized that I don't have bipolar, I was taken off of lithium rather suddenly.  I had been on it for four years and it was making me pee like crazy.  At one point I went to the doctor almost sure I had a kidney infection.  Nothing showed up, and the doctor thought...

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  • Pooh bear 2

    Long term side effects of lithium carbonate

    I have been taking lithium carbonate for nearly eight years. I have recently had my meds upped to 1000mg at night. I am not bi-polar but suffer from severe recurrent depression. I would like to know the effects both reversal and irreversible of long term lithium use? I have regular blood tests where...

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  • karen23357 1

    who else is feeling like they do not belong?

    I am a woman, 47 years old was told that I had bi polar 10 years ago, I am on lots of medication but i still feel that i do not belong as I do not act the same as everyone else. if I am down I cut myself, i have never said that before to anyone, but i do, and I am deeply ashamed. Some mornings I can...

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  • karen06071 2

    Bipolar episodes rarely stop

    Hi, I was diagnosed with bipolar January 2014. Prior to this manic episode I had depressive episodes only. Or to say I was depressed for around 6 years straight wouldn't be an understatement, some days were better than others. Since experiencing mania I'll admit, I do have a habit of chasing the 'high'...

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  • tmichelle2 1

    Is it just depression? Or something more

    I've been on antidepressants for about three years. Zoloft specifically. My psychiatrist is very... dry. He doesn't pry much, ask the run of the mill questions during my appointments, writes my prescription and sends me on my way. About a month ago I said screw it and stopped taking my Zoloft (100 mg/day)....

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  • nita63869 1


    Hi, I am new to message boards, but I don't know where else to go other than to people who are going through the same thing, hopefully. In September 2016 I was in a really bad place, suicidle and miserable. My GP put me on a new anti-depressant, 40mg Viibryd. It was enough for a while but then I plautued....

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  • carlton80231 1

    Should I start smoking weed again n is it safe

    It's been a good couple of months since I was diagnosed with bipolar. The meds that I take are Aripiprazole 10mg tab. And Divalproex sod ec 250mg tab. Ever since I was diagnosed with bipolar I stopped smoking weed. I recently been interested in starting again as ive found a friend from a dispensary whose...

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  • Rabbit9669 1
  • tr dac 1

    Bipolar in children and adolescent

    Does any one know any children or adolescent have depression and hypomanic but with very short period (in several days) of psychotic. What is major and most common signs and symptoms of the bp in children and adolescent. 

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  • Jimmylaws82 2

    Bipolar and current relationship

    I've just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as my misis moved out..I was so mad and couldnt undwerstand but have now had the apifany that I was a nightmere to live with and hate it. Ive had my issues but thought I was just a little sad and greaving from a marrage break up. I've lied about my feelings...

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  • george 56036 2

    My Bipolar Disorder Appears to have Left

    I have not had an episode of Bipikar Disorder in over 20 years. Prior to that I used to cut myself and have my stomach regularly pumped from suicide attempts. Ive spent years in counseling, taking my meds and group therapy. But I was always told that it was always there and could come back at any time....

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  • alison81137 4

    anybody taking risperidone?

    I have been taking it for 7 days....getting some side effects and not feeling any better. I feel a bit strange actually! Not with it! Is there anybody that can reassure me that this is all normal and it takes a while to feel better?

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  • michael16910 1

    When lithium stops being enough.

    Hi everyone I'm very much hoping that someone out there might be able to offer me some advice and information regarding lithium and extended stress. I was diagnosed 8 months ago with stage 4 inoperable lung cancer and more recently with secondary brain tumours. Initially I found myself to be surprisingly...

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  • lorena53278 2

    Is it safe to stop taking Lithium?

    My ex or current BF( we are not back officially yet) is bipolar, and has been quite an adventure to know someone with this condition. Last night we were talking about his issues and mentioned to me that he stopped taking Lithium, he still takes Seroquel. So now I'm worry that something bad is going to...

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