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Hi my names allison and im 31 ive been diagnosed with ocd and panic disorder ive never gotten a reason for a ongoing issue that ive suffered for the last 7 years about every 6 months or so i get this strange sensation out of nowhere were my mind feels like its going so fast and my mind feels really loud im not hearing voices but more like my thoughts i guess, its that crowded in my mind it sounds like a very busy restaurant like all talking at the same time and it becomes very loud I dont hear this out side my mind its always in my mind and I don't see it as hearing people talking its more a sensation this feeling can last up to an hour ill have it maybe for a month and it goes away for months and months. Ive asked my doctor and he has no idea he said its not psychosis asim not having any other symptoms and this has gone on for many years and not developed into anything more. I do suffer from migraine so I don't no if this may be an aura type thing im being sent to a neurologists but I cant find any information about migraine doing this all that I can find that relates to my symptom is bipolar does this sound like bipolar . Ill mention i dont get depressed or extremely high moments so im at a lose can any one relate

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    This sounds very much like bipolar disorder. What they don't tell you is bipolar has different levels. Some diagnosis are more severe than others. The same thing happens to me when I get overwhelmed, I'm really stressed or just have a lot going on in general. It would probably be a good idea to keep a mood journal so maybe you and your doctor can review it and see if there are any triggers that causes these epidsodes. Usually meditating or going to sleep helps me because it wears me out when this happens but I've learned that once I hear the roaring begin in my ears, I'm on a timer and if I can get relaxed, meditate, workout, something then I'll be okay. Sleep is usually the best although sometimes I help myself along by taking Benadryll. I hope this helps and I wish you the best!
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      Hi natnat thanks for your reply i was wondering what you think when I get this screaming loud racy feeling in my head i dont experience any other symptoms i can even feel sleepy when I get it. Also I dont experience depression but I do get short temped and find myself getting agitation over nothing at times but I never get really hyper were my sex drive goes high or I become a risk taker or talk really fast. After being told its all a migraine aura I still feel confused and worried
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    I think you are describing is a form depersonalization. If a label has to be placed on it. I know what your describing. Its a very surreal weird feeling and alters the senses. Its uncomfortable and strange.  I would say its a part of the panic disorder. Absolutely part of the panic attacks. Mindfullness is extremly useful. I would not say its bi polar.thats a mood thing or a state of mind that jumps from one exrtreme to another with irratibilty. This isnt what you are describing.
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    Thanks for both your replies i seen a neurologists in In last few days and he diagnosed the screaming racing mind feeling as a migraine aura. I feel ok about the diagnosis hes given me medication so only time will tell if they stop this symptom I sure hope so cause its scary stuff when I get it. Thanks very much for both taking the time to message me back
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    Hello! So I know this was posted years ago but incase you still frequent the site I was wondering if you ever found out what it was? I have never been diagnosed with any mental disorders or illnesses. However I do have days where I wake up and I feel quite tired yet my thoughts are talking super fast am nd in almost a yelling manor, in other words excatly what you’ve described. I can’t find any reasoning online about it sooo yeah! For me it will last around 1-3 days of it. Someone I know said it could be a sign of a anxiety attack but I’m never in a state of extreme stress when it happens? Thank you for writing on here in the first place and letting me not feel so alone! 
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      Well I just read your update lol sorry ignore me 😂💖

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    I also understand that this post was a long time ago, but i pretty much have the same thing. It doesn't happen very often and ive only experienced it a couple of times. But it usually feels like my thoughts are very fast and very loud, but also my actions. I dont knoe if that is the same for you guys. You stated in your last post that it was caused my a migrane aura, but I dont suffer from migranes. Im wondering if that would still be the case for me

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      Hey i'm 15 yeah i've been experiencing this same feeling for the last 2-3 years where everything in my head gets intense like my'normal' thoughts kind of speed up get louder i saw a doctor but when i explain it to people who don't have this they cant understand it but when i read it from someone who explains it i can really relate it makes me feel more secure and better, when i was feeling down about it i searched it up and found this other fourm where there where heaps of people talking about this feeling as well check it out if you would like

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      ME TOO. you explained it so well. I have been going through it for years and never thought anything of it... and these past couple of days its been getting worse. I go through it so many times a day, and I'm scared for my life considering I'm so young. I'm only in 16. I have no idea how to control it. I tried calming myself with music, watching tv shows, talking to friends, and its like everythings louds and yelling and me and time is moving so fast. I feel like it is a panic attack or related, stress, ocd, anxiety and depression. But I was going through this when I was really young and happy at the time too...

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    I know this post is a long time ago but I also experience this but for me its not too often.

    It only proc every time Im on my thinking space no noise.

    It triggers only when I discover something amazing or red something that keep my interest on it or having a deep thought.

    everytime It triggers I feel so calm, even tho my thought is too loud and fast

    sometimes I use the opportunity to think some more because its like my mind is multitasking all my thoughts.

    It stop if I hear other loud sounds or if I lose the focus or if I need to do something else.

    At first I thought I'm in my own world like completely not in reality

    I can still do other stuff even If Im on that trance.

    but now it bothers me I just experience

    it now after reading comments on fb and there is this comment that I want to reply

    but I cant coz he is talkin about god and being gay is a sin.

    then instead of replying I googled what religion is not against lgbt.

    then I red about bhuddism

    now the symptom triggered my thought were so fast and loud I cant make it stop

    I need to listen to music coz Im about to get nervous and lasted a few minutes.

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    hi i am 17 and this happens to me often but not all the time i feel like i am screaming at myself but its not me its my thoughts. its normal thoughts but they're very aggressive i feel very angry and out of control of my own body is it something i should tell a doctor or just leave alone.

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      I feel the exact same way, I'm also 17. It worries me because i dont know if its part of a mental illness im unaware of. Need info.

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      have you been able to figure out what it is? Ive had these "episodes" happen to me every two-ish months for years (I'm 15 now), and it's really confusing and kind of worrying.

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    that's literally what i have experienced for my whole life. id feel detached from reality because the thoughts were so loud and racing. however, at the same time it's not that i literally hear it - but more of a different feeling no words can describe. for me it's a mix of certain images i associate with it and a chaotic feeling. i

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    hi this same thing has been happening to me now for the past few years and i am 15 and i didnt know what was happening to me when sometimes id just be sat down and all thoughts in my mind were being shouted at me well they were just really loud and they were running through my mind really really fast at such a high speed and it would happen up to like 10 minuets and it was quite scary and strange and it hurts my head and when its happening if i move my body it feels like its moving really fast does anyone know what this is and whats happening ???

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      Hey Erin. I'm 21 and this has been happening to me for as long as i can remember. I recently had a REALLY intense episode and it was really scary. I went to a doctor but he didn't understand what i was telling him. hoping to find out soon

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      hi! i do know what you're talking about. I'm 19 and ive been experiencing this for a while now. it normally happens to me when i wake up in the morning when its quiet. its an odd feeling. anything that goes through my mind is intense and loud and aggressive. even other noises. if i put a cup on a table the noise of that feels louder and more aggressive than it actually is. when other people speak their voices come out the same. only in my mind though. ive learned to be able to handle it well. if anything i enjoy when it happens. i like to see if i can control it, because it's like im in some sort of different reality.

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      hi raim!

      I experience this feeling when I'm not feeling well or when i am very tired and wake up. Along with feeling as though my thoughts are one step ahead of me, loud and chaotic, I feel a slight slow motion sensation in my movements. The whole thing has lasted up to fifteen minutes. Never more than that.


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      I have had this too. It started when I was around 16 I think. Since then I was diagnosed with POTS, EDS, MCAS, and borderline Chiari-1 Malformation so I don't know if it's linked to one of those, but I hate it. I get the loud sounds in my head and then every movement that I do, even if it's slow, seems like I'm moving extremely fast. I still can't figure out what it is.

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