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Hi I'm on antidepressants for my anxiety but feel they haven't done much. I joined an inline forum who are so anti medication. They say antidepressants make everything worse and thats really scared me. My mental health had been getting worse and now I'm scared its the medication. Do you think all antidepressants make things worse? I can't stop taking mine at the moment as the withdrawals are really bad.

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    So are you on an AD or anti anxiety?? I have been taking the Zoloft 25 milligrams a day for 3 weeks and Xanax very infrequently but I did just take one because I did a breathing treatment and I freaked out.... Everyone reacts to the antidepressants differently so it's hard to say what side effects will or will not affect a person for me it did hurt and my anxiety a bit I'm hoping that comes down in the next week or so

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    Antidepressants aren't magical, they are generally given while therapy is taking place, on their own they help with symptoms for some people, some of the time. That's it. They can't ever resolve the root cause of the anxiety, and if that isn't resolved, the problem won't stop. It's as simple as that. Some people don't mind being on meds indefinitely, some do. Some want to resolve issues, some don't. It's really an individual preference, do whatever suits you

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    Just from my story of havin anxiety for the first time 2 1/2 months ago until about 2 days ago when 95% of my symptoms stopped I can say that being put on Celexa absolutely helped my symptoms significantly as I did no other type of therepy with it except this forum which also helped tons, the first week was horrid the second week I felt a little better but still pretty bad the third week was a little better yet but still not great and I was to the point I wanted to quit my medicine but I pushed through now it is day 22 on the medicine and I feel the best I have in a long time, it truly depends on you, there's a medicine out there that will def help you it's just a matter of finding which one and what dose, but I know I couldn't of overcame this even as far as I am now without the AD that's for sure again I can only go by my personal experience and that of the countless others that I've read about on here

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    Some people are to proud to admit they need the help or are scared of the help in one way or another and I think that's what is stopping them or they were on the wrong one or wrong dose and didn't benefit from them as they thought they would've and that turned them off, I believe the evidence would show they are a greater help in the long run then they are a detriment

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    If you can not function then there really isnt much of a choice.they do not cure an anxiety disorder. Science has not found a cure or a way to reset all this yet. So its a personal decision. It should never be a replacement for theraoy or learning self calming tools and skills. That would be just biding your time as they do bottom out at some point. And thats if they work for you. 

    Many drug manufacturers have stoooed making new meds for this, they are basically using other classes of drugs off label because an anxiety disorder basically involves so much that they all work on some level, its balances out the pros and cins and if you can function without them that is the decieding factor. Science is working on this but it seems so complex and involves so many areas of the body they have failed to date. 


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    Hi love,

    Thank you for sharing smile

    I want to first address the issue of relying on the Internet for medical advise. Any doctor will tell you it isn't a good idea because you shoukd never take any medical advise if it isn't from a professional.

    It's exactly the same if you google an illness. It will give you all the bad and negative scary stuff.

    My advise, stay away from forums like that. It's fine to share opinions and stories and even advise but ultimately you want a medical team looking after that aspect of your life.

    Medicine has come so far today. And anti depressants are no exception. There used to be a big stigma surrounding anti depressants and I'm glad to see this out dated way of thinking, slowly phase out. Anti depressants aren't for everybody and there are so many different types out there.

    When you have the right dr, he will safely prescribe you medications according to your symptoms. They will either work or won't work. That's the worst that could happen. Then you move on to something else.

    Have a look at your lifestyle. Are there any changes you can make to help you feel better?

    Have a routine. A healthy sleep/wake cycle. Go to bed at a reasonable time because sleep is very important! So is your diet.

    It's especially hard when you're a teenager. All the hormones etc... Most of what you're feeling you will grow out of. It will get easier as you grow up but you have to keep at it. Don't give up sweetheart.

    It's possible to live with mental illness whether it be anxiety, depression, bipolar etc. knowledge is key.

    If you have a good relationship with your parents, you should try and speak with them. Let them know what's going on. Have good and healthy friendships. Steer right away from drugs and people that take them for they will only bring you down and make life a living hell, take it from me.

    Just keep swimming!


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    Hi sunshine

    I honestly don't think anti deps make things worse. They can help but the main thing is working on your thinking which I have had some success but then today I feel I have undone all the positive things I had achieved mentally. I wonder whether place can affect your mood.

    So no don't ween off them. Stay on them and try to become stable on them

    Hope this helps


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