Antidepressants and derealization or dream like state

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I've posted this here as starting benzo's or z drugs can have the same effect

ok so you've been to the GP and they have prescribed you an antidepressant, and probably told you very little about what to expect when starting these types medications.

​First things first read the leaflet paying attention to allergies and cross reactions if your on other medication.

​Now this is important  it is possible for symptoms to get worse before it gets better. ​It takes a minimum of 2 weeks for theraputic levels in your blood to reach what is called peak onset. Enjoy this part because if you've taken as directed you should be feeling like you can take on the world.

​You will then enter the plataeu phase. This is where you feel great, have more energy, more interest in doing things and wanting to be more social.

​Next the peak onset feelings will start to dull a bit which means you are now in the theraputic stages. In other words this is how the pill is going to make you feel from day to day. You should have a follow up appointment with the Dr to see how your doing they may increase/decrease or leave the same.

​Once you start taking anti depressants there is a symptom that is very common, but no one is ever told about and that is. Derealization or a dream like state.​The actual definition of derealization is a feeling that one's surroundings are not real, especially as a symptom of mental disturbance​. Pay no attention to the word distubance.

​This dream like feeling is completely normal if not expected. It can come on at any time though you are always in control everything just feels "a bit weird" They are perfectly harmless and usually only last for a few seconds. They will disappear after a few weeks and you may have an occasional one out of the blue one day, just keep in mind that it means your meds are working like they should. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions.

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    Well Craig why would anyone in their right mind would want to add another drug to the mix i have no idea.

    Antidepressants are just as bad to come off as benzos.

    It is a known that benzos cause depression.

    And yes they make you feel what i call numb.

    You will probably not be able to either laugh or cry.

    So please think carefully before taking them.

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    Are you speaking from personal experience Craig or is this jargon text book knowledge! 
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      not that i have to justify myself it's personal expierience. My personal med history is as follows

      diazepam,xanax,temazepam, codeine, tramadol, Citalopram, sertraline, mirtazipine, Paroxetine​, Fluoxetine, venlafaxine, Trazodone, Amitriptyline​, Zolpiderm, zopiclone, omeprazole, prob missed a few. So yeah it's personal expierence. And if you read the post it was a guide as to ​what to expect when starting to take them. ​Same applies to you Tootsie. I'm trying to help people by sharing information and your both attacking me for some reason. This is a help forum agree or dissagree, but the verbal onslaught is un called for and says alot more about the  both of you than it does about me. Funny thing is I woke up this morning with questions for help from BS8 this morning. ​How funny but BS8 you got a new friend now that you can latch onto.

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      It would also be helpful in my opinion to warn people what these drugs can

      do to some people long term.

      I also know what problems they have done to me personally.

      But are we not allowed to state this.

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      I agree.

      The above post tells what people may expierence when they start to take anti d's or benzos. Where does it say anything about adding another drug to the mix. Oh look it does'nt

      ​And may I remind you BS8 you were the one that pm 22 days ago out of the blue saying I seem well informed and asked me to contact you. Don't bother me with questions again, don't email me again, that boat has long sailed.

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    Thank you for trying to be helpful, Craig.  It is important to remember that we all have different reactions to these drugs.  I was on nitrazepam for 40 years and a mulititude of antidepressants for 35 years.  I had severe adverse reactions to some, others didn't make much difference.  Coming off nitrazepam has made me terribly ill.  Coming off the antidepressant effexor after 15 years hasn't been a fraction of the problem. Our individual genetic make-up appears to play a big part in how we react. 
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      Hi Fiona

      ​Your absolutely right. When I was coming of effexor (venlafaxine) after being on them for 6 years, was purgatory, where for you it was no problem. It is all in our genetic make up your brain is wired in a way like no one elses' making it completely unique. As is mine and everyone else's, that is why it's a literal mine field trying to find the right combination of medicines. It is not one size fits all. smile

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      Thank you for asking. Yes I'm fine now. I often get told "you don't seem like you need anti depressants" my answer " that's because they're working lol" but it took many years of trial and error to find the right combination.
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    Well, that was all very interesting and, in places, side-splittingly funny. Craig, your list of addictive drugs reads rather like mine except \i also have asthma ha ha beat you.

    I, too, have been told off by BS8, who actually has his own web-site!

    I thouoght your comments were very helpful and insightful - and who cares if it sounds like a medical text book anyway? Those who think they know better?

    I don't know better but I know I'm addicted and \I am also on an anti-depressant which I plan to tail off once the diazepam is at an end - if it ever is lol.

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