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A whole heap of events can be the cause of anxiety. When we are anxious we are inclined to imagine things are much worse than they really are. Anxiety causes faiblesse of our minds. We become consumed with worries whether they are large or small. And with anxiety there is usually a lot going on in our imaginations. Suddenly we suspect people who have been around us for years. We think they are treacherous and working against us. We don't trust anybody any more. Then we start to lose weight and let our appearances go to pot. Anxiety is more than an illness. It is a state of mind. One that we can't seem to get rid of. Anxious people wring their hands, give furtive glances about them as if they are being followed. In fact it can go so far as to make us believe we are alone in the world. Everybody we see is out to thwart us. It is a state of mind that is very difficult to shake off. It can be done but a lot of strength is needed from the mind itself which we believe is under attack.

The mind must prove it is in charge of the rest of the body. So it follows when it is weakened, the rest of the body will also suffer. The mind should rule us. When it is brought to a low level, outward signs in the body itself will show reactions. There are also the headaches which cause us to complain as do other pains. We suddenly see other people avoiding us and wonder why when it is simply that they are fed up with the complaining. We become no longer sought after by long-time friends. We may view them as creating a war on our minds. We seek a doctor's help. But is he competent in this particular problem? Psychiatrists are there to help us but somehow there's a sort of voodoo about them. Lots of people just think they are head shrinkers. In point of fact they are very competent in dealing with any psychiatric disorders  -  of which anxiety ranks as one. Psychiatry is a specialist treatment for the mind. Just like gynaecology or rheumatology. In many countries, only psychiatrists can prescribe narcotics, such as Tramadol, Fentenyl, Temesta and similar drugs that CAN cause hallucinations.

We must never be afraid to consult specialists in all fields of medicine. We then know we have gone to the top people with our problems.

When we are anxious we are weakened and often accidents happen to us that we would otherwise have been strong enough to avoid. Anxiety therefore takes its toll on the whole body.  It should be recognized as a primary health problem and not swept under the carpet. It makes us behave entirely differently and we become another person, whom we don't recognize ourselves. It can change a friendly personality into one most want to avoid and that's one of its hazards: we lose friends at a time when we desperately are in need of them. It creates a terrible loneliness. 

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    hi mayday

    not every one imagines they have pain when we do have it can Psychiatrists control pain i agree with some of your post but not all of it what about these thats in a state of wanting to end there life were is the Psychiatrists then there is so many that are trying to get it through paliment to be able to get it passed you can only take so much even them can get it wrong why dont they go to see them ppl that wants to end there life whats a cripple im not knocking you  im sure there will be more ppl than me that will have the same views  i no some one that was under one they gave them a tablet that made them worse from the side effects that was not listed had to go back to the manifacturer and be re registered well every one as there own opinion im just saying yes you are right on lost of things you have said but not on the Psychiatrists part  but these days you can go as high as you want and still get no satisfaction and really who wants to be on drugs all the time i cant see were you are coming from but pain is pain at the end of the day anxity is part of a panic attacks taking deap breaths can control it but you have thrown me were Psychiatrists as come into it phycologists i think would be more benificial they understand you were to me a Psychiatrists is were you would have to be careful what you say or they would want to advice you to want to put you into the phyciatric hospital to watch your behaviour or i have got it wrong every one is different it will be intresting to see what other answer's you get .please dont think im been funny towards your post im certainly not against what you have posted.


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    Christine I think there are too many people who think psychiatrists will bang them into a psychiatriatic hospital! It isn't like that any longer. I consulted one many years ago and had him laughing his head off. I just decided to analyze him instead! When I pointed out he was wearing odd socks and asked him why, the interview ended in hilarity and I saw him as a real person and not somebody to be in fear of. They have a propensity to make you relax and that's half the problem of people today. I don't think people laugh enough and so many take themselves too seriously. Best wishes.
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    hi mayday

    thank you for getting back to me well i will have a go if it helps me i honestly have gone through 2 bad operations thats cripped me through two incompenent surgons if can help me on this as im in constant pain any one to talk to helps im sure you will no this and i do agree with you on ppl getting fed up of listening to you but ive just got to pich i tell them im getting there but but im not dr's are a waste of time they can't bebothered to help and im not the type to pester them how do you get intouch with them ???


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      Christine we share the same opinions. I have refused an operation point blank altho many on here will say I am wrong I don't doubt. But because some surgeon wants to operate on me, is not sufficient reason for me to agree with him. I wonder if you took a second opinion? This is what so many do and doctors don't get upset if you ask for this as it is well recognized that they like to share opinions with other surgeons. As I see it, either we have operatons or go on addict-causing drugs. I chose the latter because I believe either way we are still in pain. Yes, people do get fed up when we complain all the time as you write. I said no to the operation proposed and thus far have not regretted it. I was on opiods which didn't suit me so I stopped taking them. However I recently discovered you can have morphine patches and these are brilliant. See what your doctor says about FENTANYL PATCHES. You do not put them on the area of pain but instead on the upper part of the body as they send signals to the brain about your pain. I find they work.  So I am sharing this with you. I am so sorry you suffer so much.  You are not alone if that is any compensation. Try your best to remain cheerful and if you can, find a specialist to help you. Be positive and you will turn the bend.  Best.
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    Belive it or not i have just come from the hospital today and by having these two operation has just been confirmed one out of the two surgons  has caused loads of never damage the first one i had i got a solicitor on him, he made the mess and now the second one as.

    the surgon's are from different hospital's dont no each other the last op was done in may he is the one that as caused all the nerve damage i have been complaing since it was done but he would't listen to me but he will now when i go to see him in October.

    Also i was offered them patches but i have some Kidney problem's so my DR will not give me them.

    this part of what you have said could't be more true

    When we are anxious we are weakened and often accidents happen to us that we would otherwise have been strong enough to avoid. Anxiety therefore takes its toll on the whole body.

     It should be recognized as a primary health problem and not swept under the carpet. It makes us behave entirely differently and we become another person, whom we don't recognize ourselves.

    It can change a friendly personality into one most want to avoid and that's one of its hazards: we lose friends at a time when we desperately are in need of them. It creates a terrible loneliness this is why i am so bitter

     We wouldn't have to get Deppresed if the DR'S would only listen instead of sumiseing its all in the mind Anxiety is a terrible experience its now leading to Depression that is now supposed to be an illness that as only just been recognised. you tell any one now the think people is moaning and end up loosing freinds but the friends we had asen't obviously suffered with it to no what we are going through 

    this is what as happenened to me i was the most outgoing person you could ever meet,

     jolly would help any one sort other people's problem's but now they have driffted away i don't see any one.  i keep having bout's of Deppression wishing i could turn back the clock and never had the second one done but i didn't have any choice.

    but how true you are in what you have explained from that paragraph alone i am not letting this ride or get me down but make sure i make some one sit up for this.

    i am sorry for burdening you with my problem but yes we seem to have a lot in common and maybe its a good job we both have large back's to take it and hope we still can keep intouch and be cheerful.

    i too don't want to be on tablets for the rest of my life especaily when its not my fault this happened  i hope this makes sence to you but feel i have gained a lot by just talking to some one like you that understands. If i have to get another opinion i will it will be the third i won't let them get away with itchoose how far i have to go all im asking is to be took serious and if i have to cope with a bit of pain i can take that but not agoney im on morphine but i don't want to get addicted to that or the paracetomol ,and codeine it terryfies me excuse my spelling mistakes.


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      Dear Christine,

      Your outpouring was saddening but at the same time an excellent thing for you to do. I think its necessary to get it all out so it doesn't fester inside us when things go so desperately wrong. The world is full of so-called surgeons and these often hit the headlines. The damage you have suffered seems irreversible according to what you say. I think you were right to consult a solicitor as this should never have happened. I know many on here don't agree with my outlook, but I am sceptical about operations. I will do anything to avoid them, and am! Pain can be controlled but once bones and insides have been severed, the suffering can be far worse. I don't know if allows you to put your email on here so we could correspond privately but I sense you do need someone to offload to and I would be happy to hear from you. I think its of paramount importance to tell someone how you feel. I know its not easy, but try some humour with others. Cry and we cry alone, laugh and the whole world laughs with us! I find paracetamol does nothing for pain. You say you are on morphine yet cannot use the patches! Perhaps this may be because they wouldn't be strong enough to dull your pain. I am happy to write to you and glad I have made you feel a little lighter-hearted. Take good care now. Many people do like you. I am one of them.  x

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