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I have been in peri for about 6 years.had my last period last November and was coping alright with the hot flushes.but lately the anxiety attacks are getting heart beats so fast and I really start to stress.i already take vit b6 and vit d along with iron tablets and primrose oil.any ideas on reducing the attacks.

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    I believe B12 helps regulate nervous system issues which panic attacks seem to be associated with. I take s supplement of B12 along with what's already in my multivitamin.
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    hi Linda 

    Also Try some B12 the higher the mcg the better..

    like jarrows 5000mcg B12 cherry flavour ..

    also Vit E is fab, been using this myself for about a month now..

    and consider a natural supplement like Menapol plus x daily .. I too take these ..

    from amazon uk or simply suppllements .. ( 11.69 ) for 120 caplets

    jay xx

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    Hi Linda,  sorry to hear about your anxiety attacks.  I have been getting the same as you.  I am 50 and my last period was eight months ago.  My heart also beats really fast and I get palpitations.  It is really scary,  I have been to A & E a few times with this as my heart rate was so fast.  I take menopace vitamins,  which I think help a little bit for the hot flushes.  I am going to start B6 and B12 as I have been advised to.  Maybe you could try B12 also.  It is very stressful and the more stressed you get the more anxious you become.  I try to relax when I feel my heart been so fast and take deep slow breathes in through the nose and out the mouth.  I also drink camomile tea which is good to relax with.  It does help to hear that you are not the only one,  but I know how you feel and it is still a very frightening feeling when this happens.  People keep saying that it does get better,  even though we may not feel like it will at the moment,  but hopefully it will when we get passed the menopause,  we will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing anxious free life...  all the best and good luck to you,   Tina
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      Hi Tina

      i am age 50 and one year post menopause ... ( last period was 2 Sept 13) 

      all confirmed at last Gyno visit .. 

      i had a natural almost 10 year peri route ... vit B 6 is essential and you need at least 100mg daily ( i take 150mg) i use to take Jarrows B12 5000mcg, but now have injections every two weeks..

      as for it all passes post meno, well i still get the odd shaky feeling, like blood / energy draining from my head to my feet and need to sit down on occasion, i still get the palpitations at times, hot flushes returned for me on approaching  post meno but have eased now, 

      Vit E has helped me alot ... Very benefical Vit E for peri / meno 

      i also take menapol plus x 2 daily 

      amongst many other important vit for bone health etc Vit D, Calcium and Magnesium Chaleted and magnesium oil spray etc 

      jay xx


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      Thank you Jay for your reply,  its very helpful.  I am going to buy myself some B6 and B12.  My dr did mention that vitamin E may help so I will try this also.  Have you tried Evening Primrose ?  that is suppost to be beneficial also.  I already take high dose of Vitamin D as I have a back problem and need them.  Thanks again for your help,  Tina
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      hi tina 

      no i dont take evening primrose 

      just Vit E ... Been on that about a month and like it alot, hot flushes have eased off with it, and it great for menopause ..

      i too have a back problem ... And magnesium oil spray has been great for it, it eases the pain so much, its almost gone ..

      magnesium very beneficial i use the spray for the back and take orally the chaleted magnesium ..

      ( magnesium citrate and oxide has laxative effect and can give you upset tum so avoid those two)   

      calcium also good for bone health 

      take care 

      jay xx


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      Vitamin E

      This is an important vitamin to consider at the menopause.

      Over many years clinical studies have shown its effect on reducing hot flushes.

      Vitamin E is also helpful for vaginal dryness and one study showed that just 400iu taken daily for between 1 and 4 months helped 50 percent of the women given supplemental vitamin E.

      Although most women fear breast cancer, our biggest killer is heart disease. There is now such a wealth of information on the beneficial effects of nutrition on heart disease and unfortunately HRT has been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

      A study published in the Lancet showed that 2000 patients with arteriosclerosis (fatty deposits in the arteries) had a 75 percent reduction in their risk of heart attack when given vitamin E.

      At the time, researchers claimed that vitamin E was even more effective than aspirin in reducing heart attacks. 

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      Hi Tina 

      i never tried evening primrose oil as dont like the look of the side effects, so i stick to the Vit E personally.. & am fine on Vit E 

      my daughter took Evening Primrose oil and it made her feel sick, so not trying this one... 

      Useful info about it ...

      Evening Primrose Side Effects 

      Side Effects and Precautions

      Evening primrose oil is generally considered a safe supplement, but may cause mild nausea, stomach pain or headache in some people.

      Pregnant or breast-feeding women should avoid it, and it shouldn't be taken by anyone with epilepsy or another seizure disorder.

      It may raise the risk of bleeding and shouldn't be combined with blood-thinning medications. Primrose oil could also interact with drugs prescribed for high blood pressure, depression or seizures.

      If you're approaching or in menopause and have questions about evening primrose oil, talk to your doctor to decide if the oil might be helpful for you. 

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      Magnesium Oil Spray  info & benefits..

      Magnesium is a beneficial mineral that offers a variety of healing effects, 

      Magnesium oil is a form of the mineral that may be used to rejuvenate the body and assist in healing certain ailments.

      Also used for sports injury and body pain.. 

      It is important to supply your body with an adequate level of magnesium, as a deficiency may result in symptoms of anxiety, restless leg syndrome, sleep disorders, nausea, low blood pressure and weakness, among others.

      Many people are unaware they are deficient of magnesium .

      magnesium very beneficial during peri and menopause ..

      In addition,  spraying magnesium oil on certain parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen and arms may help to relieve achy joints, muscle spasms and sore muscles.

      You can spray it on the affected areas and rub it into the skin as needed. The more you rub the oil into the skin, the more it will effectively absorb.

      ( transdermal ) Using magnesium oil for massage stimulates blood flow to the skin, as well as the underlying tissues.

      Further rubbing the oil into the skin enhances the absorption and distribution of the mineral to successfully relieve knots and spasms, Back pain etc 

      Used before bedtime can relax and aid a good nights sleep.

      Hair Loss

      Another use of magnesium oil is for treating hair loss, which may result in inflammation and calcium deposits in the hair follicles over time, Use of magnesium oil may be beneficial for people who suffer from male pattern baldness, as calcification of the scalp constricts the blood supply to the hair follicles, causing reduced nutrient flow.

      Using magnesium oil effectively breaks up and dissolves calcium deposits by absorbing through skin membranes and into the bloodstream.

      You can apply the oil directly onto your scalp or massage it into thin areas of the skin and scalp in order to maximize absorption into your bloodstream. 

      magnesium is also the first line of treatment after a heart attack, via paramedic or hospital via IV or injection..

      Footballers, Sports people are treated with magnesium oil spray when an injury occurs on pitch etc ..

      magnesium may assist in the prevention of heart attacks if taken regularly ..

      ( both men & women) ... Good all rounder ...


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    Thank you. I will definitely try b12 And vit e.i have been taking evening primrose for about 7 helped with painful breasts everytime i got my period and since peri started it helps my general well being.i haven't had any side definitely helps knowing your not alone when your body plays silly beggars.x
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    just went to the doc yesterday with a load of questions. Im doing the hrt and every 4 or 5 days i can't cope....the anxiety....can't focus....brain fog...awful. Have to go to bed and crawl under the covers. She says if your estrogen level is too low, this can cause these feelings - either you will break into tears for no reason or want to chop someone's head off! Its horrible. My level was too low for my age - 55. She's having me up the level. I'm also taking b6, b12, and she's asked that I take 500mg of magnesium glycinate daily for a calming effect
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      Hi Robin

      are you post menopause or peri ..

      magnesium is good one to take..

      i take the solgar chaleted magnesium .. one in morning one before bedtime.. doesnt cause upset tum..

      also 150mg B6 and B12 injections amongst other things..

      B6 is great for anxiety, brain fog, aches, the blues etc ..

      the estrogen will decline as thats what menopause is .. its not that its too low, thats what nature does .. reduces the hormones ..

      hope you get on well with your HRT .. which are you having ..

      just estrogen ?

      i am aged 50 had a natural almost 10 years peri menopause..

      after a vaginal scan and confirmed my ovaries were now post meno, my Gyno suggested Ovestin Vaginal cream Estriol thats the kinder estrogen, Estriol is the kinder / safer estrogen, mainly i use for vaginal dryness but only half measure and once weekly now ..

      Premarin ... make sure you read about that one, if given it.  as its pregnant mares urine HRT .. something doctors dont tell you..

      jay xx


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      Im 55 and havent had a period for at least 5 years. I'm taking a patch along with 50 mg of progesterone - a pill.  Can't wait to see if the higher dose of estrogen will make me less crazy. you change the patch every 3 or 4 days and I'm hoping the higher dose of estrogen along with the magnesium will make a difference and buy me back one day of life each week. Geez. Noone told me about how horrible menopause is. My husband is a saint!
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