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savannahjones savannahjones


hi all,

i’m 49 and haven’t had a period in at l ast 6 months. i first realized i was peri in the fall of 2016 when my symptoms really escalated. i had probably been having light symptoms before that which weren’t bothering me much.

in fall 16 my symptoms were severe and that lasted about 6 months.  things have been a bit more even keeled until recently. i’ve got hot flashes and sever anxiety right now and the anxiety is really affecting my

life - especially at work. i have panic attacks regularly at work and it’s beginning to make being here just so very very stressful. 

i don’t know what to do. should i tell my supervisor i’m struggling ( i hate that idea becuase i am used to being so competent and capable!) or do i just soldier on??  there are soecific parts of my job that i am finding unbearably overwhelming and i wonder if it would be better for me if i told someone?

have any of you dealt with meno anxiety and if so, how have you handled it? should i go ask my doc for some meds? this is all so foreign to me 😕

thanks in advance


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  • mary ffw savannahjones

    Hey there...I'm 49 too.,.just had a black period.....i now have stomach ache and slight nausea for past three days...not eating as much as I usually do.,..2 days after my period,.also strange feeling down there.....checked online...worst thing I could do... ovarian cancer keeps popping up....starting to really panic and am stressed out something rotten.....I'm already off work with stress due to hubby having a heart attack 4 weeks ago.....tell your won't hurt..... anxiety will continue

  • gailannie savannahjones

    Without being specific, is there any way that you might tell your boss that you are having some medical issues?  That you don't want to take any time off to get things sorted out, however sharing the work load would help out until you can get back to ground zero?    

  • tina00239 savannahjones

    If you feel comfortable talking to your boss (I take it that your boss is female) then I would talk to her. Also if your symptoms are getting so bad that you cant function normally talk to your dr about your medication choices. I take HRT and valium. I have saliva pastilles for dry mouth and oragel for the sore gums and toothache. My symptoms were so severe that I couldnt function at all. Now things are improving slowly but surely so I am gonna stick with it. But the one thing that has helped me so much is coming on this forum and talking to other ladies all over the world who know exactly how I am feeling coz they are feeling it too! XXX

    • debbie12340 tina00239

      Hi Tina,

      I was just wondering if you are in the U.K. ? I see that you take Valium.  I would imagine you feel so much taking them.  I have a very small prescription for 10 occasionally and take them to attend things like the Dentist.

      I wish I could have more because they really help me and allow me to feel so much calmer and all together much better.

      Deb xx

    • tina00239 debbie12340

      I am really lucky debbie. My dr is like my brother and he will give me anything I need to get me through this. I take 2mg every 6 hours so 4 tablets over 24 hours and it keeps me on an even keel. Yes I am in UK but it seems pretty much a worldwide thing that diazepam or vallium as it is better known helps with the anxiety but it can take a while to get into your system it is not a quick fix so it works better if you build it up in your system abit. X

    • debbie12340 tina00239

      Hi Tina,

      You’re very lucky to have a Doctor like that.  Mine is very reluctant and as I say I only get 10 about every 3 months or so.   I feel anxious just thinking that she might not let me have a repeat prescription.  I wonder how I can find someone who will be more understanding.  Can I ask how long you’ve been taking them ? Thanks so much for replying xx

  • Guest savannahjones

    Our situations are very similar.  I feel overwhelmed at work on a daily basis now.  It doesn't help that I'm the oldest employee in my group, either.  In fact, a few months ago, my supervisor told me that some of the youngest in our group complained that I do not keep up well enough.  He did not find any evidence to support their complaints but just wanted to let me know about it.  The matter has not come up again and I am doing the best I can but always feel that I am under a microscope, that what I'm doing isn't good enough.  I need the salary and benefits that I have here and have been in this job for many years, but some days I wonder if I can really keep going like this, feeling so anxious all the time about what other people think.  When you mix this with peri, my lifelong issues with anxiety, and having Crohn's disease, it is a toxic mix.  Like you, I wonder constantly if getting on medication would help at all.  Take care and keep posting.

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