Anxiety and Appendicitis!

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Hi everyone, 

I'm just looking for some advice and reassurance. I suffer from anxiety and have for a fair few years now. Lately when it comes to my health it tends to take over and make me panic. The latest thing I'm obsessing over is having appendicitis. About 3 months ago I started feeling pain in my groin area (where your leg joins your body) on my right side. I went to my doctor about it and he put it down to a pulled muscle. The pain stuck around for a little but went away. Then about a month later it came back again in the same place. I went to my doctor again and he said it can take up to 8 weeks for the muscle to repair itself and if it was still hurting after that come back and he would investigate it further. It's now at the 3 month mark and the pain is still there. It has moved though. I am getting a dull coming and going pain in my right hip and groin area now. It's constantly moving. Also when I wake up in the morning along the bottom of my back kills me but that does leave within half an hour. My anxiety has me so worked up that its my appendix that I feel like I'm feeling weird sensations along my right side stomach near my hip and just under my last rib. The same sensation is also happening along the bottom of my abdomen as I say "under my fat roll" There is defiantly pain there but I'm not sure if something is actually wrong or its my anxiety blowing things up in my mind. I had an x-ray on my right hip today and I'm finding out the results from my doctor tomorrow. I'm also having an ultrasound of my hip but I can't get an appointment for that for 2 weeks. I might add about 2-3 weeks before all this pain started I fell over onto concrete and landed front forward pretty hard. Im not sure if that could have affected anything.  No vomiting, fever, lack of eating, none of that.

Any advice or reassurance would be great because I am quietly going crazy inside my own head. 

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    They should see your appendix when they do a scan. It's frustrating when you just dont know. To me it sounds like kidney stones. I have chronic kidney stones myself, but on one of my ultra sounds, they looked at my appendix and found an Appendicolith (it's like a kidney stone i imagine, because it's calcified fecal matter)... in other words, it's blocking my appendix, which leaves me facing the more than likely inevitable, appendicitis! I normally had pain on my left side, back and front with the kidney stones. Even though i have stones on the right side, i hardly had symptons until about a month before my Appendicolith diagnosis. That pain was very similar to kidney stones, but i was getting a low grade fever off and on and vomiting . I went to my Dr in what she called acute distress and thats when she immediately ordered a ultra sound/CAT scan on both kidneys and bladder. I've since been to a surgeon, and should be getting a call any day for my surgery scheduling for an appendectomy. Sadly i too have anxiety, and i worry my appendix will become inflamed before I'm even scheduled for surgery! I also have 2 hernias as well that they can't repair until my appendix is out. I tell ya... thinks are falling apart in me lol. Anyway, i hope they get to the bottom of it! Let me know what they find out!

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      Oh that sounds terrible. All that with anxiety on top of it would not help at all. I got my x-ray results today and they came back all clear. My doctor is adamant that if it was my appendix it would have presented itself by now. Today the pain has been more around my hip than anywhere else. Every now and then I feel an uncomfortable feeling under my last rib but I change position and it seems to go. I don't know I think my anxiety is blowing this up so badly in my mind. The thought of surgery scares the hell outta me! I managed to bring my ultrasound forward a week so I'll feel better once that it done. According to my referral my doctor is more concerned about trochanteric bursitis. I've heard kidney stones are extremely painful which is why my mind hasn't gone there I think. My pain isn't enough to keep me up at night or stop me eating. It's more of a fear of just not knowing what is causing it. I google too much and have read some people with appendicitis don't show acute symptoms. Damn anxiety! I hope both of us can get to the bottom of our problems (yours sound a lot worse then mine) and get on with our lives. I will defiantly let you know what I find out after my scan at the end of this week smile

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      sometimes kidney stones can be asymptomatic. I hurt more when they are in the lower pole (traveling). I'm part of a kidney stone group on fb, and there's one guy on there who swears he's never felt pain with them! From what I've read, Apendicoliths are usually asymptomatic as well, but I'm almost sure it's irritating my appendix off and on. That's why i get the pain near my right hip as well. If they are doing a ultrasound, maybe mention to the tech to make sure you don't have an Appendicolith.. quick question, gross i know, but do you often get constipated? That's what led to my Appendicolith. From what I've read, people with chronic constipation are more proned to appendicitis. I totally get googling symptons, i could be a Dr from the knowledge I've gained due to my obsession lmao! Oh.. btw, they weren't looking for appendicitis when they found the Appendicolith, it was seen by accident, while they checked my kidney stones. I recieved a phone call fr. My Drs message service to get to the ER asap if i had any pain in my right side and/ or fever and that i was at high riskfor appendicitis. Of course i panicked and went to the ER lol.. that's when i found out the diagnoses.

      Every Dr is different, but i had to basically become my own advocate and signed up with the patient portals to view and read results of certain test. Back when i had my hernia diagnosis a couple years ago, either the Dr wanted to take care of one thing at a time, or she didn't think it was important, but after my hernia repair, i was getting the same pains i had b4 repair... after reviewing my records about 6 months after surgey i saw i had multiple stones on both kidneys. Took 3 procedures to finally bust the large stones up. But i got them again. I'll always have them due to polycistic kidny disease ugh. I hope all comes out alright for you!

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      Oh ok I didn't realise people could get them and have no pain. Today has been a pretty good day for me it's about 1pm here in Aus and I haven't been having much pain today at all. Only a little near my groin when I was standing in the shower but barely lasted. 

      Honestly I rarely get constipated which is surprising with the amount of vitamins I need to take being a vegetarian. I will defiantly mention it to them when I get the ultrasound. I feel like I need someone to actually take a look at my appendix on a scan before Im going to believe that there's nothing wrong with it. 

      Sounds like you have so much going on medically. I'm so sorry you're going through it all. My problem sounds so small compared to yours. It's great to have someone to chat to though. Especially someone that can relate on the anxiety side of things. Thank you for that. 

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      Aww no problem! Good on my end as well! Ty too! I take it you're in Australia? One of the things on my bucket list is to visit Australia! I've made several awesome friends there over the years. Might be easier to chat on fb than here. If you wanna friend me there, here's my page

      If your not able to send me a request yu can just link me your page. I think my privacy setting are high lol. Never know, we might share mutual friends... I've had crazier things happen 😋

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    Hi. I have the same exact problem here. Did you ever find out what it was?

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    Hi iam sure pepple have already said this but best to get checked out at the hospital if you have issue which worries you. Maybe A & E can help.


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