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  • rosesk 2

    Chronic appendicitis or what?

    This is quite a saga but I'm getting to the point where the pain is really making me grouchy and unable to concentrate. About 2 months ago, I had severe pain in my right side, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite,rebound pain, etc. after a day or two I went to my PCP  and she sent me straight to the

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  • matyboyie 2

    are ct scans reliable for diagnosing appendicitis?

    hi last tuesday i had intense pain in my upper left abdomen pain got worse and started to feel pain in my lower right side which made me run to hospital anyways the hospital did a ct scan without contrast said everything looked fine and bloods were okay but had blood in my urine? then next night

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  • flinn 1

    Fluid in abdominal cavity after appendicitis.

    Hello, I will try to be as detailed as possible since I have some very rear problems. I had an appendectomyl(August 6th), my appendix didn't burst, but they told me that it was a little perforated on the bottom(they didn't insert a drain). I had an open surgery(traditional). A couple of days ago,

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  • jasonleake 1

    Recovery after Appendix and Meckel's Diverticulum Removal

    Good evening I was admitted to hospital on 1st May 2014 in to the area the pain was coming from they thought it was down to my the 3rd May 2014 I was finally sent down to theatre expecting to be asleep for an hour but to my surprise i had been asleep for around 4 I

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  • sherrie71836 2
  • colleen446269 1

    Having a cold a week after appendectomy??!!

    Hi! I got my appendix removed about a week ago and now I have a cold. Colds have been going around so I'm not surprised. My only problem is a fever!!! I had a fever last night of 100 and now it's like 99.5 I've been taking ibuprofen. My incisions do not look or feel infected. But is it ok?

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  • becky80409 2


    Hello, I am currently experiencing pain next to my tummy button that is travelling down to my lower right side, it is like a full ache, I have had it for about 3 hours, I keep having waves of feeling hot like a temp, my temp is between 37.5-38.0 the only other symptom I have is like I need to poop,...

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  • sabrina 94014 3

    Appendectomy in a lot of pain

    I am 39 I had an appendectomy last Sunday I had bleeding in my pelvis and loads of adhesions on my colon which were removed, dr doesn't know why I had these I have no history of previous surgery but my mother died of colon cancer so I now need to be tested for that. I was constipated for 12 days I

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  • Hollister84 2

    NEED HELP! ER immediately or wait??

    I am having pretty painful stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen. Its way worse when i take a deep breath or move a certain way and really hurts if i put pressure on it. Its been going on for about 1 hr 15 min and hasn't gotten any better or any worse. It is 3:30 in the morning here. Is this ER worthy?...

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  • sophie 22873 2

    Pain on LEFT side following appendectomy

    Hi, Wonder if anyone has any advice. I had my appendix out just over 3 months ago. Woke up in recovery with the pain gone on right as they'd removed appendix but instead in my left side where my scar is. I'm still in agony over three months later. Work is a real struggle as I'm a teacher by the end

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  • Dhavalc017 2

    Perforated Appendicitis

    Hi, I am 22 year old guy. I started having pain in my stomach and had black vomit on December 10, 2016. Doctor said I have stomach ulcer so I was having medication for stomach ulcer. After 5 days I started having lot of pain in my lower right of my stomach. I had sonography and x-ray and I was

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  • laurx 2


    Hello i had my appendix out 8months ago with keyhole surgery and ever since dishcharge and pain in my belly button! Had numerous antibiotics that clear it up for a few days then it comes straight back!!

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  • Guest M

    perforated apendix/

    I woke on Friday morning thinking I had eaten something that was bad, I slept all day. Saturday afternoon i had a searing pin in my pubic area, so I was taken to the out of hours GP. She told me I had an abscess in my abdomen, gave me antibiotics and sent me home. When I was no better by Tuesday I

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  • TheresaG1991 2

    Chronic or reoccurring appendicitis?

    Hello all. I am a 25 year old, healthy female, however I've been having issues of late! Three years ago I had severe pain in my abdomen, that moved to the right but no one would look at my appendix. After some time and a hospital stay because of a procedure going horribly awry (instead of looking

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  • sarah27633 1

    Pain 18 months after appendix and abcess removal

    Hi all, wanting to know if there's anyone with a similar situation to myself. Last June I had my appendix removed via keyhole surgery, I was discharged 2 days later with mild but manageable pain, over the week that followed the pain seemed to get worse and felt very unwell, one of my wounds became

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  • ScaredyCake 3

    Appendix or??

    Past 4 days I've had intermittent pain on my right side(pretty much where the appendix lives). It's not unbearable, I feel fine-no other symptoms. No nausea, temp etc. I do suffer from IBS sometimes. Could it be that? The pain sometimes goes to my hip and buttock too. I'm a 35 year old female

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  • Sapphirestar 1

    Pain 3 weeks after Appendectomy, Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, d&c

    I've never posted on a forum before, for two years I was the one reading everyone else's stories hoping one of them would match mine but unfortunately not so here's my story: I'm a 21 year old female, never been unwell until 2 years ago when all of this started. I have so many questions to ask and I'

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  • je99613 1

    lower right abdominal pain near my hip

    ive been experiencing some lower right abdominal pain near my hip accomponied by heartburn for about the last hour and a half. im worried it might be appendicitus, i am also feeling a tad dizzy, any info would be helpful. thank you.

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  • sherrie71836 2

    Mild thickening and antibiotics?

    Help please! I had a ct scan 3 weeks ago that showed a mild thickening on appendix. It was a small area. I've been taking cipro in hopes to avoid surgery. Dr doesn't seem that concerned as my appt to see a surgeon isn't for another week. Anyone have any experience with this? I would add I've had

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  • sofiana88014 2


    What was your recovery time? I had a laparoscopy surgery to remove my appendix 3 days ago! I have pain in my abdomen, slight nausea, pain on my right shoulder and sometimes i get chest pain! Is that normal?

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  • Flumpey 1

    Appendicitis like pain One year after surgery

    It is now Wednesday and my symptoms started on Monday, Pain starting at my belly button which throughout the day (took around 6-8 hours) settled right over my appendix scar. This seemed very odd as I went to my GP who basically called me a liar saying my appendix had been removed, that the

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  • taylor1994 1
  • johnny28 2

    Appendix - Confused

    6 weeks ago I had symptons of appenditicis. Went into hospital after NHS Direct advised me. Symptons included, pain by belly button then moved to lower right side. Feeling sick, loss of appetite. The pain was mild, but enough that I could not sleep, Had 4 bloods taken which resulted in increased

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  • kerry03894 1

    RLQ Pain where my appendix are

    Cut the story short, I Got admitted to hospital in June with suspected appenditics, the surgeon 100% thought I had it too & ran urgent scans to find out I had fluid in my pelvis ( appendicitis) the surgeon said and I signed to agree for a laparoscopic appendectomy to remove my appendix! How ever

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  • samee1313 1
  • sally15117 1

    Post-appendectomy 8 weeks why am I still in so much pain?

    21-year old female; asthmatic; medication: (antibiotics, painkillers (codeine phosphate 60ng x4 day) paracetamol, ibuprofen) ) 8 weeks ago I had a laparoscopic appendectomy (4 incision sites) to remove a perforated appendix. The surgeon said he removed 2 litres of pus, and I was on IV antibiotics

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  • kassandra1995 1

    Ongoing problems after Appendix removal

    Good morning/evening! I'm hoping someone can help me or advise further, I had my appendix removed, via keyhole surgery on the 16th July. The pain was horrible! I even nearly passed out which has never happened before, no pain relief was touching the pain, even down to IV morphine. However they

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  • Dee 1983 1

    Appendix being removed with both methods

    I had my appendix taken out on the morning of Sunday, 7 August 2016 which took four hours they attempted keyhole surgery which didn't work so they cut me open about 6 to 7 inches. They wanted to discharge me two days after my operation but I complained of the excruciating pain so they kept me in

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  • Yvonne72736 3

    Gas pain, after appendix out.

    10 days ago I had an emergency laparoscopic  appendectomy and was  recovering well. First bowel movement 6 days after op' after taking taking Movicol prescribed by surgeons, however was advised to up to 2 sachets instead of one and got diahhorea for few days. Pain woke me 2 nights running over

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  • lisa1345 2

    Apendixs and infection afterwords

    Hi I had my apendix removed 4 days ago and am experiencing what I think is a infection in and around the belly of the incition ive been to a&e and they sent me home with antibiotics witch dont seem to be working I'm in awful lot of pain as anybody ever experienced this after this procedure? If

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  • susan556 6

    Will my son survive burst appendix

    Im so worried, son had his appendix removed yesterday morning, only just found out like 1/2 hr. ago that the surgeon told him it had infact burst, his now on anitbiotics by drip. He is 37, All i keep reading is people die from this, is there any who dont and are ok after removal.  What can we

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  • vickya 2

    ?Appendix pain

    I think I may just be a hypercondriac, but for the last few days I have been getting on and off pain in my lower right side, about 2 inches from my belly button and down a bit. It is not especially painfull, just niggling, although it was sharp for a short time this morning, I have no other

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  • barbara55060 2

    appendix pain

    Having dull painand tenderness lower right abdomen for over a week, has anyone had same with appendix problems?

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  • clare73214 1

    Lump following appendectomy

    Hi, I had an open appendectomy just over 2 weeks ago. Infection was really really bad with adhesions so I needed a drain post op. I've started getting pains again although not as bad as before and have developed a sausage shaped lump on the right side of my abdomen but not near the incision site. I'

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  • Surfee 2

    Pain for a week. Advice on Appendicitis .

    I went to the ER last Sat. They did said ovaries looked fine. Pelvic exam, then ct. CT showed normal appendix. After, he came up with Ovarian cyst ruptured and there is fluid. Sharp pains continued. I had temp of 99.3 , felt weak . So I went back to the ER this previous Sat ( week later)...

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