Gas pain, after appendix out.

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10 days ago I had an emergency laparoscopic  appendectomy and was  recovering well. First bowel movement 6 days after op' after taking taking Movicol prescribed by surgeons, however was advised to up to 2 sachets instead of one and got diahhorea for few days. Pain woke me 2 nights running over appendix area so saw GP yesterday. He checked me over, no fever thankfully only bloated belly and lots of bowel noises when he listened, so came to the conclusion its wind pains.  I am passing smallish amounts of wind but not enough to make a difference to pain and uncomfortable bloating. Really difficult. Bowels not moved today as yet, but the only finished with the runs yesterday. Otherwise up and about, moving reasonably well and pottering about a good bit inside home.

Anyone had the same experience 10 days after surgery? Would really appreciate any remedies you took to help. Tried peppermint tea, hot water,very  gentle massage of tummy., nothing seems to help.

Anyreplies would be a God send, it's rally getting me down now, thanks a lot.



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    Hi Yvonne

    It will get better. I had an emergency appendectomy while pregnant for gangrenous burst appendix. That was 2 years ago and I still get wind trouble,

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    Sorry accidentally pressed the reply button before I finished typing!

    I still get wind pain now!! And that's two years on. Mine was particularly bad I got septacemia so have lots of abdo scarring. I took those sachets etc after my surgery too. Since surgery I have had terrible tummy troubles, diarrhoea, lots of stomach pain. I had to go gluten free for a year to try and regain some control, certain foods upset me worse. In honesty my bowl has never been the same and I don't think it ever will be. However yours was laparoscopic so much less invasive, and your not even 2 weeks post op! I would say keep a light diet nothing to high fat and high sugar!

    I took peppermint pills as well as peppermint tea. Also get some 'acidophilus' tablets from any good health store (Holland and Barrett's), they are friendly bacteria found in the gut to help aid it and look after it. Also maybe get some 'enzyme' tablets for after meals (again Holland and Barrett sell some papaya enzyme tablets)

    I spent nearly 3 months in hospital after my appendix burst and it knocked me for six and I am still feeling the after effects. Don't forget to give your body the boost it will need with vitamins and supplements. I hope you start to feel better soon

    Faye xx

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      Morning Faye, thank you very much for replying so quickly, somehow it helps to hear from someone else who has had similar. However my word it put you through the mill, crikey! You had a rotton deal, and all on top of being pregnant as well, you were really brave.  I think you've done marvellously to get as well as you can and cope with giving birth and nurturing your child at the same time....Wow!! I do hope your family and friends have told you how fantastic you are!!

      iIfeel much reassured by your advice, I shall get on line and order some enzyme and try that and I've fortunately already been taking some really good probiotics as you suggested. Right I shall go forward from here on. Once again many many thanks for replying your story has really helped.

      Every good wish in the future, and I hope you and your family continue to go from strength to strength....(in spite of the wind, it is painful isn't it? Ah well, at least we're here to fight another day!)



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      Hi Yvonne

      Such kind words. Thank-you so much. Yes my family know it's an absolute miracle my baby and I are here and still tell me that now.

      My daughter although 3 months prem from it, was such a fighter and is doing fantastic, nearly 2yrs old now! As it was my complications I have suffered more.

      I totally relate to that pain it puts you on the floor doesn't it!! Well it does me. When I read my comment back about my bowl never being the same I thought it didn't sound very positive for you but I was just trying to be honest.

      I was on amitryptaline, tramadol, oramorph and diazepam for it (but I did have an open wound for 3months) I also know I have intestinal damage and scarring which is why I think the wind pain feels like a contraction!! I stopped all the meds for one when the wound was closed but also when I realised that is not the route it just masks the pain, I don't think it's a road to go down its just a stepping stone not an answer!

      Definitely look up some more natural remedies. I also have to take amino acids, floradix liquid iron, VIT C, & D.

      Did yours burst? I do hope you feel better soon. But know that you are not alone and I thought I couldn't go on but there is light at the end of the tunnel you will reach it.

      Wishing you every blessing for healthy tummy xx do reply to this thread even if you just want to sound off about the pain. It's dibillitating but I promise you, it will get better, your doing everything you can, keep up the great work! xx

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      Hi Faye

      I am post op 1 week today from an open surgery appendectomy in NJ USA. I fell upon your rely to Yvonne. I was so happy to find this forum as I having suffering from severe abdominal pain 3 days now that I have begun moving my bowels. I was supposed to to have laparoscopic but I had a complication unrelated to the appendicitis.

      I have had 3 cesarean sections the last being 21 hrs again. I am also a very active fitness instructors 60 years old.

      While beginning my surgery laparoscopic style because of abundant scarring ( adhesions ) of my uterus connecting to my bladder a laceration or hole occurred while removing the scar tissue to get to my appendix.

      Then a new surgeon (urologist) had to come in to repair and I was opened up abdominally.

      I have of course had significant incisional pain and I also have a Foley catheter in place continually draining my bladder for minimum of 10 days.

      Why I am here now is that I am having what you all have been describing. Severe bloating Contraction like tightening of my abdomen and passing of frequent gas and then painful bowel movement. The catheter is added "fun" as I have a muscle spams around the catheter during the movement.

      I am taking a stool softener eating foods w fiber( veggies prunes apple juice apples oatmeal) taking food enzymes 3x a day and drinking lots of water

      After reading this forum I am going to add acidophilus and probiotics to my regimen. I am normally on a Vegan diet but I am eating eggs and a little chicken to increase my healing recovery. It sounds like gluten free may be next as well as I have read that helps here as well

      I am not happy to hear that many of the bowel symptoms and some "stitches " of pain may be prolonged way after my initial post op period. But I am also realistic that in order to help myself better I need to know these things are possible and that I am not lossinf my mind.

      I look forward to any and all responses from you Faye or Yvonne Etc. Glad all went well with you baby as well with all the complications and prematurity. Denise xo

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      Hi Denise

      Sorry to hear about your recent surgery and complications. I'm afraid up until my appendix surgery I had never had any surgery at all so cannot imagine how much scarring you have from 3 c-sections!

      I would say ease up with food enzymes as they can escalate going to the toilet a lot (so I found) as they are breaking down the food quicker and possible "gassy-ness" especially if you are already taking food softners.

      I echo what Yvonne has said unfortunately (for me) the surgery was just the beginning, not a means to an end as I had hoped. Again as already said I am 2 years post op and having tummy pain, spasms, bloating, excessive "toileting". I also find the above symptoms increased around my cycle and have had bladder pain since op. I genuinely think I have adhesions, but my healing time I have been told by surgical team is 3-4yrs (as wound was open) so no-one is willing to go near me for an OP to remove them. I'm sorry I can't say something that you can do to make it go away. I just try and manage my symptoms daily. I would definitely recommend gluten free I did his for a year post OP and from what you have said you are taking very positive steps to "self help" with diet and supplements.

      Hope you are feeling a bit better today, the road may be long but it doesn't have to be alone!

      Faye xx

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      I am on the mend Faye. I finally got my foley out last Tue. Though I am continuing to have bladder spasms and urgency when I pee the pain is getting better. Tku for advice to stop Food enzymes. It definitely helped. I am 2 weeks post op as of Thur. Moving around better and down to 1 pain pill at bedtime. Still have bloating and gas but getting less. Up to 3 stool softener a day for bowels. Trying to eat things to help with that too. And drunk drunk drunk. My anxiety about how I will be at end of this until post op period of 6-8 weeks continues but I do try to distract myself from it. I just want to be back to normal again. My doctor says to really wait 6-8 weeks before returning to my work as fitness Instructor. Because of exertion risks My incisions are healing nicely which is good as well. My next dr visit is 8/5 w general surgeon. Urologic surgeon again in 6 weeks. Very tired but have been doing little errands w my friends driving me or taking a walk everyday I am very lucky to have support from friends family and hubby. Will update again soon. Hope your doing well
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    Hi Faye, oh that's great news that your little miracle is now a thriving no doubt head strong 2 year old (if she's anything like my 3 were at 2) after such a trial getting here! 

    No thankfully the appendix was just inflamed, although I do suspect It had been there for ages as I also have IBS and M.E. and Pelvic Neuropathy and I just kept thinking it must be one of those, especially as I'm 66! Apparently more unusual to get it at my age. My family are of course all grown now and married, but a crisis does make you realise that we should all cherish each other as much as we can. I consider myself lucky I'm on the mend, in spite of as you say the wind pain, it is rotton but hey where near as bad as your experience was, but you and your lovely little girl have come through, and what story you'll be able to tell her when she's bigger!

    I totally agree with eating correctly, fresh as much as possible, a little and often and taking supplements, I already take Evening Primrose, and Milk Thistle herb for M.E.

    Ah you and your little girl have a lovely Spring Bank Holiday, the weather is forecast to be warmer again, barmy weather all round we had snow this morning!



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    Hello Faye, how lovely of you to ask how I am doing! Not had a good couple of days as I suffer from migraine and M.E. as well and started a migraine yesterday morning which has only just settled.  However tummy not been brilliant as well until my daughter reminded me to try some Wind Settlers, they really did help to shift some of it, although I.m not too sure as to whether that was what caused the headache, have to see. Also I read on the internet that a lady over in America was told by a surgeon that he see's a lot of nerve pain over the appendix area post-operatively. As I already suffer with Pelvic Neuropathy that seems to make sense to me too. I've been doing a bit too much as well, so am being schooled to relax more by my husband.... Oh heck! 😊😄.

    Hope all is well where you are, and that you and your little girl aren't getting soaked if it's raining there.... It is here!!

    Kind regards Faye, thanks SO much for thinking of me!


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      Awww Yvonne sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell.

      Poor you, you have lots going on physically don't you which i can imagine is just a struggle to get up in the mornings! But we push ourselves don't we. Take it easy, everything is still always there tomorrow.

      How interesting about the lady in America I always like to hear other post op stories to see if there are any similarities or something that we all seem to suffer from once we've had appendicitis.

      Not bad here, having some issues with thyroid so been having bloods done, had terrible tummy on Thursday could not get off the toilet! Just does that every once in a while. Bonnie was 2 this week! She was dressed as snow-white all day! smile

      Just cloudy here but still warm.

      Take good care

      Faye xxx

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      Aw your little Babe sounds delightful!!

      Ooh I know exactly what you mean about the smallest room in the house, gets pretty much a lot of use in our house too! Like you I do my best to stay positive, I allow myself a melt down very occasionally but try my best not to stay there long. These life episodes certainly try us but I suppose that's what it all about, staying positive as much as we can and relishing every moment of little darlings dressed as Snow White for the whole day!

      Keep smiling Faye, you're a Star!


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      Hi Faye, sorry to bother you at weekend,but I was just wondering if you found you had any problem with lower back pain? For the past week my lower back has been really painful and it seems to have aggravated the area over where the appendix was, a kind of dragging stitch-like pain there too. I'm still struggling really, got a water infection 6 weeks ago for which GP gave me antibiotics and that seems fine now. Then had a couple of sore pressure points on my back but they too seem fine now, no sign of them anymore. My tummy is very gurgley and still loads of wind like you mentioned, it's just this bad back pain and also still pain over op' site. Hope you are ok yourself are you? Very rainy here where we are, always seems to rain at weekend when folk are off work and could perhaps enjoy their gardens!  

      X Yvonne

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      Hi Yvonne

      Sorry to hear you are struggling. I have suffered with low back pain for many years - before op. I have noticed it slightly worse since op and I wonder if it takes more pressure as my tummy and core has so much scarring? I to suffere with recurrent water infections so I feel your frustration, not sure if this is appendix related as always have them. They say once you've had a few your really prone to them!

      The stitch and dragging I get quite alot. I was helping Bonnie down from a slide a few days ago, and my tummy just went into spasm (different from stitch and drag) at the scar sight. I was stuck on the steps down and literally couldn't move from pain, And was crying, I felt embarrassed I was wth my husband and son too so he just stood with me until it passed and I could move, but no children could use it with me in the way. A women was nice enough to me but said maybe I need to work on my core do some exercise and take 2 paracetamol. I thought - lady you no nothing about me and what my health has been. I told her its not the sort of thing you throw pain relief at - it's a spasm and just need to wait for it to release,pain relief is futile!! We are on holiday at the moment so this happened as I said in a park at a wildlife conservation! Spasms like that don't happen often but if I move funny or twist wrong it just sets it off, I wish I knew exactly because then I wouldn't move like it at all so's not to get any spasms (if only) the last one I had like that woke me from sleep, must have laid funny and it woke me in the middle of the night - it's like leg cramp but in my scar. Unfortunately I think that's adhesions and I'm gonna have to live with it for an extent, it's always sore for a couple of days after spasm but I just get on with it.

      As I say we are on holiday in Jersey The Channel Islands at the moment, spent 10days here and just about to get the ferry back. We have had rain here but it's scorching today and we spent the morning on the beach, it is so beautiful here.

      Contact me anytime days of the week don't matter all the same to me smile I hope you get some sunshine ASAP to sit outside, it lifts the spirit of your feeling low from health issues, big hugs xxxx

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      Aw dear Faye, that's SO kind of you to reply and you're on your holidays as well!!  I had a cry myself as I read it, I was so touched that you even took the time to reply on your hols. Ooh fantastic you have been in gorgeous Jersey....I was there for a week many years ago now, but it's such a lovely place and funnily enough I was only thinking back on it a few days ago.

      Oh I sympathise completely with you getting that spasm....cor they are blinking agonising! I have had a couple of really bad ones last year and was so affected I just had to lie on the floor in the loo for about an hour, with my husband sitting on the floor beside me. I literally couldn't have got in an ambulance even if we'd called one.(At that time I didn't know what it was, but my GP explained and gave me some extra strong Buscopan to keep on hand in the hope it might help should I get any more. He suspects I just have a really sensitive gut.I have IBS anyway.)

      I suppose that person was trying in her own way to help, although that of course depends on her tone and demeanour when she mentioned the exercise/paracetamol, you had to deal with her as well as the spasm she was most likely being 'narky' because her kid couldn't get up the blasted slide! Whatever, her comments will have only prolonged and impounded your stress and so she shot herself in the foot...ha ha!! I find people are SO impatient these days, bet she wasn't from Jersey as all the people especially the drivers were an absolute treat when I was there. 

      I've been wondering if the back and tummy pain might be adhesions myself. I telephoned the ward at the hospital I was in earlier to see if I could get any advice, but they said eleven weeks since being in the hospital was just too long a gap for me to be called back without my GP referral so if the pains get very bad to come to A&E. Anxious to avoid that long 4 hour wait if possible so will try the GP on Monday. 

      Its really helped you writing of your experiences, somehow just that reassurance helps me feel like I'm not going barmy! Or being soft. cry

      Hopefully by now you may be well on your way to being home again, hoping that the sea was wonderfully calm on the ferry. Banish that incident from your mind, bet you've otherwise had a wonderful holiday with your 2 children and husband, one to remember, there are such lovely beaches on Jersey. And bliss no motorways.... Yippee!!

      We recently bought two reclining chairs to sit in the garden but haven't yet had a chance to test them out as yet....the really good husband I have needs to get the strummer on that grass!

      May I email you instead of writing on the forum? Please don't worry if you'd rather not I do understand. Thank you for replying Faye have a safe and peaceful return journey, will let you know how I get on.

      Hugs back,



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      Oh I meant to put.... email you via the Forum Faye, sorry. I think there is a facility to do that. I do understand that we all need to apply caution on the Internet.

      It will be lovely to be back in your own beds tonight I should think, and plenty of lovely memories of beautiful Jersey!

      Hugs again,

      smile  xx

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      Hi Yvonne

      Honestly it's no trouble, get in touch anytime, I know I was on my hols but I also know what is it like to go through this every day. When I email, I don't mean to bring the conversation always back on me, I just know how isolating it can feel when no-one understands, so I find if you talk about your experiences and others could relate it makes you feel less like you are going through these symptoms alone.

      11 weeks and yes they will make you go through the system from scratch again - I find that so unfair! I would say my IBS symptoms improved just over a year after surgery, and I never really suffered with much of that before surgery.

      I think most definitely it can be scarring, I was told by my surgeon any abdominal surgery for any reason will get you some adhesions - hence why they won't do anymore surgery on me sad. I'm sorry you are having such a rough time with it that you had to get in touch with your ward only to be turned away. You hit rock bottom and there is no where else but up as they say but it can feel like such a slog every day to keep going especially if your having a bad few weeks sometimes my "tummy episodes" last a month and then it settles down again.

      We had a lovely holiday and it was a long journey home we got in at midnight last night, been catching up on washing and housework today! Own bed last night was amazing, nothing like your bed.

      Had so much rain here while we were away it has drowned my Swiss chard, beetroot and dwarf beans in the garden! So annoyed!

      It's meant to be sunny over the coming days so I do hope you

      Manage to get out on your recliners.

      Hope you've had a better day today

      Faye smile x

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