anxiety and celepram

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hey there,

am new to the forum. just wondering what your anxiety symptoms are. i have been suffering from anxiety/ panic dissorder for over a year. it first started when i was pregnant with my second child. i fainted at 13 weeks and since then had panicked all the time thinking it would happen again. i then got gestational diabetes which made thing even more panicky for me. anyway so it started with being dizzy and off balance for a bit they told me that it was the pregnancy but after having him things didnt get better. i was constantly going to doctors worrying about the dizziness. ive got ringing in the ear, muscle tension, my arms, face, tongue and neck get tingly or numb. i thought i was having a stroke! i also get tingling in the feet and legs sometimes is this normal? sometimes my arms get painful and i get a bit of chest pain which i think is costochondtritis which i suffered for over a year before i got pregnant. ive recently been on celepram 10mg for 9 days and now 20mg for 11 days. when my dose was upped i felt really happy and like everything was getting better but for the past few days ive had the numbness/ tingly on my face tongue and neck and my arms have started hurting. does this get better? sometimes i dont think it is anxiety but ive had heaps of tests done and they are always clear. i suppose living with it for so long you just want everything to get better now but i suppose it takes time.

i hope that theres someone out there that feels like me so i know im not crazy

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    Hi Cassandra,

    I thought that I'd show you some support until the more experienced members click on or get up! Obviously I cannot comment re pregnancy etc being a bloke.

    However, I was prescribed 10mg Citalopram back in early December and put on sick leave due to work related stress. I have since increased to 20mg and now 30mg and have similar side effects as you. In fact coming to this forum has helped me realise I ain't going crazy too! Every individual has various side effects, but these appear to be dependant on the individual metabolism, lifestyle, any other meds etc. I have buzzing which goes away as the meds kick in, but reappear each time I increase. I feel freaky, spaced, aches, pains, down moments (thankfully, no more than a couple or three hours after taking the med), sometimes shaking, lack in libido, the munchies and dreams! Every night I dream and if I get up in the middle of the night I, honestly, on returning to sleep either go back to the same dream or start another! I have always enjoyed the odd dream and years ago used to eat cheese last thing to, hopefully, dream of my late parents, but now it is almost unbearable. Yet, I have to beleive I will get better and with Ann's (my partners love and understanding) it becomes easier.

    One thing I have learned here is that Cita can cause anxiety before it treats it and it takes as long as it takes, we all have to just try and grin and bear it the best we can.

    A friend of ours, who is in a community service position (like me) had what she thought was a stroke (the symptoms you mentioned are almost the same as hers) on Telegraph Hill on the A380 managed to pull over and call an ambulance. She was afterwards diagnosed with work related stress and is now like me very gradually recovering.

    Thankfully we are all here to help eachother.

    I hope and pray I have given you a little reassurance in my message. One thing you must remember is that, if you have any concerns or just feeling low sign on here and there is always someone listening!

    Take care.

    Regards, David

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      thankyou for the reply david!

      you have reassured me so much! im glad that im not going crazy as alot of people do have these symptoms! i guess i just get worried that it isnt working because before i was on cit for over a year i have suffered from these symptoms i guess i should be used to them but im urging to feel like myself again!

      having a great support system is really helpful im glad your partner is helping you through! my partner is to which is great i just hate being like this day in and day out when i have 2 kids to run after. but hopefully it kicks in soon ive been on cit for nearly 3 weeks now and been on the 20mg for 12 days so hopefully theres light at the tunnel soon!

      thankyou you again for replying to me you have made me so happy!

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    Hi there Cassandra,

    I could write a book about hormones and the effect they have on us.  But basically they control over 400 of our bodily functions and things just don't start.  So you were right to assume this.  Anxiety and hormones go hand in hand.

    If you type in hormone imbalances you will see a nice long list and I am sure you will recognize quite a few of them - but I can relate to all of what you say.

    If you need help or pointing in the right direction as I am under a professor who has sorted me out.  I had to do a lot of research and went to the pituitary org to find him.  That is endocrinology and hormones as the pituitary controls all of this.  GP's and tests - mm I won't even go there.  Zero.

    Your not going crazy - but believe you me hormones do make you feel like that as they mess up our neuro chemistry oh so nicely, which I did some training on in drug rehab centre where I learnt to counsel.  Lots of woman through pregnancy, hormone pills etc get put out of balance, etc. etc.

    Hope this helps and points you in the right direction.

    Big hugs Mel Xx

    p.s. cit is the right direction to go in first - as the lady on reception at pit org had polycestic ovaries and they put her on this whilst balancing her back out and it has so helped me and others.  Symptoms vary whilst cit getting in your system - but it does all pass.

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      thanks for the reply melaine!

      i will be sure to google this hormone thing! i thought by now (my son is 9 months) that all the hormones would have gone back to normal but everyone is different and our bodies work in different ways!

      it took me a while to turn to cit as i tried it a couple of months before now. i thought i could handle it myself but things just got worse. im glad i started taking it though as i lost my nana recently aswell which was a big blow but it has calmed me down a bit.

      heres to hoping everything starts to work out!

      thankyou again for your reply its muchly appreciated! smile

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    No probs.  You are very welcome.  It can take quite some time for our hormones to settle back down and don't know what contraceptive they might have put you on, if you are back on one - but that also can have a massive impact.

    So sad to hear about your nan and obviously griefing, stress or any thing like that can also add to the burden and put things under stress.

    Big hugs.  Mel Xx

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      yes well that it. damn hormones! i was on levlen but have been off of that for about a month i thought that could have been doing something. im getting the implant put in on saturday so atleast i wont have to worry about getting pregnant anytime soon. 2 is enough for me lol

      thanks for that it definately throws a spanner into the works but she had been sick for quite sometime. we all knew it was gonna happen eventually but shes my nana and she had a huge impact on my life and not being able to ring her and see her is hard but atleast i gave fond memories of her.

      how long have you been on cit for? how are ypu going with everything?

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      Hi there,

      No probs.  I have been on cit for 5 years - 20 mg - it has really helped suppress my hormones. 

      I have always had hyper active ovaries and couldn't take the pill as would be bouncing off the ceiling.  So when they kicked in I was ovulating 4 times a month.

      So I have controlled my hormones with good diet and exercise, but then I went in to perimenopause and all hell broke out.  It sent me in to hyper drive and then dropping to the floor.

      So I did a lot of research etc. etc.  A hormone imbalance runs through our family and my 3 cousins have had a worse time than me and my poor nan.  Anyways they gave one of my cousins a book which was written by a professor in endocrinology and hormones, which explained how many people have a hormone imbalance which leads to anxiety and/or depression and lots of other things.  Herself having suffered. 

      So I am now under a professor who has helped me tremendously and got my hormones back under control, just limping through menopause now.

      If you are chemically sensitive I would recommend you doing a bit more research into the implants as quite a few people have had really bad adverse effects from them, which you can look up on the net, unless you have had one before and got on with them.  Like if you google merina coil and anxiety, the same with implants. You will be amazed.

      Good luck with all this and if can help futher in any way here.

      Mel Xx

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      hey here,

      im glad that the cit has been working for you and i hope you have everything under control with your hormones. i googled hormone imbalance and im sure i dont have that. i guess my anxiety and panic comes from worrying to much about my kids about makibg sure the house is clean bills are paid etc etc. i have always been a stress head but i think after having my second child it has just gotten worse especially worrying constantly through the pregnancy with being dizzy and fainting. ive just been upped to 30 mg so ill see how i go they do seems to be workibg the first 3 days being on 20mg i felt like myself again smiling and laughing something i havent heard myself do in a very long time!

      alot of this comes back to when i had my 1st child a d one of my friends had a little girl a few weeks before but then she got pregnant again and passed away. i know its silly but ever since then ive constantly worried is that going to happen to me! when you have kids your life changes so much and you cant just think about yourself you constantly think about them all the time. but i have tried to put that past me now and i have its still in the ba k of my mind but for now im just worrying about not being 100% for my kids which they deserve so much. so im hoping that ut only gets better from here being on the cit.

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      Hi there,

      So sorry to hear about your friend.  Any shadow of a former trauma will bring back those same old feelings.  So I can understand why it has been foremost in your mind whilst pregnant again.

      Our brain craves security and obviously with a new born - routine etc etc is out of the window and so much more responsibility.

      I can reassure you the citalopram will calm it all down, but the fainting and the dizziness will have impacted you on those thoughts about your friend dying and is it going to happen to you, this is perfectly normal, although really not nice.

      Unfortunately if we allow our thoughts to run riot and we can stop this, just takes training in that area, if we tell our brain more than 4 times something our subconscious believes it.  So you have to start reprogramming it from a negative to positive by reassuring yourself that it isn't going to happen.  What then happens is your established thought patterns can be changed from negative to positive.  Like I know I am going to be hear for my kids.

      Rather than just burying a lot of this believe you me it is better to address these issues now rather than when we hit mid life.  That is why a lot of people have mid life crisises.

      Really don't worry about being 100% - we live in a world where perfection is portrayed - but believe you me it never can be.  The most important thing to your kids is your love.

      The best thing with worry is to get people to help you work through it and put your thoughts back in to perspective.  It so helps.

      I really hope this helps as I so feel for you as have been through a lot of what you are going through and come out the other side but then went on to learn all about our brains - neuro chemistry etc. etc.

      Big hugs and loves Mel Xx


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      hey mel,

      thanks for all of your advice. i think the cit is working mentally im not worrying much anymore but my body is still trying to tale over. its good to know that you've come out of it with positive and makes me very hopeful that it will happen eventually.

      yes thats why ive turned to cit because i got to the point of breaking down and being over all the physical pain. i am glad i chose to start taking it im only kicking myself that i should have done it sooner!

      thanks for all thw encouraging words and advice i really appreciate it!

      cassandra xo

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      Hi Cassandra,

      You are so welcome. 

      I know when I went through IVF and they left my hormones in hell of a mess as I produced 23 eggs in 8 days and then put progesterone below my stomach as my womb wouldn't thicken up enough - I felt like I was going to hit the deck for a whole year.  Dizzy spells and fainting so know how you feel.

      Eventually it did all die down.

      Here for you any time as are all of the guys on here they are all so great.

      Mel Xx

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