Anxiety and health anxiety, please share your story along with mine

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Hi Lucy/ All,

I hope you're all still following this thread. I'm sitting here right now with left elbow pain and forearm/finger tingling. Of course I'm worried it's something serious because it's left arm, however more likely it's how I was sleeping.

I'm 42 and in the last 6 months I've had 3 EKG's, an ECG, blood work (total cholesterol was 155) and a stress test- all came back with no issues. Cardiologist said once a year he gets someone do as well as I did on stress test. I'm about 20lbs overweight and very active.

I do have a general anxiety issue and have on and off my whole life. But I'm convinced there's something wrong, even though all signs point to normal aches and pains compounded by anxiety.

I've had a few trips to the ER over the last 5-10 yrs convinced I was having heart problems. I've recently thought I could have MS. I get regular check ups and my doctor says I'm in better shape than most people my age. He said he'd bet the building nothing is wrong and to go run a marathon.

It's terrible to live like this, all the tests say nothing's wrong but we can't just move on and live life

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    Very interesting, it seems a lot of people have test and when they are all clear they still worry sad

    I am 20 years old and have battled anxiety all my life but only in the last 4 years it's been health anxiety

    Lately I am completely obsessed with my heart because I have heart flutters that Come and go all day

    Relaxing after exercising etc at work etc

    Soon as I was told 2 years ago that I had a heart murmur is when it all begin

    Days go by slow no matter what I do because I am constantly thinking about my heart, I can't spent time with my girlfriend or enjoy thanksgiving because I'm always thinking about it or on my phone looking up mitral valve prolapse or something.. I've had 2 ekgs that have come back normal and the second time they said it was normal and brought in an anxiety specialist to talk with me. I feel that I can't really resume my life until I get this echo that I've managed to save $2000 for

    And that's a lot of work when every hour at work is a living hell because you're worried

    I don't lift weights anymore because of the fear that I will get heart palls again after not having them for 2 days or more

    I just don't do anything but zone out each day until my echo test

    I'm certain they will tel me I have MVP or worse, I'm mentally prepared to hear it by now and if for some reason they tell me it's anxiety and my heart is structurally normal it will feel better then winning the lottery, I just hope I don't lose touch and if for some reasons it's normal I'm still worried about it.. That's my messed up story smile goodluck with your anxiety

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      But the sad part is, I'm already thinking if my echo is normal maybe I should save money for a stress test also! I don't know why it just seems like it might find something that the echo didn't lol.. Damn

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      Are you aware how many people have MVP? Its extremely common, whether doctors want to say it is or not.. I personally know of 6 people that have this, and I have a small circle of friends. I'm terrified of my heart also, but they said the only thing I have is sinus tach. I had palps constantly. Even on my holter, they basically told me my anxiety was making me think I was having palps because there was no indication on the readings except for one single pause in 24 hours. I still get heart palps whenever I bend down or pick something heavy up.. I can't figure out why but it's irritating haha

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    The one thing I have learnt with Anxiety this year is that it can cause a vast array of horrible physical sensations in our bodies. When we focus on them, they suddenly become worse and more terrifying. At my worse, I was googling what was wrong every 30 mins - obviously adding fuel to the fire. I was convinced my heart rate was to high / wrong, yet countless tests shown I am fine despite by disbelieve.

    Every day for two months, I had tension headaches, dizziness, balance problems, insomnia, palpitations. You name it. I couldn't accept it was Anxiety.

    I can't walk anywhere without the room spinning and my legs feeling weak / made of jelly, it's horrible. My doctor one day pointed out (after many trips in): "you like cycling don't you", I said yes and I try as often as possible. He replied how can you maintain balance on a road bike if you are that dizzy walking? - Your mind has simply changed focus on that was stopped 90% of your problems. You are physically able, it's just anxiety causing the horrendous feelings.

    I am currently weighing up whether or not to try Sertraline. I just want to back to being care free and enjoy normal things like going out for a meal without freakng out.

    I sympathise with you.


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    Hi Josh. As others have said, this is a very common symptom with anxiety. My personal feeling is that general anxiety and health-specific anxiety typically overlap now and then in all anxiety sufferers. And so many of us here have had (or are having) similar symptoms and fears. Since you've had tests done over the years, I'd say that your heart is absolutely fine. You know that it's fine on a logical level, but still you have these fears - and that's what anxiety does. It's like a mind trick...a very mean mind trick. There are ways of dealing with this, like cutting out coffee and sugary drinks; starting CBT or other forms of therapy; taking certain medications; practicing mindfulness and belly breathing. The list goes on and on. But these things are more ways of coping than curing. Anxiety generally lingers in AD sufferers....and so it's a matter of dealing with the symptoms the best way that you can. But I can promise you that you're perfectly healthy! Don't despair. This is a supportive community - post here any time you need to. We're here for you. smile

    Best xxx

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