Anxiety and heart palpitations have got the better of me :'(

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Hi anyone who's reading this

I'm amy and im 23 years old.

I don't really know why IV signed into this. I'm guessing that im looking for some kind of help from people who understand exactly how I feel right now. And im hoping this will help me a little.

Iv been diagnosed with having anxiety and its completelty got the better of me so fast and I need to beat it. I have a One year old daughter and im not myself what so ever and its frustrating ME and getting me upset because this anxiety has completely taken over and I don't know how to over come IT.

It's really started 5 months ago, I started to get migraines. Really bad ones. Which left me blury eyed for 5 days. Eventually part of my vision went from straining so I had to wear glasses 24-7 which was hard to her used to for me as I feel self concious. After that My migraines were intense for a food few months. This year has little been horribke for me so far. (If your still reading and havent got bored yet thanks! πŸ˜‚)

Anyway my anxiety started. Which I was in denial about. I kept getting pains in my arms. Chest pains. To which I had my first panic attack and ended up in a&e for 11 hours. Ever since then im convinced something bad will happen to me. Every weird twinge in my body. To me IT was something bad about to Start.

I started getting heart palpitations and I couldn't calm myself down. They would start randomly at any point of the day and I was confused as to why they would start.

Iv now been put on propanolol or how ever you spell it. To calm me down. Iv been on it 2 days. 10mg 3times a day

There helping with my heart palps but after reading all the side affects. And stupid googling i keep getting myself in a panic about taking them😭😭

I really want to over come this as soon as I can. I'm a confident person and I don't know how this has won.

Has anyone got any tips how to get over this. I want to come off this betablocker asap. And get back to my normal self

Are there any ways of helping heart palps without meds

Any advice would be greatful

I don't want to get depressed over this 😩

Thanks for reading x

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    Hi there I'm d same too suffer palps for a yr now I've been on beta blockers two types had t stop ciz of side effect n I have t say much much better I don't want t b stuck on meds if its anxiety related I want t do natural ways.. I been taking passiflora drops for 14 months now and havent looked back I went t a pschyotherapist/hypnotherapist n done 4 sessions n I've learned a lot on deep breathing exercises n they work wonders believe me one of the big things is believing its only anxiety n nothin bad will come out of it. I still do the wat its but I ride through them n stay as calm as I can n distract myself as best I can lol... U shud try deep breathing I think it may benefit u?
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      I always try breathing. Try anything to distract myself. They honestly start randomly. And I don't know what's triggering them.

      The past couple of weeks. I go to sleep calm and the second I wake up. Boom they start. It's annoying. And as you know it feels horrific!!!

      Maybe I should speak to someone then? My Dr has offered councillng. X

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      Ye mine cum out of blue for no reason but I wake during sleep with racing heart etc its very frightening n sometimes I can settle othertimes no? But I still here so i no its anxiety ye try talking t sumone defo worth a try
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    I'm Kayla I'm 19 I feel the exact same!!! Heart palpations are the worst!!! I hate it so much I feel ur pain I REALLLY do 😩. I'm on propranolol 40mg twice a day!!! They don't really help with the fast heart just kinda stops the thudding in my chest. I'm so fed up with living like this I feel im going to go into cardic arrest I'm so scared. I really hope u can get through this! Just stay on propranolol don't read the side effects! Ur doctor gave them to u so give them a try x
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      It's horrible isn't it babe.

      Honestly difficult to get through. Struggling and no one knows how I feel.

      How long have you been on them for?

      And yeah they don't stop mine much. Just the thuds.

      Have you had any side effects?

      Hope youcan over come it too. X

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      Iv been on them a couple of months. Yeah do u get where u heart feels like it stops then does a massive thud!! It's so horrible feel like I'm dying 😩. No side effects on propranolol I don't think anyways . Right now I feel like my heart isn't beating right it's so scary. U will get through this x
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    Hi Amy my names laura I'm 22 I just want to say ur not alone hun, I'll tell u how mines started I'm exactly like u, basically it started in October I was at my bf's house and on the night when I got in bed I felt fine but then at 4am i all of a sudden woke up struggling to breathe, couldn't calm down didn't know what was happening to me and neither did my boyfriend so obvs he called a ambulance I was in hysterics crying because we didn't know wat was happening to me, anyhow paramedics arrive and did ecg etc and said I was having a panic attack now I didn't know as to why I had one but they assured me it was one! Anyway long story short my life went downhill from there, I went from outgoing confident bubbly self to someone who was a shadow of herself after that first "panic attack" I kept having them but each time was different more intense! Chest,arm pain, palpitations, heart racing etc and I was sure I was having a heart attack I mean its not like I was stressed as to why I was having these anyway it went of for a few weeks and I thought I was getting back to myself then bam, new years eve I felt on edge not sure why but I did and I thought no not gunna let it spoil my night so had one drink after that I wish I never because I wasn't aware of what was to come I had the worst paniv attack I have had ended up with my dad rushing me to hospital at 11:50pm before new years me thinking I was having a heart attack well again it was a panic attack! From then on I have them daily I was so convinced the hospital or my gp was wrong that I ended up going hospital on 7 different occasions in the space of 2 weeks convinced each time I was having a heart attack! I had 7 ecgs, 2 x rays and numerous blood tests which all came back fine, I got put on propranolol 10mg and was told to take them 3 times a day, well what do I go and do? Read the side effects! ! Start Googlin etc! Well apparently if u stop them they cause heart attack or death so I went back to my doctors convinced he was killing me and that I'm dying that something is wrong with my heart etc!! He assured me it's anxiety! Well I started taking the propranolol and it did calm me down, iv been on them since January and because I have kinda accepted I have "anxiety" I want to come of them, iv gone down to one a day and hopefully I can come of them for good!! I havent touched alcohol since been on them as I was petrified I would die! Anyway I still have daily symptoms chest pain constantly on left side (where my heart is) palpitations etc but I still adamant I'm coming of them even tho my doctor said I should have them until I get rid of these thoughts that I'm constantly gunna have a heart attack! Bet ur thinking I'm a loony lol well I'm not this is what anxiety has done to me without fail every day I'm convinced I'm having a heart attack I can be fine one min then the next I want to run hospital I even had 2 months of work as I was sure someone else can have my job vecause I was dying anyway!! I sound so selfish but still after all that my head is telling me look laura if they was something wrong I would know but my heart is telling me I'm been misdiagnosed and they just passing it as anxiety!! Sorry to bore u with all this but I just want u to know ur not alone hun, stay on the propranolol until ur 100% convinced ur ok, I know it's hard extremely hard but u will get better hun just think positive thoughts don't allow it to ruin ur life, I have finally gone back to work but everyday I can't help but think that it is my body warning me I have something wrong with my heart!! sad it's awful but u will get better hun please stay on the propranolol they really work for calmING u down but it's ourselfs who have to get rid of the negative thoughts, everyday when I get these symptoms I just want to run to hospital just in case this time it isn't a panic atrack and it's really a heart attack but I have to stop myself! I also got put on mirtazipine which is a antidepressant now I know for a fact I wasn't depressed but my doctor told me to take them and I did I chucked away the leaflet so I couldn't read it and suprisingly they made me slowly feel better as I say every day I still get flutters in chest, I'm constantly touching my chest checking my pulse but it'd mainly on a night now hence why the antidepressant is a relaxer so sends me to sleep and makes me not worry they are good so maybe try asking ur doctor if he thinks u may need them I know u may not be depressed hun but they are worth taking if ur not sleeping on a night time, anyway if u want to talk feel free to message me smile sorry for long post but hope it helps x
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      Hi babe. You sound exactly the same as me lol

      Iv been to the hospital 2 times in a week because I was convinced I was about to have a stroke or a heart attack

      It's litterally the worst thing ever. I don't for one second think your a loony haha because If you are then so am I babe πŸ˜‚. (We probably are)

      I don't like the tablets. I like that there stopping my heart feel like it's going to jump out my chest but bar that! I Want to come off and Iv only been on 2 days lol!

      And with that section in the leaflet about dying πŸ˜‚ that's what got me in a panic and im calling them first thing tomorrow! Because I haven't been able to speak to anyone as it's the weekend

      And Id love to speak to you it's nice having someone who knows how in feeling.

      And I understand about keep rushing to the hospital. It's the only place you feel safe. I was the same

      Is there private message on this xx

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      Hahah thank god for that yeah we probs are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yeah I only think they take away the thuds but every now and then I'd say about a fair few times a day I get this massive thud as tho my heart has stopped and it's thudding that hard to work again I just can't accept anything the doctors say!! Like before I had any of this if I was poorly and I went to docs say I had a chest infection or whatever I'd believe them but now it's like it's poison what there telling me but we have to realise there the health experts well so they say πŸ˜‚ can u believe I even looked on ebay see if someone was selling a ecg machine I got that bad i honestly don't know how my bf has coped with me πŸ˜‚ it is life changing tho and the worst thing I do as well like ill have a cig to try calm me down but I honestly don't think it helps lol!! Hopefully one day there's a cure I really do think there should be more awareness of anxiety tho because it can just happen and ruin people's life's! I'm slowly getting better but until it's all over with I'm just gunna think I'm gunna have a heart attack I was constantly searching on Google can ur heart just stop and obvs it can but I just feel mine will sad I think we all need a good holiday hahah! Honestly tho hun go back to doctors say u wanna stop them and try a few natural remedies I haven't give them a go as of yet only rescue oil which is ok but apart from that I'm still searching for something that takes it away which I suppose will be me trying to manage them but I'm always thinking what if..what if this time it will happen and I think irs only a panic attack! Aw hope it gets better for u tho hun it's comfortin to speak to someone who knows exactly what your going through so thank u smile x
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    hey amzz,

    yes you are not alone! i have been on cit for 7 weeks or so and it has helped but im still getting anxiety! yesterday i was laying down trying to sleep and then i felt these 3 big thuds and what do i do panic! im not sure if it was my heart though coz it was up a big further but my mind has it set it was! i havent had it since but have constantly worried about it since then!

    i have 2 children so i get scared when i feel like this because the thought of something happening to me and not being there for my children kills me! i just want to be me again. i have to have a halter monitor tomorrow for 24 hours so that will tell if something is going on!

    hope you feel better soon! anxiety is the worst thing to have because it changes all out thoughts and you cant seem to get them back for a while. ghats why i went on cit because i couldnt battle it by myself because of all the physical symptoms i.e. chest pain, arm pain, muscle tension, face pain/numbness. its awful but they have mostly subsided except the palpations are still there a bit.

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      It's so awful


      I feel for you. I do

      And I know I always worry about my girl. She's one and I panic incase anything happens to me for her sake more than my own.

      Hopefully you over come it.

      Hopefully I do too.

      Have you tried anything other than pills. xx

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      yes we will overcome it in time! we just need to reprogram our minds! easier said than done! i tried to manage it by myself with breathing techniques and keeping my mind occupied but ive had it for over a year since i was pregnant with my second child because i fainted and that made me panic throughout the whole pregnancy and the dizziness and that just stayed after and then i got all the other physical symptoms.

      i am glad i am taking something to ease things off so i can get back into a good mind frame though. i dont plan on being on them for a very long time but long enough to get myself better. i will know when the time is right to get off of them.

      the worst thing about anxiety is it feeds off your fears so in mine and your case were affraid of having a heart attack and dying. and it plays on it! some days i can cope and sweep it until the rug but other times (like this one i cant) i never felt the big thumping before. i dont think it was my heart but my mind is playing tricks on me with the what ifs!

      heres to kicking anxiety in the face!

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