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I just joined. I have read about a lot of other people's experiences, but I guess I just need to be able to vent right now as my anxiety is very high. I've been consistently seeing a doctor for 4 years for malice, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, poor memory and focus, etc. My ALT and AST were elevated slightly 4 times in a row, as well as my Bilirubin. Doc said it could be a genetic thing with the Bilirubin. As a person with Anxiety I can't stand words like: "possibly, could be, maybe, perhaps & I wouldn't worry about it." After feeling completely hopeless from this doctor because my symptoms were worsening as well as finding new things to add to the list of weird s**t going on, I decided to break up with him after 4 useless years and see someone else. The new doctor also discovered the elevated liver enzymes and Bilirubin. She then tells me that I *could* have a genetic thing that just makes me bilirubin naturally higher. I said that I have heard that before and that I was feeling a bit frustrated with the 'could' nonsense so she ordered an ultrasound to look into it. The ultrasound showed multiple calcified granulomas in my spleen indicating I had once had some bad virus or infection from what I gather? It also showed possible fatty liver or liver disease, but the results were unclear so she directed me to a Gasteroenterologist who ordered $4k worth of tests including different type of hepatic labs, as well as an Elastography MRI to show the grade that my liver is in more accurately. Luckily I have insurance... So I finished my tests this week and will hear back by Tuesday. I'm nervous. My usually high anxiety has been through the roof. I keep noticing I have all the symptoms of well - everything... but mostly Hepatitis C. I've never been tested for it. Just for Hep B during pregnancy. I have never used IV drugs as that's where I drew the line in my wild days, but I do have a lot of tattoos and used to have a lot of piercings. Jee... my mind is going all over the place. I am glad my doc is taking my situation seriously now. I urge anyone who feels anxious about their health or has a feeling as something really not being right to be seen. Second opinions, too! I did my fair share of drinking from 16 until 23 when my husband and I decided to start a family. Since then I can hardly drink anything at all. I may every 2+ months on a date or girl night. 2-3 drinks leave me with a TERRIBLE hangover lasting 2-3 days sometimes so its usually not worth it. Just assumed it was my body getting older and tolerating less from having kids, but now I wonder. I'm 28, a bit of a gym rat/health freak. Gluten and Dairy free. 126lb, 5'4. I can't understand the whole fatty liver concept. My doc did jokingly say I could be "skinny fat." Apparently it's a real thing. 😂 I only recently began taking Xanax for the anxiety as it worsened as I began treatment for PTSD. I'm not big on pharmaceutical drugs, but I did give into a little help while I work through this.

I always feel ashamed when I bring up symptoms to my doctor, even my new doctor. But now that I am actually being taken seriously I'm both relieved that I may finally begin to feel normal, yet panicking a bit about the unknown.

Here are the symptoms I have had for the better part of 4 or 5 years.

-Constant fatigue.

I wake up feeling as if my eyes were closed all night, but with zero rest.

-Spider veins worsening.

-Leg aches, knee aches (feels imflammed), ankle aches

-Muscle weakness and pain in tendons

-Multiple trigger points in upper back and neck that often spring tension headaches that lead to Migraines

-My left eyeball has been twitching/throbbing for the last couple of months. Daily beginning around noon until bed time. Very annoying.

-Food sensitivities

-Brittle hair

-Ridging nails

-Heavy - Heavy periods.

-Bleedind during ovulation the last 6 months.

-Freezing cold hands and feet for years.

-clammy hands and feet. gross.

-Brain Fog to the point it is RIDICULOUS. I feel it is worsening.

-Poor memory and concentration.


-When I was pregnant I got cold even *more* easily and my nipples would hurt so bad that I would almost have anxiety attacks. Could not go to the frozen or refrigerated sections in the store or open my own fridge. It happened after getting out the shower, too. It happened again twice recently. Very odd as it has been 3 years since I was pregnant and experienced that.

-Huge appetite. I could eat all day despite eating clean.

-Thinning eye brows

Old doc gave me adderall to help with focus and energy and it was NOT for me. Well, it was for a few times. Then it negatively impacted my anxiety issues. Duh.

Hormones looked fine. I just started a low dose of progesterone at night to help with sleep and a low dose of Testosterone as it was a bit low. Upped my Vitamin D. Ahhh. Thyroid levels seemed fine.

Just feels nice to vent to other people with Anxiety, I guess. my symptoms are all very real to me. I'm always told I look fine, yet I constantly feel half alive. I've become much more irritable in the last year. The fatigue & Brain Fog likely make me super irritable on their own.

Worried about the liver... 🤔😐

I went 10 years without getting mental help for traumatic childhood/teenage life. Minimised it all for a long time, but realized I needed to face it before I could be my best self. Now that I have I realize my threshold for anxiety is much higher than the average person. It's always high. So when I do get worried about something very real, It gets REAL bad. I feel like I have all this mental courage and strength now, but medically I can't help but feel concerned about the unknown. I don't know which symptoms I've had this whole time from PTSD and which ones are from the unknown health thing.

Would love to hear from others... in whatever way. ? Especially if you've been through a similar liver thing. You can tell me I sound crazy and to calm down. I probably do, and I probably need to. 😉

I should find out next week...

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    I had a liver transplant after 4 months waiting for a donor and it is working just fine oner the last 6 years. I decided roto trad up in yiut
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    I was in Cedar cinai for 4 months waiting for one. It was hellish waiiting (especially I was in a medivpvally induced coma, and when the woke me to sigh fjormd, I discovered they had to amputate mt leg .. dialysis followers as when thr liver dies the kidneys close dhpobd to protect themselves,. They go back to approx 12% so dialysid was the only open idea.There were 3 of us chatting and thhe ALT /. AST convo came up, if I were you I would use thr near started glasses on thr 

    . Whilst it I’d not frightending, some damage can be done but not enough to. Kill you, as they will get you on Dualysis ASAP.. There is no point wearing near sighted when on the road. The long ones would be much safer. Just don’t panic until he gives the results.

    ln 2012 I was walking my dog and fell over breaking both Tibet and fib in thr last leg. This casueed everything to kick off...a crainiotomy, dialysis, left below knee amputation and many more.

    i wish you luck and i is just sa common blip. Best wishes,


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    Have you been checked for high iron levels?
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      I didn't see iron on my last test results, but I read Hemoglobin and Hematrocrit were possible indicators for it?

      hemoglobin was 13.1 on the scale of (11.1 - 15.9)

      Hematrocrit was 40.5 (34 - 46.6)

      So within range.

      My new labs ordered contain a CBC, CMP, Autoimmune hepatitis panel, Ceruloplasm, CRP, ESR, B12 Ferritin, Folate, ANA, GGT, TSH, PT/PTT, EBV, CMV, Viral Hepatitis Panel, Smooth Muscle, anti-mitochondrial antibody, alpha 1 antitrypsin, fasting lipids.

      Couldn't tell you what half of that means, but at least I'll have a good idea of things that aren't wrong. 😂lol

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    I also have blurry vision that has come within the past year, but I can still read stuff. I passed my vision test. I'm probably just crazy. 🤷

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