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Liver Problems

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  • valentine5509 1


    Hello.I was diagnosed with alcohol-related cirrhosis. In November 2016 admitted with haematemesis and underlying portal hypertensive gastropathy. A FibroScan in Nov.was significant fibrosis with a liver stiffness score of 13.9kPa, IQR 1.5. Can you explain what number mean please. I have no treatment,...

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  • jimmy 91162 3

    Liver Pain....when will it go away???

    Does anyone know how long it could take for the annoying and uncomfortable pain to go away? Its only been 5 days since i was diagnosed with AFLD and ive been eating super healthy and drinking close to 2 liters of water a day. I would like to know from your experience. Also is there anything over the...

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  • anthonybc78 1

    Liver pains, and recieved blood test.

    I cant go to a dr. But while I was in jail, they gave me a liver functuon test. And told me the dr didnt recommend anything. But Ive had liver pains for awhile and have been a heavy drinker. Ive quit for a few months and am serious about abstaining. Can anyone tell me if these levels are safe? ...

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  • Dort1234 2

    I have cirrhosis

    I have cirrhosis I too started off with warnings of blood levels showing a stressed liver. I never stopped drinking I thought at the time im not having as much as I used too I will be fine. Then wham belly blew up (ascities) went to Dr said I needed a drain then when in hospital told I have cirrhosis....

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  • aaron22916 1

    Unsure what to do!

    I've recently cut down drinking beer A LOT as 8 months ago I started getting discomfort in my liver area. I'm 26 and until 8 months ago since I was 20 I was drinking 4 pints of lager a night and more on the weekend! Doctor did blood tests and ultrasound scan and everything came back perfect but although...

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  • gill70346 3

    Liver problems do I need to worry

    2 months ago I was diagnosed with Iron deficiency anaemia. Because of my age (69) I was referred for a gastroscope and colonoscopy, the gastroscope was done 12 May and confirmed already existing problems. Because of my mobility problems the colonoscopy could not be done, so a CT scan of the colon was...

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  • alison56124 2

    Liver cysts

    Hi been having problems for a year now had my first scan last april as they thought it was gall bladder problems which they found on the scan but the lady had right problems finding my gall bladder as she said I have cysts all over my liver one is 10cm so they sent me for a mri scan comfirmed both proplems...

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  • JE1994 2

    Liver Function Tests- High Gamma GT

    Hi,  Last year, around June, I was feeling very unwell and went to the GP. My doctor did a routine blood test and called me up saying my Gamma GT levels were around 200 and I then was tested for Hepititis C (I'd been vaccinated against A and B in 2011 before a trip to Africa) and Glandular Fever, all...

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  • dena09678 1

    So scared! Positive smooth muscle and elevated ALT

    Hi I hope someone can help until I get to see my specialist I feel very well, no symptoms or problems. However recent blood tests showed fatty liver and gallstones. My ALT is 86 Smooth Muscle Antibody - positive I am petrified that I may have AIH I know the ALT is maybe raised because of the gallstones...

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  • dean69894 2

    Doctor says I have fatty liver

    Hi my name is Dean, I had a blood test back in January this year which showed my Alt levels had risen to around 60 and have felt bad for the last year now. When I went in January 2016 I was told I slightly damaged my liver from drinking alcohol excessively. But was told for being so young there's no...

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  • fiona23428 2

    Inflamed liver

    Hi there. Does anybody have any advice on inflamed liver? Does this come with gall stones or something else? Any answers will be gratefully received

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  • jimmy 91162 3

    Just diagnosed with Fatty Liver

    Hey guys i was just told this morning that i have AFLD. Im so upset and very depressed right now. A little back story, ive been having these pains in my right upper side beneath my rib cage for several months now. Ive had a previous Ultrasound in November 2016 and all cam back normal. My liver test were...

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  • peter42455 2

    Hepatocellular Disease

    So I just got my ultrasound results back. Bit of back story, 25 years old, not overweight, non-drinker or smoker. I began having a slight ache on my upper right side of my abdomen and decided to check it out. Doc said it was IBS but I insisted on getting an ultrasound, he budged and I had an abdominal...

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  • wynter2543 2

    Raised liver funcions and daily short sharp pains???

    Some background details: I am 16 year old female and was found to have a raised ALT that should be 44 but was at 150 in November 2016. Since then i saw a doctor, who told me it was because i was fat, i have lost a stone since my last appoinment with him, but my ultrasound result didn't reveal a unhealthy...

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  • seanpaul.mccabe 1

    Serum Gamage GT Levels

    My father's Serum gamma GT Levels read 855 U/L , I am aware that this is extremely close to liver however I don't know the full implications of this reading. As in, is it reversible? is there too much damage already done? can medication be prescribed to reduce the levels? Any information on this would...

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  • valentine5509 1


    Hello.I was diagnosed with alcohol-related cirrhosis. In November 2016 admitted with haematemesis and underlying portal hypertensive gastropathy. A FibroScan in Nov.was significant fibrosis with a liver stiffness score of 13.9kPa, IQR 1.5. Can you explain what number mean please. I have no treatment,...

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  • bloodblonde94 2

    Enlarged Liver of 19cm??

    I have an enlarged liver of 19cm. It was 18.8cm last April when I was diagnosed with gallstones and an enlarged liver via ultrasound, but I had a CT scan last week, and now my liver is 18.9cm which they just went on and referred as 19cm. What can I do? My doctor has only referred me to a gastro, which...

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  • eddie02828 1


    My Ast is 66 And my Alt is 86 which is high wat does this mean hep C

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  • adam8710 1

    eleveted liver enzymes. what cause in my case?

    I went to the doctor because I saw red blood in stools a few months ago. Stools tend to be solid but only about 3/4 of an inch. No prior medical problems,age 31 ,bmi 23 ,smoker, no alchoholic drinker ,,. No family history of colon cancer. I have hemmorhoids and fissure . Blood work (blood count, liver...

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  • bonnie 12 1

    Liver Failure

    my husband just been told he has liver failure keeps get pain in left side of his back and on the front to ,having lots pain in his tummy got to go for two scans on 12 th june lots of pain down top of his legs i have got to tell them to do his liver to he has not passed poo for too day and i am very...

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  • selphie85 3
  • steve1031 2

    Elevated Liver Enzymes and HIGH LDL

    Hello all, I recently changed doctors and had my first check up in a few years. A little background on myself: I'm 24 years old, 5'7" 146lbs. I recently started bodybuilding again, in the beginning of Feb. and I'm currently in the "bulking phase." Being an ectomorph I have the hardest time gaining weight,...

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  • Mktdrtn 2

    Upper right abdominal pain

    I have been drinking since the age of 14 after I lost my mum since the age of 18 I drank really heavily I am now 29 a few years ago I noticed a twitch on the right side under my ribs I ignored it and carried on drinking in February these pains got worse my mum died from liver failiure she was an ancohilic...

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  • lori28762 1

    Blood Test Results and Symptoms

    Perplexed; my anti-smooth muscles is negative, my Gamma GT is 47 (H), C Reactive Protein is high at 18.8, my AMA is 83.9, however my ALT and AST are normal. I am experiencing extreme fagtigue, nausea, burning and itchy skin. My GI consultant says because my ALT and AST is not high I did not have PBC....

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  • LILLYB 2

    Symptoms but normal blood test

    Hello Ive just found this site and would like advice please. For some time Ive felt unwell, I went to see my GP and started to tell him about my symptoms, I only got to bad headaches and he arranged for an MRI scan. I told him but I have other symptoms he said " stop there, we will deal with one at...

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  • gail1309 2

    Newly Diagnosed Family Member

    Hello. I would be very grateful for any insight you can offer. A family member that we knew drank too much, was recently admitted to hospital with pain that was initially thought to be due to gallstones. These turned out to be coincidental and in fact the real problem was ascites due to portal vein hypertension,...

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  • stepdadhusband 1

    BB (from a BB gun) inside the liver?

    My wife went to the urgent care today for sharp pains on her left side, mainly her ribs.  The diagnosis was bronchitis and that the pain she was feeling was from coughing and straining her ribs/muscles. Weird thing is that they did a CT scan, and they asked her if she had ever been shot.  She said no,...

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  • michael60930 2

    Liver enzyme level of 47 for ALT

    Hi I had a blood test two weeks ago and i called the clinic today and they said everything was fine (CBC, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Liver tests) except one of my enzymes was at 47, which is just above the 45 max. Problem is last year it was the same, and the year before that also. Always high 40's. I don't...

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  • kelan00400 2

    Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Hello I was just diagnosed with NAFLD.  The gastro says that with diet and weight loss I can reverse this condition.  He encouraged losing around 50 pounds but said every pound helps.  Has anyone had success with reversing this condition?  Any advice on what to eat/drink/ supplements, helps me, thank...

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  • buddy122333 2
  • alison56124 2

    Simple liver cysts

    Hi just needing a bit of advice I have a lot of cysts on my liver doctor thinks they are simple cysts but I have 2 which are very large over 10cm and u can feel them now as before u couldn't I am getting abdominal pain it also feels like theres no room left on my right side got admitted to hospital...

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  • David94001 2

    Liver Biopsy results

    Hey Guys! I got my Biopsy back and it showed that I had viral hepatitis (don't know how I got it) a couple of months ago that caused bumps on my liver. My liver is now in the healing process but still in severe pain. ;(

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  • jennifer05838 2

    Abnormal lft & fat malabsorption?

    My 2 year old had a parasite which migrated to her bilary tract. We appear to have gotten rid of the parasite however we are still experiencing problems. Pale poops, sometimes yellow greasy poops, they absolutely stink & are very bulky in size. When she does use the toilet there is a massive oily film...

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  • LILLYB 2


    I went back to my GP as my liver blood tests were high, he got me to do more blood tests for hormones. I asked if my results were back he said " tests showed results of some one who drinks excessive alcohol" im tea total? He then said nothing to worry about, I asked him if he was referring me, he said...

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  • bb123 3

    Low ALT . Please look at my #'s :(

    Just got my blood tests back. Last year #'S were a bit off but ok. In the past year may have consumed a 12 pack total and a bottle of wine. Was feeling pains on right side and in back this early Spring. I went on a milk diet to reduce any fat accumulation in liver and about a week later Had an ultrasound...

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  • Bronzecaramel 2

    CAT scan found many Hemangiomas

    Hey guys, I am new here.  I went to the doctor last winter for upper right abdominal pain/bloating.  It was discovered after a CAT scan that there were "many" hemangiomas present of differing sizes and locations in my liver.  This prompted many more CAT scans and referrals to hepatic specialists, etc......

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