Anxiety and severe depression.

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For the last 6 moths my doc has tried me on lots of meds but nothing worked.Then he prescribed Vefalaxine and after a coupl more months till it got into my system, its working. The anxiety and severe depression has completely lifted.Absolutely fabulous, so it will be woth giving it a go peep.Oh hi all by the way.

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    Awesome news. I tried sertraline before this and I feel ok so far too.not the fabulous that you speak of lol but it's coming along. Glad you posted this.

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    yes my depression and anxiety lifted after a month of venlafaxine. I suffered for 10 years with chronic anxiety and depression and tried lots of different anti depressants and cognitive therapy. None worked until I went on Venlafaxine.
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    Glad its working! I may be going to it here soon. Was on Cymbalta 3wks ago for 17 days. Made me lethargic an no motivation. Just layin in bed. So Psychiatrist stopped Cymbalta an started Wellbutrin XL. Iv already tried Zoloft, Lexapro an Prozac (horrible drug). So its been 5 days an I was told I would have loads of energy. But not yet! Im giving it 2 wks an then may start Effexor. How much anvwhich one are you on? How long exactly? Side effects when started??


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    ello x im so glad its  helping you. ive been on 37.5mg of venlafaxine and its helpd me to a degree too. my anxiety is lifted quite abit . and  my depression although im still getting bad blips  its stopped me crying all the time which is good. i  still have a few side effects but am trying to live ith them.

    hope goes well with you and keeps helping 


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    Hi John. I've been on Venlafaxine since June this year. I started on 37·5mg,

    then increased to 75mg, 112·5mg, 150mg. Finally last week increased to 180mg.

    I don't think they're really helping. My anxiety and panic are through the roof.

    Each day I wake up the anxiety starts up and lasts all day.

    I have continuous stress and worry at home. My husband has an inherited medical

    hereditary medical condition called Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiactesia, or HHT.

    Very basically he has frequent nosebleeds. Some at arterial pressure, they're so bad he passes out,

    vomits up the blood which has gone down his throat into to his stomach.

    He has to be taken to hospital by paramedics. He's been in hospital twice this year.

    There is no cure. His sister, two of his 3 nieces and his eldest niece's five-year old son has it.

    They live in Australia.

    We have no immediate family members nearby. I have no siblings.

    I haven't any friends nearby either. They're scattered around the UK and U.S..

    Our little dog is 17 years old. He has a serious medical problems.

    I'm so anxious and afraid. I feel I'll never feel better. It's a horrible way

    to exist. It's continuous worry and stress. Sorry to go on so long.

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      So sorry to hear you are having an awful time. I have been to a really dark place but coming through other side. If you have been referred to psychiatric services use them as much as you can for talking to it really helped me. It's easy to get caught up worrying about everyone else and what lies ahead and to forget about you. The best advice I got was just think about each day as they come. It's so difficult but try each day to do a little thing that is just for you that makes u feel a tiny bit better. I also found being on this forum people were so helpful and supportive so talk on here if it is your only option but get those feelings out. The hospital services will always be there for your husband and your little dog wow 17 years of joy so far that's amazing. I wish I could help u more it feels impossible but try to think of positives in life they will be there but difficult to see. Wish I could help you more and I wish you strength to get to the other side. Xx

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      Hi Suzanne, thank you for your support. I do appreciate it very much.

      I'm glad you're coming out the other side of the dark place you

      were in.

      During part of the time I'm writing this post, my husband has had a nosebleed.

      It lasted for 10 minutes which wasn't too long, but long enough.

      It's always a worry to me. This Tuesday afternoon, my husband has an appointment with

      his consultant.

      Our little dog has cataracts in both eyes and his hearing isn't good.

      He has an ulcer in his left eye. The opthalmologist at the vet hospital is treating

      it with antibiotics and eye drops. If it doesn't sort the problem there's nothing

      much else they can do, as he's too old and has a heart murmur.

      We take him back to see the opthalmologist this Wednesday afternoon.

      I'm hoping there's an improvement.

      I'm feeling so very anxious, fearful and depressed. I'd just like some peace

      from all this worry. I feel I can't get a chance to heal with all this worry.

      I'm so tired as I'm not sleeping as well as I used to either.

      I'm sorry if I come across as moany, I don't mean it that way at all.

      I'm glad this group is here to support us all as everyone here has

      experienced or experiencing anxiety and panic and constant worry.

      Thank you for understanding.

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      Hi that is such a positive that u r answering ppl who r getting back to you so a massive well done. I hear what you say about all the issues u hv ongoing and what a difficult and challenging time for you. Psychiatric services as I said were amazing for me and if they r the only tangible face to face contact u can have then try to embrace it. Your husband has health care professionals who can help in a crisis and your little dog has done amazing reaching 17years. This is all a massive part of your life but u hv to be the healthiest you can possibly be to cope. This forum will always b here for u and I hope u get the support u need. X
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    Hi John

    I am so pleased ven has worked for you. It did for me too! Prior to ven I had tried 3 AD's with no real relief. I agree with you entirely ? it's been fantastic so far.

    Wishing you continued good health.

    Warmest wishes x

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    Hi John,

    Very glad to hear that Venlafaxine has been so positive for you.

    My story is very similar. It took a couple of months to take effect, as in your case, but Ven has worked very well for me. I am on a high dose - 225 mgs - and I am also on 30 mgs of Mirtazapine and 50 mgs of Trazodone. My severe anxiety and intermittent severe depression has responded very well to Ven; I haven't found any other anti-depressant (I was on Citalopram for many years) to be nearly as effective.

    I had to go up to 225 mgs for the Ven to be effective.

    I have the usual weight problems, and some digestive problems. The latter coincided with the increase in Ven in October. You can't have everything.

    I feel for Chriselora. I think her anxiety and depression are caused by external factors, rather than the drugs being ineffective, and I would go along with increasing the Ven, if it can help her to deal with such a difficult situation.

    All the best to everyone.

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      Hi Amanda, Thank you for your support and understanding.

      I agree that my anxiety, depression and panic aren't being helped

      by the difficulties of my husband's medical condition and our little

      dog's health. Having bronchiectasis and asthma myself means I have to

      look after my physical health as well. Sometimes I just feel like going away somewhere.

      Where? I don't even have a clue.

      I'm not very keen to have my medication increased,

      but if that's what's required to help me calm things and get stabilised,

      then I'll do that.

      My GP has written to the psychiatrist requesting a follow

      up appointment for me for a review. I'll wait and see what happens.

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      Hi Amanda,

      I take 300 mg venlafaxine and 15 mg mirtazapine that work very well for me. I'm happier than I'be been in years and sleep much better. My dosage is so high because my depression was treatment resistant.

      Take care,


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