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Hi all...i need some more advice please

So im just starting my 6th week of 30mg and i woke up this morning and after 5 minutes began to feel anxious again. Not as bad as before...but definitely not nice. Its weird because i havent had anxiety for a couple of weeks until today other than the odd twinge. This morning was so bad i had to take some diazepam which i hadnt done for over a fortnight.

In fact ive had more down and sad days recently which i figured and prayed was the meds 'levelling me out' so why has the anxiety suddenly returned?

My question you guys and girls think this is a blip / bad day / few days or am i going backwards?

I worry im never going to get better


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    Hey Neil,

    Been wondering how you've been doing!

    The fact you say not as bad as before is an improvement.

    Maybe you'll experience a few blips in your recovery, but gradually each won't be as bad as before. Until you wake up expecting to have it and it's not there anymore.

    I remember during my year of feeling back to me old self- it got to a point where I didn't even think about it anymore!

    This is my first 'relapse' or 'big blip' not sure what to call it lol. I think once I've got through this I'll know that whatever happens in future I got through it initially and when I had blips too. So I think this can only make us stronger!

    You will feel better Neil! Even when I look at where I was a few weeks ago- I'm so much better.

    But strangely I do feel anxious inside again- but feel it's a sign of getting better as felt anxious but was actually 'feeling' again so hopefully the anxiety will wear off now too!

    Sorry for the essay!

    Sending strength smile

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      Hi Louise..thanks for your concern...yes i thought i was getting better...obviously not...i really hope this is just a blip or part of the 'settling down' period because i have not enjoyed today at all. So far this afternoon has been slightly better. But thats probably because im now at home on my sofa cuddling my daughter. Where i feel safe.

      You are right tho ..i can too see improvements in myself generally...compared to a few weeks just sad ive taken this 'step backwards'


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      Deffo a blip! smile now I've read the rest of the threads..

      I think in order to move forward we take 1 step back, to go 5 steps forward.

      But keep aware of how your feeling (your down days as you say) - when the days get tough, I distract myself with positive things, reading, painting, talking to a friend, watching a good film.. or even better a walk in nature... this helps me pull through.

      I find when I have bad days ... I start thinking too much.. fuelling my anxiety.

      So definitely throw yourself in things you love. 😁

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      Hi Angel. I hope you are right, i read your reply last night - and hoped today would be a better day, however i've woken up this morning, and i am anxious again, if it was a blip - would it last 2 days? Or would it just be one day ? I'm REALLY worried im going backwards here. It's starting to consume my thoughts.  Like you say - fuelling my anxiety.

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      In Munich experience a blip can be a few days.. but this is the point where YOU decide which you fuel? Sit and worry? Ir distact yourself? 😁😁

      I find when I have a blip of anxiety or anxiety in general it's ALWAYS worse in the morning because when you are asleep.. everything read! Then BOOM you wake up and a gush of adrenaline rushes through your body... but it's always powered by our thoughts, our thinking patterns and what we actually think about that makes anxiety worse.

      Have you had any triggers lately?? Something upset you? Anything unbalancing you? Working too hard??

      Deep breathe this reduces anxiety, in through the nose...

      my anxiety is worse in the morning but then as I distract myself throughout the day it lessens and lessens, and as each morning approaches the anxiety is less and less.

      I know it's a horrible feeling. I really understand.

      What do you enjoy doing?

      Oh also I'll tell you what I have everyday, I have Bach flower remedies from Holland and barratt, sweet chestnut, rock rose and another 1 I can't remember the name, I put in 2 drops of each in my drinking bottle, this has helped me along side my beta blockers. (I'm hoping to get off beta blockers)

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      Several things upset me - but im not emotionally stable enough to resolve them i don't think. I need to get well before i tackle them properly. I don't want to rush into any rash decisions. 

      Yes i know the anxiety is fueld by our own thoughts - but im finding it hard to break the cycle sad - and then of course - anxiety leads to anxiety

      No work isn't really a problem, i find being surrounded by people quite nice, and work is obviously a distraction from my anxieties most of the time.

      My problem is at home, i find myself sad, and bored, and im ashamed to say irritated by noise, and my children (who i love dearly - dont get me wrong) but i have VERY little patience and tolerance for anything at the moment.

      I am going to try and read more, i used to enjoy that, i havent done' it for a while, except for self-help books which although useful, are probably not as relaxing as fiction would be.

      i'd love to get off the beta blockers - but i recently tried to drop my dose and i wonder if that is partly responsible for the flare up of my anxiety?

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      Oh yeah that would make sense... the fact you dropped a beta blocker might make your heart beat faster to its more normal rate, but this can give the effect that anxiety is coming back.. I'm not a doctor but that would make sense?

      My friend had similar feeling after lowering her beta blocker dose, but it faded away quite quickly.

      Yeah definitely get back to reading .. if it's something you enjoy doing! smile yeah read a positive fiction something to get your teeth into 😁😬

      I don't have kids yet, but I can imagine they can be stressful, especially my friends tell me all the time haha!

      I've just had my therapy session with anne winslow! I feel pretty amazing right now! It was 2 hours long

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    Hi Neil,

    I feel this is just a blip.. how long have you been taking citalopram?

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      This dose (30mg) just started 6th week.

      20mgs 6 weeks before. I was on 10mg for 4 years beforehand

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      It might just be a blip as you've gone up a couple of doses.. your brain might be trying to level it out. I wouldn't worry too much! smile

      Have you tried CBT? It's really effective x

      Also if you are on Facebook there is an amazing therapist!! Who is out of this world... she is called 'anne winslow quest therapies' I'm having a session with her tomorrow over the phone 😄

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      I'm on the waiting list for CBT - and i'm trying to use a self help CBT book on anxiety as well. 


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