Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Acid Reflux? Or something more serious?

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So for at least a month now, I've been having nausea... it isn't the worst thing ever and it rarely accompanise gaging or the feeling of throwing up, it just makes me unable to eat or think about anything else.

Since I have a terrible fear of vomit as well, Its been a hard month...

At first, I thought it was because I ate too much or that I was stressed out, thinking it would pass after a night's rest. Nope...

It did go away for a few days during my period but, after I had a panic attack, it came back...

I saw my psychiatrist the other day and she said maybe it was IBS or depression (since I'm going to be treated for it)...

As I'm writing this, I have a bloated feeling and a burning sensation... I am 14 days into my cycle...

I'm desprite at this point since I've become unable to do things I enjoy, eat and even see friends and family without going into panic attacks... Don't even get me started about sleep, its a nightmare

Before anyone tells me to see a doctor, I'm only a teenager and my mom has declined my offers to see one for awhile...

If anyone has any ideas, please help me.

(All symptoms from the past 5 months if curious, the nausea has only recently begun)

-Cycles of depression and suicidal thoughts

-Stress and Anxeity

-Constipation and Diarrhea that fluxs


-Burping and Gas


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    I am no doctor or expert here. But I have everything the ideas the acid reflux look up the symptoms of GERD does it's more than acid reflux is that bill cheek achy feeling and yes you can get depressed and anxious over all those

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      I might sound awful but even if you could drink something like ginger ale to help you belch and get the acid off your stomach it's going to help with your your reflex it's an old-fashioned remedy but Ginger is a great stomach Soother

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    Hi Astrianamoon,

    After your research Celiac disease, have you told your mom your symptoms? Take it to your mom and ask her to get you a celiac test. It is a very common disease, 1 in 120/40 people in the US have it. I don't know where you are, but it is super common here.  I have it and your symptoms are exactly like mine were. It took years to progress, but it got worse very suddenly, and it nearly killed me.  It kills many because so few doctors seem to connect the dots therfore no tests. Plus there is no pill for it, the only medicine is to stop eating gluten. 

     If she doens't believe you, have her read my post, and have her writeto me. 

    It is seriously undersiagnosed here in the US by about 80%

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    Sorry to hear of your struggles. It cannot be easy for you not having a definitive diagnosis for this condition.

    I am no expert but I have had simular symptoms as yours and also a friend of my daughter has and had near identical symptoms as yours.

    Suffering with depression can and do produce quite severe indigestion problems, especially if you have high stress levels. I am a legacy to this, have developed acid reflux during my life time and I have been on Omeprosole for over 10 years. Without this medication I cannot eat, my indigestion problems get that bad.

    It is going to be a natural experience with bloating leading up to, during and after your period. Nevertheless what you describe appears to be more than just period problem.

    This is where my daughters friend springs to mind. She has gone through 23 years of her life with all the symptoms you describe. Severe bloating, weight loss and gas etc.

    For years her doctor told her she had IBS. She was embarrassed to go out because of the gas problems and became reclusive.

    Very fortunately for her, two years ago, a doctor gave her the true diagnosis. She simply is lactose intolerant.

    Changing her diet, cutting out all dairy products has transformed her life. She is now very social and has her first ever boy friend.

    I am not saying you have the same problem. But it is another avenue you can pursue. Lactose intolerance is quite easy to diagnosis and by eating the right foods it is treatable too.

    I hope by sharing this with you will help you find the true cause of your concerns.😊😊

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    i think its all anxierty related and the burning sensation and the feeling sick is all related,as you have a fear of being sick its making you anxious about it which is making it happen more(catch 22) tell this to your doc and get help 4 it,STAY STRONG AND KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT MY FRIEND
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    It does sound like an Anxiety, it seems that may cause your Depression. You are seeing a Specialist who will be starting you on medications, IBS can come from an anxious tummy so all that has been said is feasable.

    Give time for any treatments to work, it seems your Mother is waiting to see how your problem will develope given time.

    The only thing that I can say is you could see your GP some time in th future when He/She will get a report from the Specialist and will be able to talk through your condition and treatment pathway. Be guided by your Specialist  and Mother, everything seems in hand

    If you need to chat there are people here for support.


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    I know you posted a while ago but did you get any answers to your problems? I have similar things going on, acid burn in stomach, anxiety, constipation, reflux that wakes me up at night and other stuff. What drew me to your post was that during about 4 days of my last period it all disappeared and I felt great, then bang, it came back. I am now 12 days away from my next period and for once in my life I can't wait for it to start just to see if it all goes away again. I hope you are well and get to read my message.

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