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  • Emis Moderator M

    Depression Resources

    Below are listed recommended resources for users who wish to read more about depression, get self help, treatments etc. Users can also post the link to this discussion in any replies to guide users to this info. The post will not go for moderation as it is an internal link. The link to post is

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  • Hakuna matata 5

    indulge in fantasy and never bring it to reality

    Funny really the idea of things is so powerful do we actually ever have the business to make it reality I believe that we should want for the most ugliest things ya know want them then we can never be disappointed or hurt by an idea fantasy is better than reality it's the sad truth I think one

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  • senior shakur 2

    what to do incase of break ups

    i guess its new feeling to my life is something that i never feel pain of loising someone you love actually someone who has just damp you for another and the worst part of it all you still need her in your day goes by you realize that she is happy smile she actually enjoy her

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  • dondons 5


    I'm leaving this site/forum. I just want people to know and understand so as they dont make the same mistakes I did. As hard as this is to say and I shouldn't even have to not want to say but just be wary of the things you write, not everyone is your friend and not everyone understands xxxx If

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  • linda61597 3

    Need Help!!!!

    Well it's been a few months seeing a cbt therapist & I don't feel any better. I feel she hasn't helped me with my anxiety or depression.I am on Wellbutrin 300mg & just got back on xanex 1mg. I got on the Wellbutrin to quick smoking & depression & it doesn't help with either one. In fact i am

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  • Hopeless 2

    I don't want to feel like this anymore

    Hi I stumbled onto this site by accident and I am so glad I did. Although I am so sorry and sadend to see that so many people feel like this and wish with all my heart that they get better soon as I know how terrible this is, I am comforted by the fact that I am not alone (I really don't mean that

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  • lisa28920 2

    Suggestions welcomed..

    I've been dealing with depression since I was 8 and it sucks. I've tried many things to help stray away from "bad thoughts". It's hard though. Any suggestions on what I should do? I've been trying new hobbies ...

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  • Pipboy101 2


    I helped a friend move today and i swear i almost had a anxiety attack which ive never had. It was quite an overwhelming feeling. It kinda came on when my friend commented that i was looking skinny, This brought me back to my health anxiety. And my googling​. Symptoms for cancer always weight lose!...

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  • MrsJ 2

    Depression after co-codamol withdrawal is spinning me out!

    21 years on co-codamol, 10 days into withdrawal. Physical symptons (joint pain, stomach cramps, diarreah, sweating, restless legs, not sleeping at night, feeling lost & weird!) almost gone ... then this depression about 3 days in wasnt expected! Especially in the morning. Flashbacks, tears,

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  • jahnssteve 2

    I wish I was dead. Tired of living.

    I really don't want to live anymore.  I'm alone but do have some friends.  Have a grown daughter that has a busy life and no time for me.  I think people would be sad and miss me, but not terribly.  They'll get over it.  I recently had major surgery and it went well.  Not life threatening.  Yet I

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  • Hakuna matata 5

    value or victimise

    Hi everyone I'm just going to be brutally honest and say I'm very confused slightly disappointed in the site lately I'm not sure what has happened here lately but more and more I'm seeing people coming for airport and some people rather that add value or constructive advice they chose to target or

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  • katie64461 2

    Just for anyone who is struggling today x

    I myself have suffered from depression and still now have my off days, and I know how hard it is fighting with yourself every single day, I know how hard it can be to talk to someone about what your going through or not knowing how to get help. You are not on your own in this, I am not a doctor and

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  • dondons 5

    Don't want to be me!

    Lying in my bed, it's my safe haven But still so scared I'm not normal you see? I'm not like you, I am just like me! My thoughts just aren't the same as yours I have my very own train of thought! It varies so much that I'm so confused I wish I wasn't me, I wish I was you! Sometimes I !...

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  • garya1 1

    I have nothing to live for. . .

    I am almost 44 years old, single, gay, have no friends (other than those on facebook) that i can hang out with or talk to.  I am such a loner.  I am in a dead-end job which I hate very much & hate the people i work with.  I've been applying for other jobs over the past 7+ years but to no avail. I

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  • julie 93620 2
  • liz54943 2

    Can anxiety/depression stop feelings of love?

    Hello I have been happily married for a long time. We've had our ups and downs, like any normal marriage, but there's always been a lot of love. We've just come through a horrifically stressful 18 months, mainly due to financial worries. I have felt permanently stressed, worried, very vulnerable

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  • tina89895 5

    Just a moan!!!!

    Need to get rid of this helplessness, pathetic, useless tierd feeling. Still lying in bed shouting at myself to get up. Got paperwork to sort, got three weeks of washing up not that much but it's piled up but no hot water emmersion switch is broken, can't be bothered to boil the kettle umpteen

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  • natasha39832 2

    Advice Needed - Depressed Boyfriend

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so bear with me. I'm looking for some advice. My boyfriend of 3 years asked for a break 3 weeks ago which then turned into a breakup this week. It's our anniversary on Monday and both our birthdays this month - we had planned to go on holiday for 2 weeks to celebrate this

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  • shane 81689 2

    Prozac increase

    Hi all I've been on 20mg dose of prozac for about 8 weeks and have been told by my dr I can increase to 40mg as I'm constantly feeling flat and having a hard time dealing with irrational thoughts about my health and heat in particular. Has anyone else increased on prozac and had benefit from

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  • Pipboy101 2


    I guess this is a weird one but with depression has anyone had there voice change? Maybe have to clear there throat more before speaking? Also lack of appetite? Just eating because you have to?

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  • greentea30029 3

    Major depression with mixed features

    Does anybody else have this.  Started on Zoloft, eventually got to 75mg, and felt great for 3 days, then all of a sudden it turned into extreme panic, and anxiety, and restlessness.  I have been diagnosed with major depression with mixed features.  Since then 10 months ago, I have tried 11

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  • greentea30029 3

    Crushing morning depression

    OK, so I want to know if anyonen else suffers from this.  My morning depression is so bad,  I am almost suicidal.  It seems as the day goes by, the anxiety/depression gets a little better, and then by night time, I am my old self.  I do take , paxil, and gabapentin and klonopin

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  • eddie56403 2
  • marcy2123 1
  • senior shakur 2
  • X99 2

    Feel like an absolute useless, worthless, colossal failure.

    Right, where do I start? I'm 26. Male. Working but on a zero hour contract but usually work the whole week (45 hrs). That's where the good ends and the real crap begins. I have no qualifications after getting two C's at A-level. Studying is something I find almost impossible. I am socially

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  • amy2014 2
  • kiarash19398 2

    my memory is blank after weight me

    hi . i am male . 24 years old 3 years ago I got 5 months to 30 kg weight with a low carb diet after that i feel my memory and concentrate has become a serious problem my memory was gone after that i went to the Psychiatrist. i have taking meds for 3 years .but My memory is getting worse after

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  • sarah28797 2
  • stephen59718 2

    Not sure

    Everyone seems to be writing perfect stories about their depression. Setting the scene and explaining the situation. I have nothing against those people and I understand what they're saying. All I can say is that I can't explain what's happening with me. I work. I live a pretty normal life. I do

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  • kim63383 1

    I just don't care

    I'm 46 year old just don't have the will power to care about anything. I truly hate myself. I'm 80 pounds over I can't get myself to doing anything about it. I look in the mirror at what was once a beautiful woman 10 years ago. All I see is a disgusting monster that nobody

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    So I'm not even sure that I have depression, but I wanted to share lots of the things that have happened to me regarding insecurity. I'm hoping that I can get answers on what is wrong and what I should do because I'm very confused. I am quite young, a teenager, and for a long time, I have been

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  • john08706 1

    when will zoloft come trough for me?

    Hey. Im a little worried, and i want to ask whether any of you had a similar experience with sertraline, and thus can say some words of encouragment to me, because quite frankly its getting harder and harder to keep going. I have had pretty bad OCD, GAD, SA since a young age, and also some dysthimia,...

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  • Hakuna matata 5

    Doing good?? or is it bad??

    Feeling like I've let my self down in ways, training to be strong miltary trained, hmm by now you'd think you could let this go I've said it before should be a skill we master It's irrelevant the conversation I'm referring to the person too. Sometimes I think the cause we use is the reason we get

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  • ann55375 5


    has anyone been prescribed risperidone and what did they think about it being of help. Non bipolar so very wary. seem to be intolerant to ssri s.

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