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  • Emis Moderator M

    Depression Resources

    Below are listed recommended resources for users who wish to read more about depression, get self help, treatments etc. Users can also post the link to this discussion in any replies to guide users to this info. The post will not go for moderation as it is an internal link. The link to post is

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  • garya1 2

    Am I being too sensitive?

    So I work in this office with my supervisor & 1 co-worker.  For the sake of identity, let's say the supervisor's name is Barry & the co-worker i have is Larry.  On several occasions, I have gone into a coughing frenzy after or while eating...neither one of them said "Are you ok?".  The other day, Larry...

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  • donna97909 3

    Trually fed up !!!!!

    I actually feel like wanna smash everything up , I didn't choose this life iam in . I moved away to start a new life I have no friends , I had a slipped disc for 9 months just had surgery 3 weeks back. Am lonely am bored life crap, get a letter off my employer today to inform me they can no longer...

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  • annabel76685 2

    I need some advice cos i feel like ive lost control again

    2 weeks ago i saw a councellor who told me i have moderate depression and i am getting help but not for another 8 weeks so im on my own till then, about 2 months ago i completly lost my appetite and ate about 100 calories a day for 3 or 4 weeks and lost over a stone, which was scary because im 16, before...

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  • ColeyX 1

    I Feel that I was Violated by a Doctor

    Sorry if this is out of place on the 'Depression' board but I wasn't sure where else to post it. I work full-time as a model and was recently accepted by a high profile UK modelling agency. A few weeks ago, myself and a few of the other girls at my agency were hired by a company for a big shoot on location...

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  • ana35528 1

    Marriage | Depression

    I have been married to my husband for 2 years . When we were just dating I got pregnant with my 3rd child (2 year old daughter now). I was living with my mom & dad with my 2 older children then I moved in with my now husband & with his mom (whom I really dislike) . I'm the beginning of us dating he was...

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  • depressed21652 2
  • JaredC 3

    I don't want to live anymore

    The last couple years i've been dealing with what i'm told is depression. I've felt this way for really as long as i can remember just on and off and much more subtle but, ever since highschool graduation it's manifested into something i don't want to live with anymore. It's not an exageration when i...

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  • christophe53265 2
  • lillie1998 2

    severe depression since being diagnosed with asthma

    i've had severe depression since having an asthma attack & being diagnosed with mild persistent asthma. it sounds silly because it is mild but i was told that even though my asthma is mild it could still kill me, i have been taking my inhalers but also crying non stop at the slightest sign of breathing...

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  • laurie12351 3

    Looking for support

    Hi all, Having another bad morning and feeling low and hopeless. I'm still struggling with depression, anxiety, nausea and the shakes. I'm only at a little over 3 weeks and know I have a ways to go but I just want to cry all the time. I'm getting irritated by simple things and grumpy with my family....

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  • annie1245 2

    everyday is a struggle, i feel like i'm so deep i can't get out

    anxiety & depression gives me headaches, i feel woosy, queasy, light-headed all of the time, in constant thought, no break from my mind, it eats up at me - when i'm feeling good it's 0.2s before i'm thinking. because my mind goes "wow... i'm feeling good! this is a good thing!" then i start worrying...

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  • kelly21226 1

    seeking answers

    i recently had suicidal thoughts about drug overdose i thought bout overdosing on ibuprofen i stopped myself knowing it was wrong but i still dont feel happy. i dont have many friends im treated like crap by the ones i have and it is just really hard so im looking for any advice on what to do to help.

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  • a42352 2


    I have been on Sertraline for years but a few months ago, after a hospitalization, I became very depressed.  Now Sertraline does not work as well and my counselor has put me on Aripirazole 1mg (Abilifile generic) as an adjunct to the Sertraline.  After a week of taking it, no negative side effects, however,...

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  • k8861 3


    I have become so helplessly clingy and needy to the point that I will spill everything out to anyone who listens. In particular with mh professionals. Ive seen so many lately and each time, doesnt who they are, I just find them a safe place and tell them everything. I dont know why but Ive never felt...

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  • anneklein 2
  • garya1 2

    I'm so tired of living...

    I'm so tired of living.  I hate my job not just because it's thankless or unfulfilling but it's also because of the people I work with.  I'm so tired of not having a special someone in my life; sometimes I feel like I have been cursed & will be single for the rest of my life.  I'm tired of not having...

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  • Katyf 4

    Deep depression

    Hi everyone I have been suffering from depression for 2 years I have tried several anti depressants I'm currently on 200mg of sertraline However I'm very depressed....I can't seem to get out of it I'm worried I'm going to take my own life but I can't I have 4 children I just can't seem to get to a happy...

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  • Pipboy101 3

    My psychologist switched me to prozak

    Hey folks, So I saw my psychologist today and I would just like anyone's opinion who is been on Prozac. I was on 25 mg Clomipramine for generalizing Anxiety disorder and depressionwhich which my GP prescribed me. I felt that this drug made me very tired. And I don't have OCD so I wasn't sure why I...

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  • HelpNeeded 2

    Weight gain whilst on anti-depressants

    So, after shedding a lot of weight a few years back when diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic (went from around 136kg to 89kg), over the last couple of months as my anti-depressants have been tweaked, comfort/boredom eating have kicked in, and I've ended up putting on 8kg in that short space of time. Can...

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  • gillian20097 6

    Recovery stories to give others hope ;)

    Hello all. I wanted to start a thread for people who are recovered or well on the way to recovery to share there stories. I feel it's a great way of letting others know that you where once in a dark scary place,that depression and anxiety once ruled your life but you overcame it.  Everybody gets a sense...

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  • Celeste1992 2

    My mind and body will never be the same again. Suicide....

    My EX fiance left me for another woman earlier this year. I was feeling somewhat liberated after the fact and decided to partake in casual sex with a guy friend. Caught up in the moment I did not use a condom and i also felt that I could trust him. We discussed STIs before having sex and he said he...

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  • sandra58556 2

    I am depressed and lonely and see a way out of it.

    I have posted on here before and i battle depression on a daily basis. I have been backwards and forwards to the drs yet i will not take any medication as i am afraid that i will get addicted to it, I have had one block of CBT sessions (6) and have had 10 weeks with a counsellor in the past. I have an...

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  • k8861 3

    Thought i had a great gp but...

    So..i thought I had an amazing and supportive GP who really cared and supported me. Ive been seeing her weekly for last two months and she aaked me to come in today to see if I was okay following an incident last week. So I trust her and she listens. Although I already had app this week, she called me...

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  • greentea30029 3
  • k8861 3

    Overdoses not coping

    I cant explain how I feel or how I get into this state. Over the last month I have tajen 5 impulsive overdoses (note. Not suicide attempts) when I get particularly intense feelings of sadness and despair and cannot cope. After everytime I feel stupid and promise myself that I will not do it again..but...

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  • tina89895 5

    Whats going on?

    I can get up and go out to work even though the last two weeks have been really difficult, streesful and hard, the weather is great was going out for a walk in the sunshine this evening and sitting here having a panic attack and can't go out? Why? I;ve gone out  so many times before why am I in a state....

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  • Hakuna matata 5

    Today's a tough day

    Well I guess there are days your the pigeon and then others your the statue! Today is definitely going to be a statue day Father's Day? A day where you as a man and a dad get to realise how lucky you are you can look at your children and see how proud they are to call you dad it's a day we as men get...

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  • katie64461 3
  • ShadowClaw 2

    My IBS is really the main problem now

    I've posted here once already quite some time ago when depression was almost ruling my life, but know my IBS is the main problem. It seems that no matter what I eat, no matter what I do or how I feel, I still get either constipation in the mornings or diarrhoea. Rarely does it happen later in the day...

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  • flower82 1

    going cold turkey from venlafaxine

    Good morning! After 2 years of being on 150mg of ven I decided to try to come off them! Doc advised cutting down to 75+ 37.5 but this made me feel awful! So sick and dizzy! I stuck with it for 2 weeks but decided that I would go cold turkey as it couldn't be any worse and yo be honest it really wasnt!...

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  • Dondons3 5

    Am I normal?

    Can I ask? Does anyone else have a not to bad of a day but things change at night? Seems like Im miserable and down during the day but for some reason as soon as evening/night comes I change/it changes, everything is so much worse x

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  • margarita87230 2


    Hello everyone, I have been taking Zoloft for the past three weeks and just yesterday I started with severe dizziness. It's so bad I can't stand for a long period of time. Is this a side effect of Zoloft or can it be something else? I am currently on 100mg of Zoloft. I spoke to the doctor and he said...

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  • Caz210972 2
  • anna17409 2
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