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Hey im new in this forum and i hope someday i'll be useful here smile

First of all i mean by behavioral issue that i dont know what to say or how to react when im with people, im 16 and social anxiety is making me really depressed and sometimes angry, and it got me so lonely like when im with people i just smile and i dont know what to say, but when im with my brother or family i can be very funny, this summer all i do is staying home even if i really want to have friends and hang out like any teenager , and there is alot of problem that i have like sleeping trouble somtimes i stay awake thinking, and creativity i used to be a good music producer now i just go to my computer and stare at it. I took a test online about anxiety and it says i have 59 of 90, sorry if its borring to read this and i really need help i think i'm about to lose my mind or go crazy literally????

If someone could recomand me something to do, im waiting until 18 to move from my family and then i'll do therapy, thanks so much in advance for those who will respond and thanks to patient staff and please if you have the same problem that i have send me a message so we'll talk about it????

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    16 is very young and you shouldn't worry too much about social skills. They come with time and age. You say more or less that you can be relaxaed and happy when with your family? This is because you feel confident to be yourself with them. And that's the answer when you're out socializing! Be yourself.

    When we are very young we worry endlessly whether people like us or not. We are afraid of being judged. Yes, in life there will be people who, for no reason, won't like us. But that should be their problem not yours. The whole world cannot like us after allsmile

    You learn with age that those who don't care about you don't matter honey. It's those who do care who matter. You are not here on this earth to please everybody so don't try. When out just be your natural self.

    As you go through life people will come into and out of your life. Some you  will like, some you won't. Likewise some will like you and some won't.

    In the grand scheme of things what matters most is your own personal happiness. To be with people with whom you feel comfortable.

    Confidence is a bit elusive at 16! I was dreadfully shy of saying and doing the wrong thing until I learned to be just me.

    Confidence will come but you have to start to believe in yourself. You sound quite delightful and you should be proud of reaching out instead of slumping into despair and trying to cope with this problem on your own.

    Stop thinking aout reaching 18 and escaping! 18 is still very young and family, well, they are our haven. It is the here and now that matters. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but this day. Each day of a life is a gift. Don't waste it in endless worry. Make it count smile


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      Good smile I hope you concentrate of the good things you have in life...oh, and if you have a natural talent where music is concerned don't let that slip away from you! It's a rare gift. I always secretely believed I could "write"  stories but lacked the confidence and belief to try when I was your age. How I wasted those years! It wasn't until my sons were toddlers that I sat uo one night and banged out two short stories on a beat up second hand typewriter (all I could afford at the time) I didn't tell a soul what I'd done and expected being rejected and embarrased when I sent them to a publisher.

      Both were accepted at once! I could hardly believe it. Me? Going to be a published authoress? 

      I never looked back. There's a moral to my story, it being, you never know what you can do until you try, and if you don't try you'll never know. And had I failed at least I would not have gone through life wondering What if?

      So please, don't stare at your computer. Throw yourself into your "hobby"

      Good luck and many hugs


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    I like your screen name favorite rapper.

    I can't say anything any better than Helen did...just want to say hi...and good luck...listen to what she says.....your young...this will pass.

    Focus on the moment....comfort and care for yourself and your family.

    Do the right things and the right things will happen.

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    Eminem? Haha definetly you have pent up anger in you. Why do you want to move so badly at 18? And why do you have to wait till your 18 for therapy? And i agree with helen in the rest.
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      I think if i move out i'll start a new life and make some friend, because since i remember my self this place makes me depressed, (i know it's just in my head), and the other questions, i don't want anyone to know about it so when i have 18 im free, the reason i put eminem's name. which is so crazy :D:D

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      Isn't that a kind of running away ? The thing is with depression/anxiety, it's something we carry within ourselves. That's not to say that life changes aren't vital for those who are trapped in unbearable situations because then it is imperitive for them to get out before their spirits are completely broken.

      I don't get from your post that this is the case with you, because you speak fondly of your family. Hoping to move away to make friends ? You are going to have to start loving yourself, honey, then others will follow. Wherever you go, you will be you, that won't change nor should it. You have to value yourself because like all human beings, you are unique..there isn't another "you" in the whole wide world. Embrace that.Just be yourself and be proud of who and what you are smile

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      yeah maybe if i didn't have anxiety or depression i won't think about moving, i'll try to be confident and like my self :D and be social and stick to what i like to do as you said, glade about the two stories hope i can read them one day wink and your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom who understands, thanks alot, your replies are really helpful and motivating

      Many Hugs 2 :D

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      Thank you for your lovely response and kind words. I hope I have encouraged you to follow your dreams and not to be afraid of trying. I've been a successful writer for over 20 years now and it has given me a confidence in myself that was once sadly lacking. . It started with me trying to value myself for who and what I am as opposed to trying to be what I hoped others would see and like in me. I know my own strengths and weaknessess and that's okay. I found an inner peace in being the best human being I can be and walking away when I came across people who I realized were unkind and not worth trying to win  over to "Like me" People like that neither I nor anyone else needs nor deserves in their life.

      You have your whole life in front of you. That's a wonderful exciting thing. A whole future to look forward to. How you live those days, what you fill them with and the people you allow to share your space, is entirely your decision.

      Always have the courage of your convictions. Carry your belief in yourself every minute of every day. Whether your future lies in music or working in a supermarket it matters not. The only thing that matters is that it is your choice, your decision

      Life is like a tapestry of coloured threads. It's the threads that weave the pattern of life. I hope the pattern of your life is rich and vibrant and beautiful.

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