Anxiety felt like it was improving but today it's been terrible 😑

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I've had a bad time with depression and anxiety lately which I've always struggled with but a month just over a month ago it hit me out of the blue , And I'm now getting horrible symptoms like a weird feeling in my head , racing thoughts , my body shakes , and feel I'm losing control and I'm mad , how do I accept when I'm having a real bad day that it's just anxiety ??? How does everyone else cope ?? Friends and family say I need to think positive but it's so hard to snap out of it 😑

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    Hey there Tom, you're certainly not alone as I have the same feelings as you.

    Some days are worse than others, today has been a particularly bad day, I've felt very on edge and anxious all day, I feel I can't for too long as my legs feel like jelly and I feel as though I might pass out.

    I'm incredibly tired like all the time and I constantly worry that I'm ill so my anxiety is health related.

    I worry about leaving the house as I think I'm going to have a panic attack so I'm becoming abit of a recluse and I hate it because I never used to be like this. It's really getting me down 😞

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      Hi Laura. I am so glad to hear that someone else suffers with shaky legs !!!! It isby far my worst symptom. Even if I force myself to do something to take my mind off the anxiety, I have to give up on it after a short while because I think my legs won't hold me up.Its horrendous. About your tiredness, I have recently ben diagnosed (through a blood test ) with Vitamin D deficiency and have been given a supplement. One of the symptoms of this is extreme tiredness. Worth you checking out.  Luv Lily xx

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      Hi Laura I know exactly how you feel I'm struggling with the symptoms of anxiety at the moment don't know whether there real or just anxiety as I to suffer with health anxiety it's the a horrible feeling I have at the moment the feeling of dread in my stomach and like you said on edge expecting the worse 😑

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      Hello Laura smile

      I'm so sorry for all your pain and suffering!

      You are not alone.

      Can I ask if you see a psychologist or a professional about this? Are you on any medication? I don't like turning to medication straight away but if it gets unmanageable and it's as debilitating as you say it is, then it's def worth going to your dr about and working out a little plan, that will help you and support you.

      Don't give up. This is when we have to stick together and love one another. Come and chat with us on here, try doing some exercise. I know how hard and almost impossible it is to get out of bed.

      If you need to stay in bed and just choose not to want to deal with the world, that's ok too.

      I stopped watching the news and reading the papers because of all the horrible and negative stuff.

      It's important you protect yourself and set healthy boundaries so that you can get better and stay better. There will always be those awful days where everything is unbearable, persevere and JUST KEEP SWIMMING 🐠💜💙

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    I try and find something that will divert my thoughts, In my case I come on here look at books that have pictures in of where I have been on my travels.

    Also I go out in the garden and look after my fruit trees. There is always our dog Pax who would kill for walks. All are diversions.

    Sometimes it is best to have something that really needs doing and you HAVE to do it, you have no choice. I am lucky being a Pensioner I suppose so my time is my own, and my interests are important to me.

    We live in a very small village that is split in two we have 7 houses or so in our half and we can watch the wild life,

    With Depression and Anxiety it is the actual problem of get going that is the problem. Sometimes a kick in the behind can help.Today I have been sorting my library and intergrating new titles we have got when on holiday, so now I am tired and will have a Scots Treat before bed. One of the main thing you have also do is reward yourself after the task, that will help the mood

    Mind I suppose nothing is easy


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      Hi Bob , I'm trying my hardest at the moment going to football and work trying my best to get on with it but days like this one are the hardest trying to stay as positive as possible

      Thanks for the advice

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      Bob, I am very envious of your life, especially your backyard 😉

      It seems like you've got a perfect little system in place and a beautiful quiet and nice little haven you can call home. That's so important isn't it.

      I really enjoy the advise you give and all the knowledge and stories you have to share with us.

      I always find it helps to have and to be able to do the things we enjoy and love doing.

      It is important to live as true to ourselves as possible.

      And when the going gets tough... Just keep swimming smile

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    I totally get it! Think positive? Seriously? I have constant pain all over my body, racing thoughts, feer of dying and they tell me to think positive? I cant, its freakin hard! Its been 3 months now and nothing changed for me! There is days that are better than others but still bad!
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    Sadly anxiety is a bitch and some days you'll feel worse than others. I think we all do. And sometimes when you feel it's improving those days can be major setbacks and it'll feel like you gotta start from scratch.

    Sadly if it was as easy as "thinking positive" then we probably all would.

    Personally if I'm having a bad day I try to distract myself (gaming, and since that's stopped helping I'm now trying forums), something you enjoy doing. Even if it's just sleeping or reading a book or petting a dog, I dunno. Even tasks you may HAVE to do, even if you don't want to, it'll distract you. The actually doing something bit is probably the hardest part, but you can! 100%

    Focus on the fact that your anxiety isn't actually you. It's a condition that you can learn to control (meds have personally helped me a lot, so maybe even consider them?) bit by bit. I tell myself over and over again that I don't have to be worried. Everything's alright and nothing is out of my control. I write it down, helps me a lot too. Even if it's the same thing day after day, but it's relieving.

    Sadly nothing is ever really easy, especially not the things that matter. But you've got this! cheesygrin

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    Hi Tom and everybody else on this feed smile

    First of all, you're not mad, if anything you are the complete opposite.

    I suffer from mental illness and amongst that I have severe anxiety and depression. I've been suffering from a very young child, all my life. I know what you're going through, it's horrible, painful and so scary! So for that I want to start off my giving you the biggest *virtual hugs* and sending you all my love, positive energy and Australian sunshine ????

    You will get through this. If that is any consolation. There are always going to be those days where you feel like you cannot do it anymore and you just want to die or not be here anymore. It's so important when you're feeling like this, to jump on here and chat with us, a friend or loved one, even go for a walk. I find walking and breathing and meditating really works wonders but you've got to not procrastinate and just do it.

    Psychologists will do your head in telling you to "breathe" and "focus on your breathing"

    This sounds like the worst piece of advise when you're in the middle of a panic attack but trust me and please try it. Focus on your breathing and become very aware of your breath and presence.

    Find a quiet place to get yourself together. Take all the time you need. Listen to some audio meditations, download the Smiling Mind app and give that a go.

    Go see a good dr and have a chat with them. Depression and anxiety doesn't always hit us when we are going through a hard time, or a stressful time. It can come when you're totally happy and content. It's just how it is. But you can help yourself to not feel completely ruined when this happens and you do have so many options for help.

    Don't beat yourself up. This happens to the smartest people, the richest, the happiest, depression and anxiety do not discriminate.

    Take a short holiday just for some time off. Have a good look at yourself and your life and see if there are any changes you can make to better your situation. For example, you can cut down your hours at work, or go see a psych, possibly start some temp medication just to get you through times like this. They will help you to keep on top of it all and function in you life as well and 'normal' as possible.

    The worst thing you can do is just sit there and do nothing. It feeds off all those things especially boredom! Exercise helps me a lot. And to be honest with you I couldn't have gone through the things I went through without the help of atleast an anti depressant/anxiety. When I found the right one for me I stuck to it for atleast a couple of years until I thought I could taper down and see how I could deal without them. It's just temporary and it will help.

    Please keep in touch. It's a messy yet interesting world, the world of the mind.

    Sometimes we don't realise it but we live some pretty fast paced lives in the western world. It's all go go go. So it's crucial for the mind body and spirit to have its recharge time. Whatever that means for you, do it. Give everywhere in your life a thought and work out a healthy balance.


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    There are also many books out there that can really help make sense of everything and give you a good, clear understanding. Once you can understand and know what is happening and why or how you can help yourself, I believe, you'll be able to feel better about yourself.

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