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Hi, I'm a 17 year old female who has been struggling with severe anxiety for about 4 months now. I've always had anxiety but it was only situational and able to be dealt with. Stress brought on this anxiety but the stress is no longer the problem, the problem is the constant feeling of being on age. Two months after my first panick attach were the worst. I had constant chest pain and arm pain so basically I felt like I was having a heart attack all day everyday, I wouldn't go out anywhere, I couldn't enjoy anything, I couldn't focus on anything, I didn't care to watch a movie or listen to music, anxiety made everything unenjoyable. To deal with this and not feel like I needed to be in the ER everyday due to bad chest pain I took .25 of xanax twice a day. From September to now I have honestly improved so much but I can only say that because of how much worse it was then compared to now which still doesn't help with how hard it is. Every day activities come as a struggle to me, it makes me anxious to go out, be out but I push myself as much as I can I just hate that I'm not able to enjoy anything which you can imagine would make a person depressed, I cry every day because I just want to feel normal again and live my life to the fullest. I still get dizzy, chest pain, arm pain, headaches, worry, racing thoughts, fear everyday about the silliest of things. The thought I mostly get lost in is the one well "what's the answer?"..I'm in therapy and I was prescribed celexa which I had an allergic reaction to and made me very anxious after two days and then I tried paxil which I tried for one night and stopped because it gave me this delirious I should be sleeping but I'm not feeling and it was horrible and I felt very numb the next day I didn't like it... I was told I didn't give it a fair chance so I tried it for three more days and it still did not go well, I felt so pressured by family to take it that I just felt so horrible because I really just wanted my normal brain back even if that meant with anxiety. I'm still taking .25 of xanax once a day which I beat myself up over because I know it's habit forming and I have been pretty reliant on it as it is the only thing that brings me any relief to my anxiety. And I cry about this and I worry about myself taking it every day but I'm told that its okay and that I need it right now. I don't want to see myself taking this still in a few months. I want more than anything to be in a different place. I go to see my psychiatrist on January 2nd to talk about trying a new anti depressant. I just don't know how I feel about any of this, so many different opinions, I read too much, people saying how bad anti depressants are for you then others talking about how it gave them their life back, so my little active mind does nothing but worry about this. I guess I just want to know is there an answer to my question? Will I get better? Can medication help? Will I ever be able to live a functioning life and make a future for myself and get this anxiety under control? What will it take? My anxiety is crippling me not only mentally but physically.. I feel sick. I have so much I could be happy about if my brain and body would just cooperate with me. I worry about everything lol, and I lost my mother to breast cancer 4 years ago, I wish I could ask her all my crazy questions. I'd love to hear others stories and advice on how they made it through anxiety or are getting through the rough struggle of it. Thank you <3 i look forward to replies. i="" look="" forward="" to="">

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    Hi karlee. This is something it seems like website all experiencing. 

    My advice to you is def try some relaxing techniques and mind distractions.

    From what Ive read if you focus on your diet and increase serotonin production via healthy foods it will make a difference!  Google serotonin production and you will see that this is all related. 

    May I ask, do you eat a good amount of sushi? 

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    Hi karlee! I'm also 17 years old and I've been going going through the exact same as you since June! I know exactly how you feel I've had to leave school and all because of mine! I'm here at any time if you want to chat Hun il be more then happy to chat with you😊xxxx
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    Hi Karleejeanx

    I am so sorry this is happening to you. I understand because I have been there. My 29 year old daughter has too.

    When you are depressed, like you are. You have all the symptoms, you feel hopeless, helpless and despairing as well as anxious and fragile and you dont believe anything will make you well again. Trust me that is the depression mak

    ing you think and feel like that. Even getting better seems too hard right now.

    Trust me, depression is fixable. I have been on anti deppressants for 30 years and am currently feeling in such a good place I am finally brave enough to try weaning myself slowly off them. My daughter is on them now too. We needed to take diazepam (similar to what you are finding helps you)as well, until the antidepressants made us feel well enough to wean off the diazepam. Antideppressants make you feel worse in the beginning. Your brain has to take a few weeks to cope. Sometimes you need to try a few before you find the right one. We all respond better to some types of antidepressants than others. My daughter did not do well on the type I take but has been put on one that works for her.

    When you take a new antideppressant you feel quite wierd and disorientated and anxious. You worry about what on earth it is doing to your brain. Then gradually your body adjusts to it and you start to feel normal. Normal is possible, trust me. Normal is not how you feel now. Normal is how you will feel after trying out a couple of types of antideppresants, then getting through the terrifying first three weeks while it gets the brain geared up for a normal future. The more depressed you are the more your brain works overtime, so it is understandable that a calming drug will need some time to settle into your overwrought brain.

    Please take the time to go to your doctor and trust in the process. The flu makes us feel so sick but eventually it passes through the body and we forget we ever felt so bad. Depression is usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that needs chemical help to normalise, just as diabetics need insulin and lifestyle changes to balance their insulin imbalance.

    Dont be afraid to try antideppresants. They have given me stability since I went on them and what more could anyone want?

    Depression is honestly the worst illness there is.

    I hope you will get some help soon and trust that you do not have to feel like this. It is absolutely not okay to get no enjoyment out of everday life.

    Good luck. Big big hugs and please keep in touch. I really care because I understand how you feel. You are not alone.


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      Thank you so much for everything you said, that gives me so much hope. I smiled real big. I love hearing that things get better for people, we all deserve it nobody should have to feel such a horrible way. I trust in your words and it gives me much hope and courage to keep fighting for a better future smile even bigger hugs to you xooxooxooo
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