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I suffered with anxiety for several months it was very debilitating and affecting my everyday life. I was easily startled constant palpatations foggy feeling, feeling off balance etc etc. you all know the symptoms. Anyway I ran out of coffee and couldn't be bothered to go to shops so I drank tea for the day the next couple days I kept forgetting to pick up some coffee so was continuing to drink tea by the 3rd day my anxiety was gone. I felt great on top of the world.that is until I remembered eventually to buy my coffee. So then I went back to drinking about 3 or 4 cups of instant coffee a day and after a couple days my anxiety returned, it was only then that I made the connection. So I stopped my coffee intake all together and just drank tea and I have been anxiety free ever since. Hope this helps even just 1 person rid themselves of debilitating anxiety.

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    Hi,  So pleased you are feeling good and have found what was causing it.  I have  not drunk coffee for years mainily because it gave me migraines, and I was not that bothered anyway, always preferring tea.  As coffee along with chocolate and

    cheese, can be triggers for migraine, it makes sense that it might cause other 

    problems like anxiety.  It is good of you to post, as you say if it helps just one

    person then that is good.  Hope you continue to stay anxiety free.  All the best

    to you.


    person then that is good.person then that is goog.  Hope you continue to be aniety free.  All the best to you.


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    Yes, it is true. Caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety and impair sleep. Drinking caffeinated coffee, soda pop, or tea stimulates the nervous system, and the body produces and releases adrenaline in response. In turn, this can make the user feel anxious or jittery and develop a rapid heartbeat until the caffeine wears off.

    Most documents and published reports show that coffee isn’t bad when taken in moderation; however that kind of moderation, cannot last for very long; especially since caffeine has been proven to be addictive in nature. The problem with having too much caffeine in your diet is that it can trigger constant feelings of anxiety and panic.

    Make note of how much (and what kind of) coffee you consume on average and work down from there. Rather than just giving yourself a limit of coffee cups a day, also give yourself a window on when you can drink them.

    I am glad you are anxiety free now and thought to share this thought with the forum. It can make a difference!!



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    I too found the same thing, only for me it's anything with caffeine, even just one cup or glass of coke can some other sodas and teas. You'd be amazed at how many foods and drinks have caffeine in them! I've also learned that ....sadly ....chocolate and too much sugar can do the point of auction Restless leg syndrome! So I'd suggest if you have any form of anxiety, #1 thing to do is to look at everything you eat or drink and for some very sensitive people, look at your soundings. Some allergies can cause not only allergic reactions, from carpeting, pets, perfumes,  & a dozen other things, and anxiety too. Look at these things especially if when you are away from home or your office and the symptoms stop. I'm glad you found that coffee does this to you, but I'd suggest that you look at anything you eat or drink with caffeine and see what their effect is on you. 
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    I know how you feel. I was suffering for months. I had been drinking coffee and tea for many years. I enjoyed it and didn't have problem with it. The anxiety came very sudden. I am now 3 months caffeine free. The anxiety has reduced but I sure miss coffee and tea. I am wondering whether if it is safe for me to go back to 1 or 2 cups a day.

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    So true. I hadn't had any caffeine or junk food in weeks because of high blood pressure from anxiety. And today I had fries and a cola and came home baffled why I was having an anxiety attack for no apparent reason. Then it dawned on me that the caffeine and possibly junk food too brought on this anxiety attack. Diet/caffeine definitely plays a major part in it all! 

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    Hey there. I'm pretty sure I know why coffee increases anxiety, but tea doesn't necessarily.

    1)Firstly, tea contains an amino acid called l-theanine which is responsible for attenuating anxiety provoked by caffeine.

    2) Coffee, but not tea, contains a neurotoxin called Harmane which stimulated dopaminergic neruons in the reward centre of the brain, contributing to anxiety and blocking the receptors that are necessary for the anxiety reducing effects of Xanax (Benzodiazepine receptors).

    3)Chronic (a few days or more in a row concurrent caffeine use) caffeine consumption has been shown to elevate the levels of an amino acid known as homocysteine, which is elevated in OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, bipolar disorder, mild age related cognitive decline and Alzheimers disease.

    Hope this helps. If anyone wants citing to information provided above, feel free to ask.

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