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 10 years ago when I stopped drinking.  I remember going to the Dr. and freaking out because I could not sleep...and I kept having panic and anxiety.  I didn't know of the brands of medication for anxiety..but my father (who is so anti drug)...I was visiting one day and having a bad panic attack.  He couldn't handle the condition I was he said here - take one of these very mild will feel better.  I took it...It was a 0.5 mg Lorazepam.  Within a 1/2 hour I calmed down significantly.

​I slept there that night.  I slept well.  HE DIDNT want to give it to me...but I was pacing...not catching my breath...crying...and he did.  So I told my Dr. and I said if I didn't get something like that....I was going to drink...and I knew I was going to drink!

​After much conversation as to how Drs. don't like prescribing those meds to known (alchys)...because the drug works on the same part of the brain as alcohol and she was afraid it would lead me to relapse.  She gave me a chance....she gave me 30 pills...1x day...and I never abused them or asked for more.

​As the years have gone on....all therapists and psychiatrists...have agreed to raise this med for me to 3x a day.  Last week I saw a new psychaitrist...who has seen me since I left the hospital on Jan 31.  The first time I saw her (prior the hospital)...she wanted to bring the dose down to 2x a day.  Last week...(I don't know what hospital papers say)...but she wanted to RAISE me to 4x a day. 

​I said NO...I am fine on 3x and "just grateful that you are not lowering to 2x".  And she asked me if I was SURE?  Yes, I am sure.

​I just want to say...for anyone struggling with anxiety or sleep deprivation if you can get a Dr. to prescribe an anxiety med...slowly and monitor your use they could save your life and help you live happier.

​In the last month (since I have not been drinking).  I have had to take a daily dose of 1 pill during the day.  I wasn't taking them before...but being away from the body is going into anxiety fits occassionally.  I was taking 2 at night with my Melatonin for sleep.  Now I take one for sleep and one during the day...but I still have that 3rd one for the day if I need it.

​There were and have been times in sobriety...that the anxiety is so terrible...the mind goes to...a drink...but now it goes to ..just take this little pill...and things usually subside for me. 

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    Missy,my anxiety isn't like yours.Mines more a social anxiety. Cant hold conversations,hard to look people in the eye,hate shaking hands as my palms are sweaty,brain goes to mush if I'm put on the spot.I was always looking for something to make this better but all they gave me were beta blockers
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      Nicole, I suffered with social anxiety for years. Beta blockers did nothing for me. After I had my second daughter I had postnatal depression and was prescribed seroxat. It worked a miracle and it isn't a problem for me now. It takes a month to kick in and there are side effects. It changed my life. It doesn't work if you are drinking though.

      There are also good free apps on App Store or YouTube...

      take care xx

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      I have the social anxiety too...and the Dr. told me to take one of my pills or 1/2 of one prior to social situations and they do help..but not totally.

      I always feel like running out of rooms with lots of people...even family.

      ​Visits are exhausting...can never wait to get home and chill with the computer and TV.

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    HI Missy. Still going through a tough time I can see. At least it is a full month of not drinking but only too swee Coca Cola!! Your teeth might be affected but the dentist will like it!! ha ha a bit of humour required and I do wish you all the best. Anxiety is terrible and not certain since my anxiety levels were never that deep when I drank for SO many years...always confident where that next bottle was coming from...all the best to you. Robin
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      Hi Robin...thanks for your reply and well wishes.  That is the problem with me...I always feel like I am having a tough time...and the alcohol for the first couple of days of my binges..makes me feel I don't give a crap about nothing.

      ​The only thing is after 2 days....I can't stop drinking and my health and emotional well being suffer greatly...after I continue to drink thru day 3..from my experience...i get so depressed...and end up not caring...and continue until I land in a hospital bed.

      ​ more for me....I was lucky enough that my brain kicked in and had the realization that I CAN DRINK NO MORE.

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      HI Missy. I was just wondering how you could be drinking all day if you are working? or not working?? that is what stopped me since I had to got to work and put food on the table since my wife was unemployed. Stopped drinking and re started when my parents came for Xmas and I had lost my job again and BOTH of us unemployed and 2 small children in the house and not enough money and had not seen my father for over 2 yrs and he had became OLD and very sick. Different country and flew in and so sick on the plane he nearly went to hospital..not much of a Xmas...stopped 31st Dec 2012 which was 10 days after he had arrived and I had had my vodka etc in 3 yrs plus and doing well...what can I say? tough to stop!! Robin
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      Exactly...I am not working after 30 years of working.  I left my job....and became really depressed.  I did not drink for 8 years...and thought I could have a few.  Fincances are a big concern...depression...and various health conditions...I wanted a break from them...had a 6 pack (well a 12 pack)....2 years ago...and basically struggling ever since.

      ​Congratulations on your 3 years...the 3 year point was when I finally was not thinking about alcohol everyday.  But you still have to "beware"...don't ever fool yourself into thinking that you have gone this why not.  I'm the example of WHY NOT.....

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