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Anxiety or Real Illness?

I struggle with anxiety and depression, but recently it's gotten way worse. The past week, I've had the worst panic attacks ever which seem to last for hours. It's the normal symptons; head burning, shaking, nauseous, tight chested and all that. But it's made my heartbeat really fast and I've been experiencing weird feelings in my heart like flutters but really scary like it's going wrong, like my heart is stopping or something. It terrifies me and triggers another panic attack and everything. The thing is, it's alright during the day when I can sit and tey and calm myself vut when I lie down I vet the weird flutters/palpitations and feeling like its really fast like too fast. I'm really terrified that it's something more than anxiety because the physical aspect of it is SO real and scary. I'm 18 but quite unfit (spend most of my time inside doing nothing, not eating very healthily) and I dont know if that has something to do with it. But I'm juat terrified that something's horribly wrong but am scares to go to the doctors bur at times think I need an ambulance. Does this sound like anxiety or something more serious??

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  • jan34534 Charlotte 99

     Charlotte it sounds like panic and anxiety but it’s always a good idea to follow up with your doctor to get things checked out.  That will give you peace of mind. Anxiety can cause numerous symptoms including rapid heartbeat. That’s because when you’re anxious, your brain thinks you are in danger so it sends out adrenaline and that is what causes the rapid heartbeat. It will not hurt you when it’s caused by anxiety. The adrenaline will wear off eventually.

    When you get anxious about the symptoms, that will make the symptoms get worse.  The main thing you want to do is relax your mind much as possible because that will calm down your symptoms.

    I listen to great audio meditations on YouTube for anxiety or sleep or anything I want. It completely relaxes my mind, body and symptoms. I do this every day. 

     if your doctor gives you the OK, exercise is great because it releases good hormones in the brain that calm you down and make you feel good. It’s also important to eat healthy to build up your immune system which will fight anxiety. 

     A diet full of sugar’s and caffeine is one of the worst things we can do regarding anxiety. It actually increases anxiety. It goes right back to what our mothers told us when they said eat greens. Anxiety can cause our heart to skip beats . I have had that many times and it is not harmful when caused by anxiety. But your doctor can check you out further. When you feel anxious you can listen to a short audio on YouTube called “mindfulness breathing guided meditation 10 minutes“ this helps  call me down and gain control over anxiety. There are also many audio on panic attack and some of them guide you through the attack. Do a search for those also. Take care of yourself and do things that calm you down and make you smile. . One day at a time 🌸🌸🌸

  • tamara040775 Charlotte 99

    I'm 42 years old and last year I started to have tremors the drs call it. I called it seizures then another doctor called it pseudo seizures. My obgyn calls them Anxiety Attacks. They have done xrays on me blood test to check my thyroid and electrolytes, I have had a lot test done the doctors say the test are normal. I told the dr I cannot handle antidepressants my heart races and shortness of breath, can't swallow like no spit in my throat, head felt numb. I would get up from bed and almost fall , i could hardly walk i felt faint. Thats the reaction side effects from the medicine. It put a scare in me. The doctor says it effects each person differently. I'm not a doctor. But i have tried telling these doctors my body especially my heart can't handle that medicine. So my therapist wants to try different methods but doctors don't agree they say i need therapy and medicine. I personally don't agree. If my body rejects the medicine then I'm not going to keep taking different kinds. This medicine has a great deal of side effects and not good ones. They say oh you feel weird first 2 weeks but it takes 6 weeks before you really start feeling better. That is way too long of a wait for me. I don't like medicine that makes my heart beat really fast. But that is just me and my experience and opinion about all of this. One doctor had me do a genetic test to match the correct medicine . I don't see how that is possible.

  • tamara040775 Charlotte 99


    Other people are correct there are other ways of getting through Anxiety and panic attacks. Got to stay calm and take slow steady breath in from your nose then breath out of your mouth slow and do that several times til you feel your heartbeat slow down a little. I tend to go walk the mall and do like 2 or 3 laps around the mall. That helps me to feel better. Don't drink beverages with Caffeine as that is a trigger for anxiety. I have learned that lesson. Eat more of your leafy greens that helps to. In the morning drink hot lemon water. Also bath in epson salts. I hope this helps. Now remember I'm not a doctor.

  • tamara040775 Charlotte 99

    Charlotte , Mike is the one who told me about drinking hot lemon water and eating leafy greens. He has really good advice. I know I am going to follow his advice. ☺☺

    • MarvinMartian tamara040775

      Leafy greens are high in magnesium.  A daily supply of magnesium is hard to get, especially with today's modified foods. If you have anxiety and don't eat much and the situation gets worse.  Magnesium is what gives the calming effect in epsom salt baths.  Tests for magnesium deficiencies are inaccurate because your body may starve some areas of the body to keep blood levels up, you may test ok but actually be low.... At least that is what I found by doing searches.  (I am not a doctor)


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