Anxiety or the cat?!

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So I have been dealing with Anxiety quite badly the last few months. I am getting by, but not medicating and I am exhausted of it. Basically shakey all day, not sleeping, on edge and tense / palpitations. Constant dizziness, burning up, feeling sick, headaches etc. I have had chest pains, breathing problems and just a heavy head / pressure and pain around my nose feeling which I keep getting told is all due to the Anxiety

However, I am convinced I am allergic to my partners cat and that is driving more symptoms than my Anxiety. We have had the cat for 2 years now and she won't accept it's causing my problems - we have recently moved into a small flat (through a serious of unfortunate events after a house purchase fell through) and my allergies have gone ten times worse as it was previously an outdoor cat. 

Basically I am constantly congested, it hits me as soon as I walk in the door. It feels like I can't breath sometimes with the heavy air, yet we clean religiously every day. I haven't been able to breath through my nose properly in months now. I don't get watery eyes, runny nose etc, only horribly congested to the point where nothing will clear it!.

When I go to bed, I wheeze and become so clogged up, I am convinced I have developed sleep apnea because of my poor breathing. I wake up still congested and most mornings, even vomit phelgm (nice, I know sorry) - I also have had very bad headaches which again is anxiety apparently but I am sure it's due to my sinuses. 

This has been the worst summer I have ever had for allergies and I don't normally suffer at all and I am convinced its due to the cat in this small living space.

I have tried all sorts of perscription antihistamines and nasal sprays. Even bought a Dyson Airpure for the bedroom, nothing works. I have had 3 sinus infections in 2 months and dizziness / balance problems due to the congestion and blocked ears, seeing an ear nose and throat specialist next month. I am only 25 between!.

I think the cat allergy is driving my tirdness though poor sleep quality, panic through breathing (sometimes my breathing is eased my coughing up phelgm - again sorry) and headaches through sinsus problems. 

I know my Anxiety is also bad and I accept it / am getting help for it, and I have had a few attacks in work lately, but this ontop is getting unbarable. It feels to physical to be Anxiety - How can Anxiety cause so much congestion?. I have spoken to my partner and she is convinced it's just Anxiety to and thinks I am trying to pinpoint blame on how I feel - She loves the cat and I don't as you can probably tell. I know I was allergic to them as a child and didn't have a say in getting one in the first place.

My doctor won't send me for an allergy test until after the ear nose and throat appoitment. A cheapo test online said I was allergic to something but not what which is helpful. I can't afford private testing as I have been quoted hundreds.

Any advice on what I should do?. I don't have the luxury of moving somewhere else away from the cat for awhile as much I would like to.

Can anxiety cause all this congested (no let up 24/7), even with Anxiety I have the odd moments of feeling at least alright at times. 

Sorry, feels like I need to speak to someone outside of family. 


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    If you were allergic as a child,you still are as an adult, and you also suffer from anxiety. You are young,so why do you want to live with anxiety. The congestion,and phlegm are from the cat. It's  bad to suffer with allergies from something that can be avoided.It's also hard to give up a aminal that your girlfriend loves. Tough decision there. There is something you can do about your anxiety. Go see your family doc,and get on a antidepressant. Honest,you will feel sooo much better. You can at least deal with one problem. Good luck!

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      Hello Kimberly,

      I have tried Fluoxetine and Sertraline for Anxiety and couldn't get over the side effects even after months. I didn't want to put myself through third time lucky. The side effects were horrendous on both!

      I have tried Propranolol and busperone as well. They were okay for temporary relief but I know I need something I think.

      I have talked it over and thinking it might be extreme but booking a hotel somewhere away for a weekend away completely. See how I improve!

      Anxiety is terrible to life with though. What antidepressants did you get? How has it helped you?

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      in my experience thomas sertraline is not the nicest of a/ds  i am on citalopram yes you have to go through the side affects for the first couple of weeks but they are very good 
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      Good morning,

      Thank you Sue. 

      Citalopram is the one the doctor wants me to try next. I was on Sertraline for 4 weeks and just didn't see any improvement. The enhanced anxiety was horrible!. 

      I will have to consider trying it I know, but giving myself a few weeks to get over the Sertraline first. Constantly being sick has drained me!. 


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    The cat dander is everywhere. Spend a day at a hostel . shower. Put on hypoallergenic clothes. And stay out all day and night with your partners permission. See if you feel better. If you have a friend or relative to take you in for a while that would help
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    Hi Thomas

    Not sure whether mine is the same as yours. My face becomes full of pressure which then plugs my left nostril and left ear. This causes a really awful unbalanced feeling.

    I had the prick test down because I started to think that one of my daughter's dogs was doing this to me. (She lives with us,). The prick test showed nothing but did you know you can do a blood test for one particular thing to test or confirm allergy?

    I also have anxiety too, and had been bad since last January. On meds but just not convinced I should still be having all of my anxiety symptoms still.

    This issue I have with my face/ears is a daily thing and when it starts. It creates terrible anxiety.

    It all just sucks

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      I know what you mean!. An anxiety trigger for me is dizziness, I panic when I get really disoriented especially in crowded places which I know is Anxiety but I am sure it's because of the same pressure feeling you describe, it's 24/7!

      It's strange and very annoying!.

      I will have to enquire about the blood test, my doctor talked about the prick test but said it wasn't very reliable which is why he didn't want to refer me.

      Thank you!

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      Yes I was told the prick test is not very accurate. I really hope you can figure this out. I would have insisted about the allergy test. Why wait?

      I saw an ENT doctor and he did a cat scan and MRI. Waste of time

      Maybe the ENT doc will refer you to an allergist

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    Hi tom,my son is currently going through the same symptoms, his wife to be has 2 cats and hes miserable. They even think he might have asthma. Hes going in for allergy tests. If you are in the states if you have to beg your doctor for tests,go to a different doctor. When i was younger I adopted a cat from the local humane soc. I sneezed my head off and was so miserable,i could not keep it. Luckily my husbands family took it. Its the cats or you. Whos more important?
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