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I was wondering if anyone has advice for me. Ive had the last week off work and started on propranolol 40mg x 3 a day to calm me down because of my anxiety and panic attacks. First few days I felt drowsy then started to feel calmer, was nice but now gone back to being conscious of my breathing and my chest being uncomfortable and headaches,cold hands/feet. I'm not in the stressful work environment to see how effective it really is. I've been given another sick line and to start with a low 10mg of citalopram with therapy. But I'm extremely anxious about taking these pills. I think my doctor said I'm fine to continue with propranolol along with citalopram but im really scared of the side effects I've read online that most people say they feel worse for taking them and are on them for years.

Should I even look for a natural remedy ? I've noticed some people suggesting Holland and Barrett they have something to do with 5HTP? If someone could get back to me with more about citalopram that would be appreciated. Thanks xo

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    Hi bonnie

    Don't be scared to take it, I was the same as you totally petrified of taking it. Although after getting gut wrenching anxiety I felt I had no other choice. I've been on it 5 months now. The first 3 days were abit rough, you just kinda feel a bit out of it, but I found by the evening it really died down. I remember by the end of the first week I was out and about having all side effects gone bar insomnia but I suffered from that before I took the med so hard to know if it was that. The one side effect I still get is shaky hands but that's it.

    It's worth a few days of feeling uncomfortable to get your happiness and life back I think, and it doesn't mean you'll be on them forever as this is just a moment in your life.

    Just Baton down the hatches for a few days when taking them, I watched movies and tried to just cozy up in front of the tv.

    Take care xx

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    Hello Bonnie, I don't have any experience with the beta blocker you are taking but i have been taking the citalopram. You can always start out at 5mg for a week and then go to 10mg if you are worried about side effects. That is what I did and had minimal side effects. I was prescribed the citalopram for severe anxiety and mild depression. It is now starting to work. I am almost at the 4 week mark this Thursday and I have had about 4 really good days.

    I am currently at 15mg. I upped my dose slowly. Even going to 12.5 before I went to 15mg. It is said that it can take 4 to 6 weeks or longer to start working. But some people start feeling better in the first week or two.

    Don't read all the negitive comments, it will only make your anxiety worse. It's usually only the people who are having problems that post to complain or look for help. The people who the meds are working for don't bother coming on line because there is no need to. This is a good med. just take it slow and you should be ok. And if you get side effects just try to stick with it!

    And because you take the meds doesn't mean you will be on them for years.

    Praying for all the best for you!!!!

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    Bonni .we were all scared to take any meds. Not going to kid you they can be rough the first few days or so. I done the same as you with propranadol. And went to sertraline and they were awfull .I packed it all in and tried 5htp and St Johns wart .didn't really help so I seen the Dr and he put me in a low CIT 10 mg .I broke them in half for the first week then made my way up to 30 mg now after 12 months ,back to 10 mg. And feel better than before . I seen a hypnosis and made me feel and see things differently. Now I don't argue and take on board every day stuff I just let it go over my head .as you will .you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. Just look opon this as a reset or a chance for you head to clear it self if what ever got you here .you are not aloneand what you are experiencing is normal and you have experienced more than you can handle.
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    You can't take 5-HTP with Citalopram, or any SSRI's.  

    Starting on Citalopram slowly as you are with 10mg is a good way.  Yes you may experience side effects, and they can last a few weeks, but they will wear off.  Don't let them worry you, it'll be fine.

    These meds really work well, but you have to give them a lot of time.

    K x

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    Side effects aren't great, but worth it. When I started Citalopram my side effects were minimal and last a week at the longest.. Took about 3 weeks for anxiety to get better! Good Luck!
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    Bonnie I think everyone here would agree with me that whatever side effects you do get is worth it. The only side effect I got was headaches so on the 3rd day I switched from taking it in the mornings to bedtime..never had another headache again...besides that I take Ativan for heart has never again felt jittery or had any Arithmia. Don't be afraid we are here to hold your hand thru this journey.

    Good luck

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. I've decided I'm going to take one at 11 along with my other tablet propranolol , hopefully they are okay together I'm sure my doctor said so and I can't find much through Google..

    What time does everyone prefer taking their tablet, morning or night? I know everyone's different but wondering if night would be more appropriate or not.. Anyway I'll start with morning for now see how I get on. Do most people find they have to just take it easy staying in resting or can you get on with going out or working ? Thanks xo

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