Anxiety returned after a year

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I suffered a panic attack last summer and the Symptoms were physical but also depression and anxiety. I had pins and needles, pains, vision issues; everything. Things have been so much better (gradually over the last such months) then today I felt like it was lay summer again- some random leg pain and pain in my abdomen (stud that if have brushed off a couple of years go) made me extremely anxious. I was sweaty and dizzy. Has anyone else experienced a recurrence (I feel better now but still getting random pains. It's been really disconcerting after feeling so much better.

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    Yes, I've had good years, and bad years. Unfortunately, it's something that can come back for many people. I'm not sure if it ever fully goes away, because I haven't any experience on that end. Perhaps someone else will pop in and give some insight. The good news is that you know what it is, how to handle it, and have beaten it before. The odds are in your favor.

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    Yes I have!! Three times in the past 20 years. I was off all medication for over a year and it came back worse than I have ever had it in my life!! Very scary. I would love to have someone to chat with and share experiences. My last experience started in March of this year and I am still struggling . I feel it is important to talk with people who go through the same things because noone understands and it can be very helpful in getting well....Thanks. Dawn.
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    I remember when I first " recovered " from my anxiety disorder. It was exhilerating and i swore to myself never to let myself get like that again. Then bang, out of the blue, there it was again. I was shattered

    The difference though was that that time I knew what it was and knew I had to find the strength to cope with its existance, Not to throw myslef into a panic thinking some life threatening illness was stalking me

    .I don't know if I or anyone else will ever be anxiety free. I just have to accept it's a part of me and deal with it when it raises it's ugly head.

    But what you and I and everyone else here has done is overcome it to a greater or lesser degree. That which we have achieved once we can achieve again and each time we win we grow stronger!

    Don't let it batter you into submission. Face it head on. Stand tall. You are bigger than your anxiety smile

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    Hi david not sure about relapse but i have had out ovf the blue anx and panick and now bouts of depression for he last 2yrs its hell just started zoloft 25mg been on vfor 2weeks still feel like crap increased if anything going up to 50mhin a couple of days mayb ty hat will b better dont know what to expect sure helps talking about it though with people who understand
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      I was given zoloft 50mg and felt like hell until it got into my system. My symptoms worsened which upset me enormously.Then slowly but surely I started feeling more like my normal self. Hang in there honey! It gets better, I promise smile

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      It took a few weeks for the sertraline to kick in Sharon. I didn't give up on it cos I was desperate for something/anything to give me support to deal with my problem. And I regarded the sertraline as helping myself, in a sense, taking control by implementing something that would help me cope and heal

      How long? Ah Sharon, how long is a piece of string? You have to let go of hoping for a time limit where Anxiety Disorder is concerned. Hoping for a day when it "disappears" shows that you still fear it and wish to escape it. And as long as you fear it then it will be there hanging over you.

      You have to accept that you have an "illness" but unlike others, which have a recovery time, this one does not. Every individual is different. Everyones coping mechanism is different.

      Acceptance is the key. Calm acceptance.You have this illness and now you have to deal with it. Not fight it cos fighting adds stress but dealing with it. Dealing with the symptoms and the impact they have upon you personally.

      It's an up and down journey because life throws stress at us now and then. It can often be two steps forward and one step back. But never be discouraged.

      One of the best tools in your healing box should be to accept that though the symptoms are awful you must not allow panic to add and worsen them.  You have to realize that vile as they are they will not kill you. No heart attack. It's not cancer. It's not any of the much feared illnesses. It's anxiety pure and simple.

      No googling your symptom! Never, ever! Only the medical profession can rightly diagnose. On google you will find things, similarities, that will frighten the crap out of you and send you into a tailspin of panic.

      If you must google then google Anxiety Disorder help sites. Having said that this site is all the support you will need via the computer that is.

      If the symptoms are bad at any given moment you have to divert mind and body. The body floods with an overdose of adrenalin so MOVE! Move your body. Don't sit there focusing upon whatever symptoms you might be having at that time.

      Do something! Anything. Clean a room, walk in the garden. Wash your hair. Read a book. You won't feel like it but it is important not to dwell on how you feel.

      You feel how you feel. Let it flow over you. Tell the symptoms to F**k off and laugh at them. Anger is good,laughter is good.

      If at times it appears overwhelming don't be discouraged. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will fail. But the very fact that you are making an effort is important!

      Helen xx

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