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I'm in my first year at univeristy and recently I got diagnosed with anxiety by a GP after going into A+E with bad chest pains and tingling in my left arm. I had an ECG and the results came back normal, doctor said my heart was healthy and that there was nothing to worry about. I did go to the doctors beforehand about the tingling in my left arm and she reckon it was a trapped nerve. This all happened around the time of deadlines at university. 

Since then (it's been a month) I've had tingling pretty much nearly every day, it's not servere.. just rather annoying! I especially get it at night, along with chest pains and sometimes palpitations. I've also experienced a few panic attacks as well, where I get shaky, fast heart beat, tingling, chest pains etc. Lately, I've noticed around my throat/neck/collarbone area it tends to get quite heavy/numb like and the skin around my neck gets sore. It sometimes travels up to around my right ear/temple, which I have experienced before.

Just wondering what other symptoms everyone gets who has anxiety so I know in the future it's just the anxiety and I don't need to worry that there is something wrong with me as lately most of my panic attacks have been about worrying about the symptoms and that something bad is going to happen to me.

Thank you and Happy New Year everyone!

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    I used to have pain in my left arm and chest all the time for two months, and now I really only get dizzy when I'm anxious or nauseas. Don't worry you will be OK smile
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      Thank you! It's scary because I didn't think I was an anxious person. Everytime a new symptom comes along I always think it's something really bad, the other day I thought I was going to have a heart attack (which got me all panicky and later on came the panic attack) now I'm scared/worried about going back to London now in case I experience a panic attack by myself again x
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    Just remember that you're OK! That is what's most important x I found that if you don't think you're okay then it just makes the symptoms worse, so whenever you feel symptoms remember it's just your anxiety, it can be difficult though.
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    Hiya Alice.

    You probably have had a lot going on with your studies and other things that the anxiety just crept up in you.

    You don't seem to be overly worried and seem to be handling it quite well which is a good thing.

    I don't know what sort of lifestyle you lead but if I could give you a little advice it would be to get the right balance between activity and relaxation. Even if just once a week you settle into a nice bath and totally clear your mind of any chatter,try and meditate. If you find this difficult to do alone,YouTube have some great guided meditation audios that are very beneficial. Even when your anxiety subsides,it's always a good idea to find time just to relax.

    Forums like this are fantastic for getting reassurances and support but if you can try and resist the temptation to google symptoms or look for answers,that will help greatly too. Google has a lot to answer for as far as frightening people out of there minds with negative stories.

    Join support groups if need be. I try to stick to this forum and my own facebook support group. It's a closed group so only people in the group can see posts and comments. Lots of people from this forum have joined. It's a lovely little group. Mental health support group(A problem shared). Anybody is quite welcome to join.

    Just be kind and gentle with yourself and try not to overwhelm yourself right now while you are a little vulnerable. I think you have this under control Hun and I wish you all the best xxxxx

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    Oh how that sounds just like what i've been going through constantly for 2 months! I had my first heavy panic attack back last year feb, tho i had no idea what was happening or where it came from lol then everything was fine after a week from that until 2 month ago, had a bit of a strong anxeity attack..thought i was having a heart attack,a swift visit to the hospital just to be told it was an anxiety attack...that was the first i ever had one or realised i had one (apart from feb 2014 didn't do anything about it..should have!)

    So now ever since 2 month ago..i've been feeling reaaally anxious and shakey and feel scared of nothing confused and i've been feeling pain in my whole chest area,my coller bone,shoulders,arms,breasts and sometimes my jaw hurst,once the chest pain happens the rest tends to follow.It's not fair feeling physical pain everyday and just being told it's all in your head..i feel a little nuts because of it lol And i honestly think i've got a serious health problem, like something wrong with my lungs or the chest just feels sore every sucks..oh and i keep thinking i have cancer..i'm pretty sure i don't,But still.Annoying!

    And the pain tends to get worse at night aswell,tho it hurts most too when i lift something heavy..and my 3yold wants lifted all the time! I did see a doc and was on Propranolol 10mg 3 times a was alright but still felt a little on edge,i've still to make another op with the health center..make sure my chest ACTAULLY gets seen to..i do feel there is something wrong...but we'll see.

    Oh i made a post on here too,just waiting for it to be put up,basically what i've said here and a bit more,so on the same boat as ya wink. Ever since 2 month ago..i feel different like i don't feel like i can be myself with all this constant worry,i now also worry about my son's health and my partners..ofc my own to the max! I never used to be like this,i did worry but not this way and i used to fell anxious but not this bad and i keep thinking the worst and most horrible things and it's really scary sad very rotten to feel this live this way, tho with the right help (meds/therapy) we'll all feel like ourselves soon enough! Just need to bare with it until then...well that's what i'm doing until i get an oppointment!

    Chin up gurl,you'll get though it,do get seen by the docs tho,and talk about it as much as you can,i think it helps just ranting about it lol

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