Anxiety Taking Over?

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​My name is alex, and for the past months ive struggled with what i think is anxiety, and ive had the worse time with it,

​It started off one night as i was napping. i woke up all of a sudden with a very bad headache and diziness. i had never experienced anything like it so i went into a panic. i got a hot-type feeling in my back and my heart started racing. Eventually the night passed, but i had severe headaches for the coming weeks, but even that subzided.

​Ever since that night ive felt un easy about my health. Any little pain i assume is something bad and i start feeling sick. My legs feel like noodles, my hands will get ice cold, ill get fainting-type symptoms and ill just need to run outside to get some fresh air.

​Ive noticed my neck is really tense all the time and that causes my scalp and evenn the top of my head to hurt.

​Even my speech and memory have taken a toll. i feel like i talk to fast and mess up words. as well as being more forgetful.

​But even in my worse freak outs ill still get those hot type flashes in my back wich gets me panicking really fast. i start thinking ima faint or something, but eventually i will return back to normal.

​My doctor said it was anxiety and prescribed me Amitriptyline but im not sure its helping.,

​Has anyone experience the same symptoms? and how did you cope?

​Im 19 and this thing is taking away the joy of everyday things.

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    Hi Sorry your feeling bad.

    Anxiety plays tricks with us making us think there is something wrong with when there is not.  It sucks its a nasty illness.

    If you have been on your meds a while and they are still not working go back and see you gp

    Therapy is also an option the one they are pushing at the moment is CBT it works for some, I know it sounds corney but it you try and control you breathing that helps, exersise is good as well but might not be too good for you if it happens in the middle of the night.

    Everyone who has anxiety will tell you there are some good days and a lot of bad days,but its up to you try and fight it or let it take over your life.

    Unfortunatley there is no quick fix.

    Stay strongbiggrin

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    Amitriptyline is junk, stop it and look for therapy.  meds cant cure anxiety, therapy can
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      I think it is unfair to group everyone together,everyone is different meds work for some and not for others, therapy the same its works for some dosent for others.

      Everyone one reacts to situations differently.

      So I dont think your comment is justified

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      Medication is not designed and incapable of dealing with the issues behind anxiety. They are meant to be used if they are used at all while the root cause of the anxiety is dealt with. Otherwise when you stop them the anxiety is still right there. If they even work at all,which for some they do, others they don't. To resolve anxiety requires resolution of the root cause, no pill will ever do that. So yes my comment is not only justified,its proven to be the case. It's up to each person what they do of course
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      The same reason that they prescribe PPI medication for stomach issues. It doesn't cure an ulcer,but it helps with the symptoms in the short term. Not all medication cures the problems associated with it, very few do, all about managing the symptoms until the main cause is dealt with.
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    I have a lot of the head sensations , and really bad tension headaches and soreness in certain parts of my head ,and even around near my temples and sometimes the whole head , I get sometimes a throbbing or pulsing feeling too , along with the pain in my neck and back to go with , and sometimes there isn't any pain just, electrifying feeling, or like tickling feelings, and other weird hard to explain sensations and I hate it , ive also felt like this wash of adreneline come over which makes me feel like im about to pass out , ive had the warming sensation on my forehead and cooling sensations on my back and in my legs , this list goes on and on ,,, I've had cat scans, and MRIs, of my head and brain and all the results came back great . I was diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety. Anxiety has a lot of the worst symptoms I even heard of and felt . can't wait doe this to pass , but if you want to talk to me feel free to private message me or whatever !! Hope you get well soon
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    I get dizzines lightheadnes chest discomfort Head pressure my body feals weak i feel like im going to pass out every second its scary when you get the symptoms just breathe slowly and relax everything will be fine
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    Yes I have experienced cold hands, headache, dizziness, etc. I have anxiety and initially it freaked me out not knowing what was wrong.

    However, with medication and accepting the sensations in my body rather than rejecting or fearing them, I doing good.

    If medicines are not helping please consult your doctor, may be he can prescribe something else.

    Also, try walking, yoga or meditation to sync body and mind.

    Take care  

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