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Apologies if this sounds stupid/pathetic but i would really appreciate some support, rather than negative feedback.

For a while, (5 months+) I’ve been feeling unwell and as a result I’ve been having various tests - ECGs, EMG, MRIs, blood tests etc.

So far the test the tests have not shown anything major (apart from a mass in my tummy which I’m having follow up appointments for)

As a result, I’ve been having really bad anxiety/panic attacks (well i think they are - suffering from heart palpitations, shaking, shortness of breath etc).

Today I’ve had weakness in my left leg and my left arm feels all achy and heavy.

I am exhausted as well and have lost over 1 stone 1/2 in the amount of time.

Do you think these symptoms are a sign of anxiety? Or shall I continue to go doctors until they can tell me exactly what is wrong?

People are telling me it’s all in my head but i don't think it is.

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    Keep going to your GP.  I feel your physical symptoms are causing your anxiety.  I have health anxiety but not everything is anxiety we do have physical problems aswell. 
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    I have the same sysmptoms with the excepttion of heart palpitations. Pluss I have light headed and shortness of breath almost all day long unless I take my small dose of zanax (0.5mg) which helps me (70-80% better) but only last 6 hours. Doctors are still looking into the problem but they are taking so long that now the 0.5mg I take will need a boost to do the same job it did first.  Just like you I have done everyone possible medical test and still nothing.  So if you ask me I would have to say that yes, is all anxiety caused by the doubts and fear you have of actually being sick.  In my case I was diagnosed (X-RAY) with COPD mild a few months back, but then they ran some test and I came out with flying colors so apparently I don't have COPD.   ;-)  I can't tell you how to make it better because right now even with the biofeedback therapy I'm taking is not helping much.   But I do understand it wil get bettter once I accept I don't actually have any medical problem. Also, xanax itself is not helping much because I don't want to increase the amount.  Now, let me be clear, this all started after I stopped taking Gabapentin and Lyrika for nerve damage, whcih are also antidipresents so I believe the dreawback of these medications intiated the process for the need I have now for anxiety pills. btw, almost 60 days without nerve medicationand my never pain as not returned. ;-)

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    First, yes, keep going to GP to rule out everything.  Don't ever be ashamed to go to the doctors.  Secondly, all of your symptoms can be a result of anxiety.  I've had them all.  It can be a vicious circle.  My psychiatrist says anxiety causes pain.  So once you have a clear slate and no one can find anything wrong, then you can say out loud to yourself, 'there is nothing to be anxious about.  nothing is wrong with me. the symptoms I'm experiencing are real, but they are due to anxiety.  i will recognize them as such and know that it is nothing else."  Once you begin knowing this in your mind, the anxiety should dissipate.  It does not last forever.  It just seems like it does.


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    Hi, I'm an older female and have been thru years of various medical problems with many if not most of my tests coming back negative and I received no support from my family, and sometime down right criticism with the implication that I needed to see a psychiatrists or get on other meds. Bottom line I understand how you are feeling. My suggestion, that worked for me is to do your own research on the Internet. I spent 2-3 yrs, 3-8 hrs a day, all most every day doing my research, only to finally ask my specialist, was there a possibility that the tests were not sensitive enough to reveal a problem if my symptoms "flew under their radar"...his answer...YES it was possible. That was all I needed from that point on, it took me 2 more yrs to find what would work for me, to get me back on my feet and feeling well. I had been home bound for aprox. 5-8 yrs before that & I was determined that there was an answer or at least a way to control the terrible symptoms. I found my answer. Today, it would be really easy for any Dr. to diagnosis my problems as there has been lots of research gluten intolerance, which is what I have. The answer was really simple...get off all gluten...but back then in 2000 no Dr. knew what to do or what to even look for. Today Dr.s & research will tell you that gluten intolerance under lies over 200 autoimmune disorders, every thing from IBS to arthritis to emotional & mental issues, as well as many physical issues. The point is 2 things...1)check your diet..& if you are lucky, your entire answer my be in just your diet (but know it can take your body a few months to yrs to recover even if the cause if strictly diet) 2) Research, research, research, & do it daily, make yourself a promise to research every day for at least an hour, that will help you feel at least that you are not so much at the mercy of Dr.s  & meds, & that you do have some control over your destiny. If you need inspiration, get the movie  Lorenzo's Oil. ...with Susan's a true story and quite an inspiration.Also, check out message boards. You may find lots of help and inspiration there...I did! 
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